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I like it
by Goldie

When I first purchased this cream with other dermae products, I saw a difference. I like dermae products.

Prety Good
by Michelle

When I first purchased this cream, along with other dermae products, I noticed a difference in the texture and smoothness of my skin in jsut a few days. I think that the reason I stopped using it was because I stopped seeing an improvement and wanted to try something else. But, I will try it again, and I would recommend it.

Didn't Like
by Nichole Alderfer

I have used several derma products and I have found none claim to do what they claim. I have to agree with an earlier review that the lotion is not greasy but it also does nothing to approve appearance of skin.

by sindy

This product is great for my sensitive skin! It's fragrance-free, goes on lightly, and is not too greasy. You can put your make-up on top of it with no problem. I gave it 4 stars because I haven't seen some pre-fine lines disappear (like on my forehead), which it claims it will do, but I also haven't been using it every day because I don't go out every day.

Sag no more
by Alma medina

As a mature woman I am always trying to find ways to better my skin. I found this product in a health food store and tried it. My skin feels smoother, lines less noticeable and the firming effects are wonderful. I use it at night and sometimes in the morning for an added boost.

sign of age erase
by rosie

The first week I used it, I noticed that it helped me with fine lines on my forehead and under my eyes. After 2 weeks, it totally changed the texture of my skin.
The product works great and the customer service is so pleasant if you order by phone, catalog, or online . The first time I heard about this product I was afraid to try it, but my friend told me I could order the catalog online. They sent me samples too, that was the first time I tried this wrinkle cream and now I order every month. It works wonderfully and is not so expensive like others.

by Shawna

I bought this online and also received a bunch of sample size products of this line. This is a nice cream that I would only use at night. You need a SPF 15 to use during the day. It has nice antioxidants in it but the jar form does not keep them stable. There are better creams on the market for less price. I will not buy this again.

Goodbye Wrinkles
by leslie

I tried this night cream last year and I'm still using it because it literally plumps my skin up so my wrinkles disappear. My mother told me about it when I went home for a visit complaining about wrinkles I had around my eyes. She just said, "oh,you're in your forties, that's normal--but here, use some of this night cream." From then on, it was goodbye wrinkles! Try some--you won't be disappointed.

Excellent Product
by Eli

I highly recommend Age-Defying Night Cream to anyone who has wrinkles or wants to protect against wrinkles. It reversed the effects of aging on my mother.

Simply Powerful!
by Lana

I was searching for a cream that I could put on my skin before I go to bed and I had high expectations. I first learned about Derma E Age-Defying Night Cream from a friend who was consistently using it for months with more than promising results. Looking at her skin's texture improving on a weekly basis, I was finally ready to spend my hard earned $40.00. No, the price was not cheap, which furthered my expectations for this product. Naturally a pessimist, I was ready to cry about my money being wasted, but I quickly learned differently. This product was lightweight and it quickly absorbed into my skin. I would wake up in the morning looking refreshed and my biggest astonishment was the positive effect it had on my scarring. It seemed to produce a somewhat plumping effect that I absolutely loved. I thought it would be only temporary, but my skin just continued to improve. When I would break out, my damage was not as severe as I had experienced in the past. Overall, my skin felt soft and nourished. I did not notice any effect on my wrinkles, but some of my finer lines seemed to have diminished as well. I give this amazing night cream four stars because it continues to replenish my skin on daily basis!

by Blueberry

My mother has been using this product for a long time and she swears by it. I always wonder how she still looks so young. Seems this is one of the products she uses to prevent wrinkles and it has worked wonders for her. She recommends this cream to everyone!

It Works Harder So You Work Less
by IZB

I am a very cautious consumer and rather suspicious of grandiose product promises. Nor do I like to slather on a lot of unpronounceable chemicals on my face or body. And that is what appealed to me about Derma E. I started out with a trial packet of their Age-Defying Night Creme and quickly realized that I wanted more. Their web site convinced me to add the day creme to my repertoire as well. Thank you Derma E for soft and supple skin ... and as for wrinkles, well, what are they?

Younger than Springtime
by Carol

Okay, fall is more like it, but I'm not giving in and wrinkling gracefully. Thanks to Age-Defying Night Cream I do not look my age and my skin feels great. I wear less make up now than I did ten years ago and I feel more confident.

Lovely skin
by charity

My mother swears by this creme--it is the only one she has ever recommended to anyone. She has quite bad scarring and according to her, it's the only creme that's ever changed the condition of her skin and made it look better--and it does. She has switched to a lighter powder foundation and is very pleased with the creme.

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