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kiss my face review
by Angela Crawford

This is a really great daytime moisturiser. I like it in the spring and summer because it is not too heavy. I do have overly sensitive skin, and had no bad reactions with this product. Will be buying a second time.

love it after using kiss my face shae facial soap
by patcheepoo

I loved the shae facial sopa so much I decied to try the moisturizer as well. I love using it after washing my face with the kiss my face soap. Keeps my face from being too dry in the winter months sice I live in Indiana it gets extrememly cold and I love taking extremely hot showers that tent to dry my face out to a white flaky look.

by PS

Not the best vitamin C product, but it did serve a purpose. A little of it under my moisturizer softened my skin, and if I used a bit less moisturizer than usual the combination made a nice base for make-up.

It didn't burn my skin, and I didn't use this on a daily basis. 2-3 times a week at most. Usually only once.

I feel no urge or need to buy this again, I didn't like the packaging, the smell (lemony-detergent), or the consistency (very jiggly).

by Anne

I use Kiss My Face C's The Day Organic Moisturizer in the summer for my skin. I have dry skin when the weather starts to get colder, and in the summer I have oily facial skin. This is a product that seems to help keep down the oily sheen I get and yet it doesn't overly dry my skin. The smell is nice and light but not my favorite scent, so that's the only reason I gave it a 4.5 score. The price isn't bad since it does last a long time.

Not suitable for sensitive skin
by Christie

I have sensitive skin, and this lotion irritated it. It is hydrating, but it left my skin a little red. It also was a little sticky after I applied it. The lotion didn't absorb very quickly.

Healthy skin care
by Violet

When I look for beauty products for my sensitive skin, I look for products that are natural, effective, and in tune with today's scientific breakthroughs. Knowing that stable vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents the ravages against our skin, I was happy to come upon this product. I have used it off and on for several years. It is light, moisturizing, and non greasy. It renews my skin subtly and leaves it fresh smelling. I especially love knowing that when I use this, I am nourishing my skin with the natural oils that Kiss My Face is known for, while also protecting it from the free radicals our skin faces everyday. Use this lotion and you will be giving your skin a bit of insurance against dryness and aging from the get-go.

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