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by fffaf



I have tried this and it stung a little the first week of using it. I was not too impressed with the anti-aging. I saw no results.

Great Product!
by Leigh Taylor

This is a good AHA product. I've tried other like products and this looks like it does pretty much what it advertises.

by Shirley

Did not work.

Softens Skin
by Mary

I think this product works because it made my skin softer and it felt like young skin again.

Does work
by Nichole

Not only does this product not work, it made my skin break out badly. For less money you can get a much better product.

Try it, it works
by Tara Winter

I really think this product works better than any aha i have ever bought. my skin burned for the first few seconds but it was well worth it after a week. its like it sloughed off all of the dead cells and brought through a brighter tone of my skin. i would definitely recommend, my mother has been using it and it is really lightening her brown spots from the sun. I say try it!

did not work
by kim

I tried this product & it does not work. It does not do any of the features that it claims. Save your money!!!

by Patricia Earls

I have tried all the AHA products since their inception to the over the counter wrinkle products and this one is very good to remove the dead skin cells from your face. Although the price has gone up I still buy it when I can.

Love this stuff
by Judy Jackson

This is one of the better facial products which doesn't cost an arm & a leg. It gently exfoliates, your complexion glows.

It's grrreeeat!
by Shah P.

Wow! This stuff is great! I have very dry skin, with a few acne scars on the cheeks and pre-mature signs of wrinkles. I started using this to keep my skin smooth and try to fade a few scars on my cheeks. This not only made my scars lighter and my skin super smooth, but it also made my face generally brighter, firmer, and clearer too. Of course, with all AHAs, don't go too crazy with this stuff because it could really irritate your skin.

must use it
by sumathi

I must say that this is a very good product. Because my auntie who is 40 years of age, has a few wrinkles on her forehead she was worried about it. After few days her doctor recommended this good product to her. She used it for 2 months and after 2 months when I saw her face, it was glowing and an unbelievable change was there. Most of the wrinkle lines were gone and her skin was tightened and it was looking more healthy than before. I really think it is a good solution for wrinkles on the face.

Great product that gives results!
by Violet

I picked this product up 6 months ago and have been a faithful user ever since. I use other products from the line that I am very happy with and this was no exception. This product has a PH balanced level of glycolic to really smooth and exfoliate the skin-- the results for me were softer skin with a glow and radiance that had been lacking for some time. The fine lines have been minimized and the texture of my skin seems almost pore less. My face just looks healthier and the effectiveness of this product is wonderful. My sensitive skin has never been irritated or reddened by the cream-- it just reveals fresh & dewy skin that glows!

by Aileen ZH

I just received the alpha hydrox enhanced cream, and noticed a difference the very first time I used it, my skin looked brighter and younger. I am amazed, this is my new favorite after trying too many other products.

Unreliable Results
by Lisa Dryden

This product seemed to work well when I first bought it; it cleared up my skin and gave it a "glow" that I had not seen before, but then after continued use, I noticed that my skin became irritated. I will continue to use this product, though probably only 2 or 3 times a month. Those with sensitive skin will probably not do well with this product.

Best Product
by Stephen

I have been using this product for around 3 years. I have no plans to ever discontinue using Alpha Hydrox. I am constantly being complimented on my skin tone and texture. I do not have to wear any foundation, or other skin covering makeup, even at 47 years old. It also keeps my skin moist in the dry winter months, where it used to sting and feel really tight when I used other much more expensive products.

AHA Enhanced Creme Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant
by Gagandeep Kaur

Being a scientist myself, I am very fussy when it comes to choosing a skin creme for myself. So choosing an anti wrinkle treatment was also tough. But since it had alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), I chose this product, and it's really worth using. With daily use, within a short time, there was a noticeable improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and the suppleness of the skin was restored. I am really thankful to this product. It is an amazing product and now it's a part of my life. I have been using it for the past 2 months and really like this one and would like to recommend it to all of my friends who are concerned about their skin

Nice exfoliant
by Blueberry

Well, as far as wrinkles are concerned, it did nothing to help my mothers wrinkles. She said that it did help her skin clear out a little bit. Made my skin a little smooth and even colored. She however, is happy with the fact that this exfoliant has helped her skin look better than before.

