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Worth Every Penny!!!!
by Melissa Rogers

I have used the Lavere lifting serum for over 5 years. I ususally buy 2-3 bottles at a time because I don't like to run out. When I do, I'll notice the texture of my skin looking rough even though I continue to use the other products I normally use with this. I have no idea why it works, and I define "works" by the texture, clarity, and color of my skin as opposed to the "lift", but it does and my skin looks awful with out it. I realize that it's expensive for such a small bottle, but the improvement is dramatic and when I run out, it is quite obvious.

Lovin it!
by cecilia

I got a sample of this from the Company, Lavera before I shelled out my money to buy this. I believe this product is a European line. Anyway, this product hydrates my skin. I use it as a night time treatment right before I apply my moisturizer. It helps to keep your face hydrated and supple. After you apply it, you should wait for it to sink in before putting on your night cream. It makes skin look more radiant and glowy. I know eighty dollars is a big bill for some of us. But sometimes, for products that work, it is worth it. I recommend this product to the men and women who have signs of fine lines or wrinkles.

I save up to buy this stuff
by Jen W.

I tried this at a friend's house and loved it so much that I switched from a similar product by another line that was almost half the price. This is worth every penny. It really does get rid of those fine lines and leaves my skin feeling great. I save up birthday and Christmas money to buy this stuff.

Love it!!!
by Jaime

I love this serum. It works. It feels so soft, and it makes the apperance of any fine lines go away. It is well worth every penny I spent on it. I would tell anyone to use this stuff.

Great product line.
by Carrie Russell

I love this product line. I am glad to see it readily available in the USA. It is one of the top German lines. Very holistic, allergen-free, organic, and pure. Their makeup line, LaVera, is to-die-for as well.

Too pricey?? You get what you pay for! If you want synthetic, chemical laden products, then buy something cheaper, if you want quality, then buy organic pure lines like Lavere!

Decent but wildly overpriced
by Francesca Muir

This is a nice that will make your face feel smoother. Will it, as promised "lift?" No way. At almost $80 for a tiny bottle, you're paying big bucks for fairly ordinary [if organic] ingredients.

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