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NSR (Natural Sports Rub)

A staple in gyms, locker rooms and dance studios for years! Apply it directly to sore, stiff muscles or as an all-over rubdown and you'll feel its warming/cooling action go to work instantly. Aubrey's fast-acting formula helps loosen tightness and tension to help you relax after a workout. Use it before and after you exercise, and always keep a bottle in your gym bag.

-eases minor muscle tightness and tension
-helps warm up and loosen muscles before a workout
-is formulated with seven herbal oils, including wintergreen, ginger root, menthol and eucalyptus
-is ideal for athletes, dancers and people on the go
Product: NSR (Natural Sports Rub)
Brand: Aubrey Organics (More Products)
Size: 4 oz
Dosage: Use as directed
Retail: $7.75
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3 Customer Reviews

Eases muscle stiffness and lessens tendinitis/bursitis pain
by Ivy S.

My husband plays both golf and tennis and suffers from stiff muscles, as well as pain from bursitis and tendinitis in his right shoulder. He depends on NSR more and more as he heads towards middle age as the stiff muscles and soreness increases each time he plays. His sports doctor recommended the product to him last summer to be used both before and after playing. Besides using it regularly on his shoulder before and after golfing or tennis, he applies it to his thigh and calf muscles after any exercise, and massages it in well, so as to get a deeper tissue effect, similar to a professional rub-down.
I've used it myself after a long day of mall shopping when my calf muscles are very tender and inflamed from walking and standing too long. It's has a nice clean herbal scent, a very light wintergreen aroma, with undertones of the ginger root, not medicinal at all, and the soothing warmth generated by the product makes my tired, stiff, and sore muscles feel so much better. The fact that it also seems to have a cooling menthol effect, as well, is really unique for a sports rub, as most provide one or the other, and usually not both. It has no stinging or hot burning often found in liniment type products, and it doesn't seem to be effected by covering the area after application with clothing.
My husband now ALWAYS rubs down with this prior to any sports activity, and remembers to stick a container of NSR in his tennis and golf bags, and also keeps one on the boat in case he strains his shoulder while casting lines. He likes that the rub doesn't seem to draw insects as some skin lotions or muscle rubs do, and in fact seems to lessen the problem, most likely due to the eucalyptus contained in the product. It doesn't take a great deal of the product to provide maximum coverage and a soothing effect to tight or sore muscles, which makes it's slightly higher price well worth the extra spent.

Soothes all aches
by Lori

Our son talked my husband into joining his gym and getting in shape for the summer. Well, my husband was average active but hasn't worked out in years. Needless to say the next day he was sore and aching all over from overdoing it. Our son came over and gave him a bottle of NSR to help him feel better. I have to say we were impressed! It was way better then ordinary rubs for sore muscles and he loved the way it produced heat almost instantly. Our son gave him a rubdown and hours later my hubby was feeling much better and less sore. I know he now learned the hard way to take it easy when beginning any exercise program and after 3 days of using NSR he was ready to go back to the gym and do things the right way. I am keeping NSR in the house for when I get sore muscles from spring cleaning and gardening. This stuff is well worth the price. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel results from muscle aches and pains.

Takes the pain away!
by Violet

I love this and use this! I have a bottle of the NSR in my workout bag and so does my spouse. If you are hurting post workout, post hike, post move, post pain, you need this. I last used this in the autumn when we went for a monstrous hike. The next day I was hurting all over. I applied this rub, which warmed up on contact, to all my sore muscles. It provided soothing heat and relief to my sore spots without much delay. We have used it without delay may times since (ie moving, workouts, pulled muscles, etc). It's a great product to have on hand for instant relief of hurt. I recommend it!