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Noticed Change
by Mary

After using this for sometime, I did notice a change in my skin. However, I should note that I do not use this product any longer. It got too expensive.

Good product
by Nichole

I like that this product actually delivers results. It is kind of expensive. Because of price not a product I can afford to buy regularely.

by Nichole Alderfer

This product is really expensive; so I do not always use it. It does work, you will see a difference. It's not botox but does deliever more then a lot of products on the market. Like many ddf products kinda expensive.

Great Product
by Lindsay

This cream won't fix all your aging problems. However, it wins five stars from me because it actually delivers on its core promise: that it will partially inhibit contraction of facial muscles. It works as a milder, more temporary version of Botox -- by altering the amount of neurotransmitter released from the nerves that normally cause your facial muscles to contract.

What does this do to your face? This depends on what kind of face you start out with. I have facial muscles that are somewhat overactive -- I squint and frown most of the time, even without realizing it. I also have droopy eyelids. DDF Wrinkle Relax has helped both these problems. When applied across the forehead and over the area between your eyebrows, the muscles responsible for squinting and frowning expressions will noticeably relax. People kept commenting that I look less stressed. They also smiled at me more, and seemed happier to be around me -- probably because I wasn't involuntarily frowning all the time. This is basically the same effect that Botox creates, but the muscles are not quite as paralyzed -- and the effect wears off in a few days.

When DDF Wrinkle Relax is applied at the temples (about half an inch away from the outer corner of the eye), it inhibits the orbicularis oculi muscle -- the muscle that normally contracts the eye and creates crow's feet. One nice effect of inhibiting this muscle is that the opposing muscles, the ones that lift the eyelid and open the eye, don't have as much to fight against -- leaving you with a wide-eyed, fresh, alert, young look. This is especially noticeable if your eyelids have become progressively droopier with age, as mine have. Again, it's one of the strategies dermatologists use with Botox -- this is another common Botox injection site.

Whether this product actually erases wrinkles is another matter. Personally, I don't care -- I buy it because of its muscle relaxation properties.

The product will start working in a few hours -- I didn't get the full effect until after applying it twice a day for a couple of days. It is not as strong as Botox. You will still be able to move your muscles as before.

Nice product.
by sb

I have very sensitive skin and I tried various creams to treat wrinkles on my face. None of them worked for me. I have started DDF wrinkle relax two years back and I am very happy with the results. Fine lines and rough bumps on my face disappeared after using this. I am still using this cream. DDF Wrinkle relax is very good in treating wrinkles and it didn't cause any side effects.

Wrinkles be gone!
by Leanna

I love this product! I used it between my brows to correct a wrinkle and it has relaxed the muscles in that area. Now the wrinkle is almost completely gone, even when I make a frown. It is so much safer than injecting a poison like Botox into my face. You only need a very small amount of lotion for it to work. My bottle has lasted over 3 months. I used it twice a day for the first two weeks, and then once a day after that. It truly does work!

This works exactly like it says!
by Amie

My mother has used this for about 8 months and swears by it. It has dramatically reduced the appearance of fine lines around her eyes and mouth. It goes on smoothly and doesn't leave any greasy residue. It smooths the skin and is a perfect base for her make up. It made a noticeable difference in just 3 weeks of use. She tried this product because she has used other DDF products and thinks they are fantastic. The only draw back to the product, and why it received 4.5 instead of 5 stars is the price. However, my mom claims it is worth every penny. She continues to buy this product because of its effectiveness.

Essential for photo shoots
by Mari

I got this as a gift and thought "oh great, another wrinkle relaxer". DDF makes exceptional products, so I should have known this one would be outstanding, and of course it was. What really got my attention was using it for the very first time, I had my picture taken for an article. My skin and makeup were so smooth I almost didn't recognize myself. Some of what this does is cosmetic (like smoothing/filling lines), but it worked beautifully! If you have to speak in public or get your picture taken etc., this is well worth the price. It takes very little, because you only apply it where you need it and a little goes a very long way! I'll be keeping this on hand for a long time to come.

Great Product!
by jane moore

After a few weeks of using this, my lines have diminished extremely! It makes my lines more soft and less noticeable and after turning 43, I am so glad that I have added this product into my regular skin regimen. My fiance says I look amazing... and I feel amazing after using this product.

No More Wrinkles
by Tami

My mom used this product and she noticed I had wrinkles. She told me about the DDF Wrinkle. I tried it for a week and I noticed the difference. I can't believe this product works really good.The price is expensive but it's really worth it.

Great Product - Noticeable Results!
by Lisa

I bought this product for my mom last year since she was complaining about Crow's feet. After about a month of use, she said the lines felt a bit smoother and she got less comments from other people regarding her always looking "tired". It's no face lift, but definitely a great alternative to a surgical procedure!

by Ali

I have a girlfriend in another State that was told by a Doctor to try this. She liked her results so much she told me about it. I do not have wrinkles anywhere but my forehead, it drives me crazy! I cannot believe how well it worked for me! After 3 weeks I had results! My Husband even noticed!

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mom home maker
by candy d young

I love this product. I have tried many of wrinkle creams and DDF Wrinkle Relax is the bomb.