f Arbonne International NutriMenC™ RE9 REveal Exfoliating Wash Reviews and Information

NutriMenC™ RE9 REveal Exfoliating Wash

Start your day with this refreshing, stimulating and exfoliating wash. This strong, yet sensitive formula removes dirt and dead skin cells quickly and efficiently. The botanically-based wash softens skin and prepares it for the closest, cleanest shave possible.
Product: NutriMenC™ RE9 REveal Exfoliating Wash
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: 4 oz
Dosage: Use daily.
Retail: $24.00
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5 Customer Reviews

Helps Make Your Skin Come Alive
by Brenda

Exfoliating is known now to remove old dead skin cells, and helps regenerate new ones. This product is very effective in removing dead skin, and leaves your skin feeling alive again, which is something I can't say that for some of the products I have used. I also use it prior to shaving my legs and underarms. A little goes a long way. My suggestion would be not to rub too hard, only in circular movements with no scrubbing, rinse well, and always apply moisturizer following. I do love this product.

clean and gentle
by tndj143

I agree with the reviews above. This product cleanses well, but doesn't leave the skin dry and tight afterward. When I used this product, my skin felt so clean and smooth, and there was no residual residue. So, I recommend this product...it's great!

Great to remove dead skin and debris
by Noah H.

I use this NuriminC product as an exfoliant shower wash to scrub off and remove dead skin that builds up from being outdoors and staying tan most of the year round. It was one of the products my girlfriend purchases regularly as she favors the tanning bed, and thinks this wash is really good to keep her skin nice, clear, and smooth and less apt to peel after tanning or the tan to appear uneven. But for men, it's really good if you have debris buildup from sweating and dirt that works it's way into the skin if you are an outdoor person like me and into sports. I only use it once a week in the shower, favoring mostly aloe bar soap for regular use, but do like to change over to this as a way to get rid of excess dead skin cells and environmental damage. I especially like that it does a good job on my ankles and feet, as well as my elbows and neck. Unlike most exfoliating scrubs this one is suitable for men or women as it has little or no scent, very mild in fact, and is very gentle even to sensitive skin. Since I tan easily, especially on my neck, arms, and thighs, the tanned skin begins to slough off at least weekly and it rolls up in the tub on my washcloth when I use this product and then rinses off, and it prepares my skin by ridding it of built up skin cells that are already dead, and gets it ready for new exposure without that dry uneven effect that tanning daily in natural sunlight sometimes gives if you don't scrub off the old skin regularly. It's especially gentle and can be used all over your body, even the face. Doesn't seem to irritate my skin or leave it rough or dry, and although it's kind of expensive, I think it works really well to keep your skin in top condition.

Love This Stuff!
by Annalisa

This exfoliating wash leaves my skin feeling smooth and vibrant yet it isn't harsh like other things I've tried. I don't feel like my skin's stretched tight afterwards -- I just feel like a glowing version of me! I love this stuff!

by allismom

This is an Arbonne product that I am extremely happy with. It is well worth the money. My skin showed obvious results quite quickly. It also did not leave my face red or irritated after using it. You do not have to use much, so it lasts a long time also.