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by Carol

I was addicted to Burts Bees, but this is even better.

Great for Lips
by M B

My mother-in-law is hooked on Herbalife products. She uses this product to help her with her winter dry lips. She swears by it, saying that using it regularly not only gets rid of her dry cracked lips, but keeps them from cracking in the first place. You must use it every day. She also says that it makes her lipstick look nicer and go on smoother.

Good product but too expensive
by Dorothy

I thought this product was worth a try since I constantly suffer from chapped lips, cracking and peeling. The product works well but after using it for 2 weeks I lost it. I lose a lot of lip products and at $19 a pop, I can't afford to keep buying it. Now I use Vaseline Intensive Care instead or Blistex and they work just as well.

no plump here
by littlecat

Skin Activator Lip Refiner SPF 15..I used this product for 3 weeks, and it did help the skin on my lips feel smoother, less chapped. It also made my lipstick go on beautifully, plumping ocurred. I have bought this product again, for winter months, it does help heal chapping.

Smooth Lips but it is pricey
by Amie

I struggle with constantly chapped lips so I was intrigued when my dental assistance said she swore by this stuff. It does a great job of taking care of the chapped lips. It made my lips smoother almost immediately. The peppermint tingling sensation when you apply it is cool. Having SPF in your lip product is a must have in this day and age. This has it!
BUT - it is a VERY pricey product. And I didn't notice any plumping effect.

Great lip healer
by Debb

It does just what it is supposed to do, helped my very chapped and dried out lips a lot.

Not my cup of tea
by stelle

Great product for SPF protection, moisturizing and hydrating lips but as like other reviewers, no plumping. This is my first time using this product and was very hesitant to even spend $19. Now I'm searching for a better product that does what it says and at a good price as well.

A little too expensive
by Cecilia

This product DOES keep my lips hydrated and supple, but I do not see any improvements in minimizing fine lines on my lips after using it for two weeks. This product is a little bit too expensive. All it does is moisturizing for me, so I guess regular lip balm would work. I do not recommend this for those who are looking for the "plumping" and "filling in fine lines" claims. I am sure there are cheaper alternatives to this product.

Good hydration, zero plump
by Denise

Unlike other reviewers, my experience with Herbalife's Lip Refiner is a mixed bag. On the one hand my lips feel great, well hydrated and after a few months of use in the Florida sun, I can tell that the skin is in better condition. On the other hand, I never notice any of the plumping that the product promises. If anything I just get the cool tingling sensation from the peppermint, but no noticeable difference otherwise. For $19 a tube, I kind of want it to be all it says it can be. There are plenty of other products that will hydrate and protect my lips for much less. 3 stars.

I love this product
by Natalia

This product combines many things: it's a great moisturizer, it has SPF (which is essential but often overlook for lip products), and it's a plumper. It gives you great, full lips, a very natural look, and at the same time it protects and nurtures your skin. Highly recommended.

call me angelina
by Cara

I love this stuff! It gave me lips to rival Angelina Jolie's in a non-painful manner. The only way I could get this look before was if I got stung by a bee. I like the fact that it's not sticky when you put it on. I hate sticky lip stuff. It makes your lips look glazed and shiny which is great for going out or at work. Like some others said, it is pricey for such a small tube, however, if you keep it for special occasions only you'll be sure to wow the crowd.

mmm in tingles!
by Candice

Even during the cold dry winter months, I can now again get more kisses from my husband! Dry lips no more! I especially love that I can tell a BIG difference when I put on my lip liner and lipstick now after using this product! After using it for only a week, I could see that my lips were smoother and softer and didn't look so lined and cracked when I used lipstick! I still use it even though my lips are not dry anymore. As the nice tingly lip plumping ingredient, it is that perfect addition before you put on you lip liner and lipstick. Makes your lips look that MUCH better!

Smooth lip formula
by Ruth

Some products that claim to plump lips have left my lips in pain--not this one! The formula of Skin Activator Lip Refiner leaves my lips smooth. It is a little pricey, but if you love your lips, consider it for its superior moisturizing and SPF perks.

Lips Stay moist and Protected
by Michele Fair

My friend works for a dermatologist and she let me know that protecting your lips is just as important as protecting the skin on your face. I bought this lip refiner to both protect my lips, and to keep them looking smooth. This product works well and feels good on the skin (lips). I highly recommend it, and recommend anything you apply contain sunscreen to help protect you from the sun's UV rays.

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