AHA Enhanced Cream
by julz g

This stuff just simply did not work for me. After one day of using this product, I noticed tiny little bumps all over my face. I tried using it again after the rash had gone away, only to have the same adverse reaction on my skin. I would not buy or use AHA cream ever again.

Another Anti-Wrinkle Ex
by dhan1

Wrinkles are inevitable in my book; you should accept that right now. With that said, I tried AHA Enhanced Creme Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant. The wrinkle line has been putting out 'tougher' products than this in the past year or so but I've been loathe to get hooked on them due to the cost. Plus I wonder if they'd work any better than what I'm using and tend to doubt it.

Tough on sensitive skin
by L.A.M

If you have ultrasensitive skin like I do, I would not recommend this product. I bought this anti-wrinkle exfoliant and began using it as directed. At the very first use, my skin turned very red and rashy, followed by dryness and peeling. These symptoms lasted three days. I thought my skin was getting used to it, so I tried it again a month later and the same thing happened all over again. that was the last time I ever used this product. I don't recommend it.

Works but are the side effects worth it?
by Amie

Let me start out by saying - this did improve the appearance of my skin. It gave my skin a nice glow and overall I thought I could see some improvement in the small lines that creep up on us. It is a great exfoliator.
BUT - the draw backs for this product for me outweigh the potential benefits. I have very fair sensitive skin. My skin burns a little after application of this product. It isn't a terrible sensation and it isn't long in duration - but I didn't look forward to it. This left dry spots and redness on my skin after use. Again they weren't terrible and if I moisturized they were resolved, but this is a draw back. Finally - I already easily sunburn and this product made that situation worse.
Overall - while I think this product does live up to its promises, the side effects are just too many to make this product the right choice for me.

by Drake La Pick

I've been using this cream for almost a year and it's done wonders. I would get the occasional burn but it only lasted for a small amount of time. The price is wonderful and it really does work!

Best Product.
by leo lee

I have been using this product for around 6 years. I have no plans to ever discontinue using Alpha Hydrox. I am constantly being complimented on my skin tone and texture. I do not have to wear any foundation, or other skin covering makeup, even at 47 years old. It also keeps my skin moist in the dry winter months, where it used to sting and feel really tight when I used other much more expensive products.

Great Wrinkle Care
by Ryan

I have used AHA Enhanced Cream for the past year, and I love it. It really helps with small lines and wrinkles that everyone gets around their eyes, and forehead. Compared to other skin care products on the market I don't think any of them compare to this one for the price. I have payed around $100 for skin care cream before, and it doesn't even work as well as AHA.

Too harsh for me, but not others
by CN

I tried this on the recommendation of others, but had to give up. I could handle the slight burning sensation, but my face ended up with some blotches of dry spots that didn't seem to go away even with extra moisturizer. I didn't give the product long enough to see if there would be any improvement in my slight wrinkles. Others rave about it, so I guess it depends on your skin.

Wrinkle free
by Julia Adams

My grandma used this product to lose her wrinkles, and it worked very well. She could never find the right thing to help her face become better. She was even thinking of botox, but this was the best.

by Jennifer

I love this product and have been using it for years ! This really helped me with my small, fine line wrinkles from smoking. The only drawback is that it makes you very sensitive to the sun! So, you have to wear sunscreen when you go outdoors.

Still one of the best values for skin care
by Mari

This is a no-nonsense, no frills AHA product to smooth out skin texture. I've used it for years, and will continue to keep it handy. It gets rid of flakiness in the winter, and sun damage in the summer (be sure to use sunscreen though - it will make your skin very photosensitive.) The whole line works exactly how it says it will, and doesn't contain pore clogging ingredients or fragrance, which is always a plus. If you can find it, the oil free gel is fantastic too (especially for oily skin types or summer use). It's hard to find, but also extremely effective.

Great for exfoliating
by Jen Cummings

I've used this product off and on for about a year. I've heard really good things about it, but it's not the magic bullet for wrinkles. It is a nice exfoliator, and will give you skin a rosy glow, but I haven't noticed any great difference in my wrinkles. If you have very sensitive skin, it will burn a bit, but after a while the sensation goes away. Just be sure to moisturize after using it. I would be interested in trying other products from this line.

