f Arbonne International Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream Reviews and Information

Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream

Helps to keep feet soft and refreshed.
Product: Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: [1.8 oz. Travel 5-pack]
Dosage: Use daily.
Retail: $24.50
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21 Customer Reviews

Be good to your toes!
by Carol C.

This is a very thick, rich cream that my feet so love. I really like the scent - though tea-tree can be a love/hate thing. Besides moisturizing immediately, tea-tree oil enhances the ability of your skin to absorb the moisture, and has mild antiseptic properties. If my heels are really bad from walking around barefoot too much, I slather this on, put bags over my feet, and then put my slippers on and let it soak in while I am at the computer or watching TV (I do NOT recommend trying to walk with slippery plastic bags and lotion on your feet!!).
This is nice product, though I wish it was less expensive.

Dry feet be-gone
by Wendy

This Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream is great. I love it. I am lazy when it comes to being good to my skin after showers. I just don’t feel like putting on any moisturizer.
I pay for it, with dry skin, especially on my feet. I found this about three months ago and I have been faithful to my feet ever since. It has made them much softer and I don’t have dry cracked skin anymore. I tried so many other products, some I had received free samples of and nothing seemed to do as well.
I really like it a lot.

by Green

My skin is so dry. During winter my hands look like an older person's hand. It's so dry that we can see the wrinkles in my hands. One of my friend suggested this. So I used this one regularly. It really moisturizes my hands and now I can feel the difference. My hands are so good now.

It Works for me!
by Abby

I have long suffered from dry, cracked heels and have tried many products. I was skeptical when I heard about this product. This product is the only one that has actually worked for me. I've used this for about 9 months now. Use a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon. No more unsightly heels for me. One 4.3 oz. tube lasted 4 months for me.

Healed heels
by regina

I decided that I needed a better foot lotion when I went to get a pedicure and they used a dremel tool on the bottom of my feet! My mom gave me this product about 2 years ago and I use a small amount every night. It keeps my feet and heels soft. I can actually wear my flip flops without being self conscious.

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