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Pretty good
by Mary

This really makes your skin feel soft and smooth. Great to put on under your makeup.

excellent for unevenness
by Jessica

I do not have wrinkles but I have some scarring and generally uneven skin tone from acne. I started using this after my mom had success with using it for wrinkles. After a few months of use, my cheeks look much more smooth. This also wears well under my makeup. My only drawback is that it's a little expensive for such a small amount of product.

by Destiny

I received this product as a Christmas gift last year. (I guess they got the hint I was sick of my wrinkles) I didn't really expect it to work considering that the professional filler costs hundreds of dollars, but desperate, I tried it. Needless to say, I haven't seen results that fast in my life! Never again will I need to try new products for my deep wrinkles!!

Tried it and I liked how it works
by mar438

I wanted to try this product to see how it worked. It was more then I wanted to pay. But after using it, I like the way it made my skin felt, soft and smooth and how it diminished those fine lines. I am still using it after 2 months and I don't think I would use anything else.

by Amie

This product worked for me. After using it for a couple weeks, there were noticeable changes to my skin. The appearance of small lines were diminished. My skin felt smoother. I didn't have any ill side effects from this product. It wasn't oily or greasy. It went on smooth and seemed to do it's job. It is a little pricey, but seems like it is worth it!

Feels face smooth
by james

I was using this stuff for a while and it left my face smooth. It's very soft going on. I don't think that it has helped for any of my wrinkles. But, I like how I can work out in the cold all day and my face is not chapped when I come home in the evenings.

Would Buy Again
by Trudi Konzem

I found this product at an Outlet Store which is why I decided to try it, it was at a more affordable price. I'm so glad I tried it, it really leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. I will definitely keep trying it to see how it helps my wrinkles even if I have to purchase it at full price.

Finally, a product that works...
by Lisa

After trying every single product on the market--or so it seems--I was delighted to discover CoQ10. My research indicated that the antioxidant protection was something I wanted for wrinkle-fighting; despite the harsh sound of "antioxidant," this cream is remarkably gentle and soothing. I love that it's organic-based.

pricey but good
by karen

This creme is expensive but I can actually notice some small differences when I use it. It's worth the money but I use it sparingly.

Another overpriced product
by Natalia

It just baffles me that in 2007 daily anti-aging products don't include SPF 15 or higher. That is the only effective product against wrinkles. Because of it's hype, I bought this product and use it with a sunscreen. It's too oily for my skin, and I didn't like the fact that I had to apply two products in my morning routine. I suggest switching to a sunscreen with good anti-oxidants. There are many, and you don't have to pay a fortune for them.

Coq-10 Wrinkle Defense Cream
by Dorene

I love this stuff. I tell everyone it is my miracle product! I have never had such great, fast results from an Anti-Wrinkle product! It goes on gently and doesn't feel greasy or dry my skin out. It really is an amazing product. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great Anti-Wrinkly cream!

Highly recommended
by NTReviewer

This is the only product that passes my aunt's stringent moisturizing requirements. She is very selective when it comes to anti-wrinkle moisturizing creams and is incredibly loyal to this product. In fact, once when we were traveling and she forgot to bring her stash. She went a whole 2 weeks using nothing at all instead of using a substitute product.

Works like a dream
by Tiffany

A friend of mine is really into health and won't even use regular hair coloring and refused to use any of the creams that I use on my face. However, she would go to war over this cream. Before using it she did a whole bunch of research. She looks almost like a new person. Especially since she does gardening and is a very outdoorsy type, her skin was very weathered before and her outside did not match her vibrant inside. Now it does.

Great company and products!
by Blueberry

My mother absolutely loves their products. She has used them in the past and loves them. They frequently send her samples of their products like serums, eye creams, etc. They have worked great for her! She is now using another product only because she wanted to give it a try. She will be back to Coq-10 soon. They are a great company with great customer service.

Cream makes smooth.
by Kevin

I actually never knew about the CoQ-10 cream until my dad started using it.
He had bought it and had been applying it for a couple weeks when I noticed a change in his facial appearance.
He and I both worked out in the sun quite a bit so it dried us out. When I started applying the Defense cream to my Temple areas the wrinkles and damaged skin from the daily beating it was getting slowly faded away.

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