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5 Customer Reviews

Kiss My Face
by Raimonda

I just love Kiss My face products, and this one of those good products from their line.
I would recommend this to anybody.

by angela

It smells wonderful, but it did nothing for my stretch marks. My skin is extremely dry, and it did moisterize better than most of the lotions I've used.

not for stretch marks
by Yvonne

It smells great and feels nice on the skin, but it does nothing for stretch marks.

by Mena

This didn't do anything for stretch marks! I used it for about 3 months and nope nothing! it just seems like a moisturizer that you would buy at Wal-mart that is just for a general use.

Nice, but Not For Stretch Marks
by Jessie

This is a nice lotion, but I'm not sure why it's in the stretch mark category. It's not a product that will erase stretch marks. If it were in a different category here I would have given it more stars, but it's just not for scars. It is a good regular lotion though.

4 Customer Opinions

by carrie zobitne

It smells great and isn't greasy.

just a regular lotion
by sasha

Its an average everyday lotion. It did what it was supposed to do.

Sounds great.
by Melissa

I have extremely dry skin and something like this sounds amazing for it.

great lotion
by Linda

I too wonder why it is for stretch marks. It is actually a good moisterizing lotion with a great fragrance. I cannot see how it would clear up stretch marks though. It is a great lotion otherwise!