f Arbonne International Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream Reviews and Information

Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream

Helps to rejuvenate the skin.
Product: Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: 2.2 oz
Dosage: Use daily.
Retail: $35.00
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9 Customer Reviews

Great for Multiple Uses
by Courtney

I use Arbonne's Rejuvenating Cream on my son for his eczema, and it works better than anything I've used on his flare ups. Seems to eliminate redness and scaly skin overnight.

I also used this on my nipples when I was nursing and had great success.. no dryness or cracking.

rash gone
by regina

My husband had a rash under his arm for about 8 months. We had tried creams from the dermatologist, switched soaps, and changed deodorants without any improvements. He finally tried the rejuvenating cream and it cleared up within 3 days. We were both very surprised and we are both sold on the Arbonne line of products.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Rejuvenate
by Brenda F

This product is the very best in retaining and replenishing natures best back to your skin and delivering needed moisturizers after cleansing and exfoliating. It leaves skin silky smooth without feeling greasy. This is a must have in my skin care treatment. Airborne is one of my favorite products. It may costs a little more, but it is truly worth the cost, considering they use only the best ingredients. I want the best for my over all skin regimen, and see amazing results from this product.

Wonderful for skin that's lost it's young look and feel
by Mary M.

Arbonne products are really nice and this one is so great to use if you are getting older now. I like to use it twice a day, especially on my neck, face, and elbows. It's thicker than most creams, almost buttery or whipped, and so rich and soothing feeling on even the most dry skin around your cuticles or back of the hands! I get a little redness and itchiness there and it helps the skin to look and feel less cracked and heals the little spots up faster. If I use it after my bath, it makes my skin feel really soft and plumped up. I think it is one of the best moisturizing creams out there and it makes my skin glow and look fresher and younger appearing if I use it regularly. So soft scented and fresh smelling, even my husband sometimes uses a little of it. Since it doesn't leave behind a smell that will offend people with allergies, it can be used by almost anybody and will leave your skin nice and silky.

Excellent product
by nazmul07

My wife had used this product for the last three months and it really improved her dry skin. At first, I didn't want her to buy that cream because it was very expensive. But now, I feel that even though it is expensive, it is worth to buy this product. It made her skin nice and soft. This is an excellent product.

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