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by Sherry Albright

I have used this product several times and like the way it firms my face and the cooling feeling. I would recommend this for anyone with sun damage.

by Tiff

Hyper-C (Ester-C) Facial Serum is a great product; my friends and family were all bragging about how great it is. So, I went out and bought it for my mom. My mom tried it and a week later she was asking where I got it from because she loves it so much. It works wonders. This product is for anyone who isn't happy with the lines around their lips. It seemed to make a lasting difference as if it weren't something temporary. I recommend this product to everyone out there!

Works nice
by hel

As I'm starting to age I've noticed fine lines forming in my eye area & face A friend told me that she uses Hyper-C by Jason. I decided to try it 4 months ago and am I glad I did! It has moisturized my skin and the fine lines I have under my eyes have almost disappeared. My makeup even goes on smoother. Friends have now been asking me what I am doing to look so well rested. I tell them to try Hyper-C by Jason.

Not skeptical anymore
by BA

I had heard about this product from 3 different co-workers before finally deciding to try it out. They praised it for its moisturizing benefits and claimed that it greatly changed their skin's appearance. Because of the price, I was hesitant to buy it. However, after trying it out, I do think that it is worth the price. First of all, you don't use that much per application. You are only supposed to put a dime-sized drop onto your face and neck and then work it in with long, even strokes. The eyedropper works wonderfully for portion control. Because of the amount you are supposed to use, this product actually last for a very long time. I haven't seen the dramatic effects that my co-workers were talking about, but I have noticed a radiance in my skin where I have applied the serum. My whole complexion looks more vibrant and it is wonderful to hear people's compliments about my skin.

It worked!!
by Mary

I heard about this product so I bought for my mom and she really loves it. I recommend this product for anyone who is not happy with the lines around their lips. It seemed to make a lasting difference as if it wasn't something temporary. My mom loves it and will buy the product again in a heartbeat!!

It really works
by Tina

I have used this product for quite a while. I began using it in my late 20's to help prevent wrinkles. It smooths the skin around my eyes beautifully and the wrinkles that I had before starting haven't gotten any worse. They actually have improved a bit! It's a little pricey but the bottle lasts such a long time. It really is a good value!

Excellent product at a great price
by Mari

I was thrilled to find such an effective Vitamin C product for under $50. This serum performed every bit as well as my Cellex-C, both for less than half the price. My sunspots got lighter and I look generally more well rested than I have in a long time since starting this about a month ago. The texture of my skin is also much more even and soft, so my makeup wears much better now. I'm definitely keeping on this one. It's a steal!

Worth the price
by pat

In the winter my skin gets very dry so I need lots of moisturizer. I was recommended this product by a co-worker who uses it. I noticed she had very nice looking skin so I decided to give it a try. I have been using it ever since. During the summers I only apply it at night but when the weather starts to get cold I use it morning and night. My skin looks soft and smooth and I don't get those annoying dry flakes when I apply my makeup. The price may seem a little steep but if you have dry flaky skin in the winter this is a great product to try. I can only speak for myself and my results, but I recommend it.

I guess it's ok
by Elizabeth

I bought this product thinking it would make a huge difference on my skin being that it was loaded with antioxidants. After using it a couple of weeks I really didn't see that much of a difference. After a month still no great difference. If it's doing something perhaps that's good but I'd like to see it with my own eyes.

I Get Hyper Just Talking About It!
by Lana

My sister decided to try the Hyper-C Facial Serum by Jason Natural Products before winter started in order to hopefully prevent her skin from turning into a well-known and hated, dry and itchy mess. She naturally has extremely dry skin that is very sensitive to weather changes. I was a bit skeptical of the product simply because I had high expectations for such a high end price tag. She used the serum the entire winter and was actually very satisfied with her results. She would apply it to her skin once in the morning and once before bed time. The morning application seemed to leave the surface of her skin moisturized and protected all day. She had a lot of trouble applying makeup due to dry and scaly skin before discovering Hyper-C, but as long as she applied the serum before her makeup, she learned that she now had no problems with her makeup application. Applying the serum at night meant a lot to her because she was able to wake up in the morning looking rejuvenated and refreshed, which was a welcome change from dry, red and itchy. Based on her experience with Hyper-C Facial Serum, I would highly recommend this product to anyone with extremely dry skin looking to add nourishment and revitalized appearance as part of their everyday routine.

This stuff is awesome!
by Tammy Soulliere

I have tried just about every 'anti aging product" on the market! I have never even heard of the Jason line of products, until one day my boyfriend brought me some of this stuff home. Now I am so addicted to it! I have been doing my own before and after photos; after a month of using this product I have noticed that I have a glow about my skin and its texture is smoother than I could have ever imagined! Defiantly wish I would have found this first; it is foremost the best product ever!
It is thick so you don't have to use a lot. It has a nice orange scent.

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by heather

I love this stuff.I didnt have any skin reactions,the smell was quite nice and i noticed a differance within a few days,I will continue to use!