Good product, great price!
by Mimi

I'm always in search of the "Holy Grail" of skin creams that will turn back time. I'm now over the age of 50 and worshipped the sun in my youth. Now I'm paying the price, and my skin runs the gamut of fine lines to deep crags.

My dermatologist told me that AHA creams would be helpful for my wrinkles. I saw the owner of this company being interviewed on TV once, and she was discussing the fact that this cream had the highest percentage of AHA available over-the-counter on the market. That intrigued me, so I bought a jar the following day. The price was also very low compared to other products on the market, which I appreciated very much!

I found that the product will sting if you use it too often, so consumers should probably use it as often as they can comfortably tolerate. It seems my skin also looks worse initially, but then subsequently looks improved after about a week. I attribute this to the fact that the skin is sloughing off the top layer, which is of course exactly what I want to have happen.

If you're looking for a product that gives you immediate, miraculous results, this isn't it. However, I truly believe this cream will produce improvement in your skin over the course of time if you use it routinely, and for that reason, I highly recommend it.

Helped my skin
by Tina

I really liked using this product. I'm starting to see the signs of aging.. some fine lines, mainly under my eyes. I tried this product and I think it really helped my skin overall, although I didn't notice it helping the lines at all. The tone of my skin improved and it felt smoother and didn't look so dull.

more of a skin smoother
by victoria

When I used this product it made my skin feel a lot smoother, but didn't really get rid of any wrinkles. It was excellent at exfoliating the skin and I did feel refreshed after using it.

Helps fine lines
by Kathy

This product works well. Even though I only have the start of fine wrinkles, it seemed to make them almost vanish even after just a few days of use. I was afraid at first that it would irritate my sensitive skin, yet it didn't. Keeps my mid 30's skin in its 20's. Wonderful!

nice, but can be harsh
by a roen

This product worked okay, but after a few days of using it, my skin had dry patches, I did seem to slightly diminish my fine lines, I can get the same results from other products without the side effects.

Wrinkles are gone
by Phil Young

My mom uses this cream for her wrinkles on her face. This product makes her look younger and more beautiful. My mom says this is the greatest anti-wrinkle cream on the market.

Not for Everyone!
by Tonya

I am giving this 3 stars because it does work for some people but can irritate others. My mom cannot use it, her skin is to sensitive but I can use it with only a little redness. I have seen an improvement in texture and skin tone. It is very important to use a sun screen because it leaves your skin sensitive to the sun due to it lifting the dead skin cells. It is a wonderful product for some and a not so great one for others.

Works on sensitive skin too.
by vsb

Mine is a very sensitive skin, and many of the creams I tried didn't suit me. I started using AHA two years ago, and I am really impressed with the results I got after using this cream. All rough bumps and fine lines disappeared after using this. It works great even on a sensitive skin.

by Shawna

This is one of the best easily found least expensive AHA on the market. This product I swear by and I have sensitive skin. The key is to slowly build up to it, first applying it every other day then once a day. It is great for dry skin. Beta Hydroxy Acid is better for oily skin and I alternate the two. You will pay an arm and a leg for AHA's on the market that are basically the same thing. This one has been on the market a long time and is my favorite AHA. It exfoliates the skin bringing fresh skin to the surface. You absolutely need a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. I recommend this product to everyone but start out slow - you will still need a moisturizer but that can be in the form of the SPF 15 lotion during the day and a night moisturizer at night. Give this one a try.

irritates skin
by shilpi tandon

I have tried this exfolliant but was not happy with the results. It made my skin red and the redness stayed for an hour or so. Even later I could not find any improvement in my skin texture. Later on I gave the leftover cream to my sister who was not as disappointed as me. Maybe it is not good for sensitive skin only.

Product OK
by Linda Collins

I have used this product in the past. It didn't cause any unusual or noticeable problems with my skin; however, I didn't really notice any changes in the wrinkles that are on my face. The product did leave my skin feeling very smooth and nice.

