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It's nice
by Lorri

While this is expensive, I don't think it lives up to the hype. I didn't notice much difference with this product. I used as directed and while it did moisturize I saw very little improvement in my fine lines and wrinkles. It smelled nice but so do lots of other products that cost less. In my opinion this was not worth the cost.

Good Moisturizer
by Frank

This is a great product. My wife uses it all the time. She tans a lot and is prone to wrinkles and dark spots due to the tanning, and this has helped her to fade the dark spots and helps her skin to lose some of the wrinkles. This is truly a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone who tans or spends a lot of time outside. This product really helps to moisten the skin and revive it at the same time! Great product and great effects on the skin!

by Annie

Remember the days when tanning made your chest wrinkled? This fixes it! It has smoothed out my skin texture and also brightens the dark spots on my chest that formed after tanning for so long. It takes time but the end result is worth it. This is great and goes on your skin like silk!

Good moisturizing qualities, I would recommend
by Nams

Good moisturizing qualities, and while I would recommend it to others with normal skin, I wouldn't recommend it to others with sensitive skin like mine. I can only use the gentlest products, and this one irritated my face.

Great cream
by Kathy

What a shock! A product that actually does what it claims. Now how often have we women been burned by products that promise the moon just to give us a bouquet of wilted flowers?
This cream made my skin so much more supple and i felt so sexy when wearing my low cut blouses.

A Gal's Best Pal
by Judith

Ladies.....make this cream your best friend. Regular use helps maintain a youthful glow and elasticity to this most important part of our anatomy! We all know that we wear those low cut tops for a reason, so make it a reason to be proud of. This cream feels great going on, not at all greasy or sticky and the results are apparent within days. Great product!

Smooths neck-area wrinkles
by Ruth

I highly recommend this product for moisturizing and decreasing wrinkles in the neck/chest area. The formula works overnight to heal skin and make it look more youthful. I like putting it on just before bed, and it makes my skin feel fresher and younger!

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