Too harsh for me
by KM

I have used this cream for a while but my skin is a little to sensitive for it. I didn't really notice any difference in my lines but it did make my skin feel good after the redness went away.

not good for sensitive skin
by Cady

This product wrecked havoc on my skin. My skin dried out, peeled, then broke out terribly. If you have sensitive skin, either decrease the applications or skip this product all together.

AHA Enhanced Creme Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant
by Christy R.

This product did not agree with my skin at all and caused a bad reaction. I've used many wrinkle creams before and don't have sensitive skin but for some reason this just made my skin feel very irritated and I was very unhappy with it. I discontinued use after the second application when I realized that it didn't work with me. In that time I hadn't noticed any appreciable difference in my skin, so i was quite disappointed.

Great product
by cheryl

This product has made my skin smoother and silkier, more so than any of the many other products I have tried in the last few years. It exfoliates, giving your skin a glow that you'll love.

by sherry

This product did seem a little harsh at first, and I do not have sensitive skin. However, in about 3 days or so, my skin got used to it and the product was no longer bothersome. In my opinion it did a wonderful job and did not cost as much as other similar anti wrinkle exfoliants that I have used in the past. If you can handle some mild irritation for the first few days then I recommend trying this product.

by Wendy C

I love this cream for improving the texture of my skin. Just one dose, and all rough patches, small bumps and some fine lines disappear. This does a wonderful job unclogging my pores too so I don't break out when I use it. However, it does sting a bit the first few times you use it. This improves with time, and so will your skin so stick with it.

Really Works, Not Just for Wrinkles
by SierraK

Yet another product with "Anti-Wrinkle" in the name, which may turn away those without wrinkles who can still benefit.
I don't have wrinkles, but still use this product for exfoliating. It works great to make skin smoother. The only warning is to be careful! The main ingredient in Alpha Hydrox is glycolic acid, powerful stuff that used to be available only by prescription. Don't overuse it or you WILL get irritation! Follow the directions or use it LESS frequently, not MORE frequently.
I suggested this to a friend who had acne that wasn't responding to a 3-step program that included benzoyl peroxide. He added Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Creme to his regimen and it really worked! The exfoliation it provided allowed his acne medications to penetrate better so they started working, and the added exfoliation helped prevent scarring from the acne he was experiencing. So you see, this not just for wrinkles!

too harsh
by allismom

I was not very impressed with this product for the price I had to pay for it. I do not have sensitive skin, but the first few times I used it I could tell it was too harsh. I decided to put it on before bed, but gave up after a few nights. There are much cheaper, more effective products out there.

Great Budget AHA
by Carrie Russell

I am an Esthetician, and I have access to all the professional Alpha Hydroxy Acid/Glycolic Acid products available, but I am also a budget shopper. I have found that Alpha Hydrox is just as strong & effective as many of the high-end AHA products sold in spas....for a fraction of the cost. I have used it myself, and have recommended it to many of my clients who simply can't afford "spa" prices.

Great "Budget" Glycolic product
by Carrie Russell

I am an Esthetician, and I have access to all the best professional Alpha Hydroxy Acid/Glycolic Acid products available, but I am also a budget shopper. I have found that Alpha Hydrox in the red box is just as strong & effective as a lot of the high-end products out there. I have used it myself, and have recommended it to clients who just can't afford "spa" prices.

More Like "Ouch"foliant
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I easily remembered that red jar as soon as I saw it! That is because my face got all red from using it! O.K. not literally, red, but quite pink, all over. I looked mildly sunburned. I wouldn't say my skin hurt, but it was sensitive and when I tried to cover it with foundation, it stung. I don't even have any wrinkles yet. I use anti wrinkle creams as part of my arsenal to prevent them longer, but if I DID have any, I suspect my red face would distract people from noticing the wrinkles.
Not exactly what I was going for.

It has AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) in it. Some other products do, too. I don't know if this has more than some or not, but I make sure not to buy any that do after this incident.

I DO have light and fairly sensitive skin, so there is a chance someone else might have a better experience. Maybe it wasn't as much the product as me?

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by jane mcvicker

I have tried this prduct Alpha Hydrox, and it seems to work real well. I like it very much and I would buy it again.