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The simple 5-step Clenzology® process takes just minutes a day to perform and contains products for your hands, face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Components include:

Clenzology® Hand & Body Soap

Thoroughly cleans under and around the fingernails (where normal hand washing fails to reach) each time the hands are washed
Formulated with no artificial scents or coloring
Enriched with essential oils, Vitamin E, honey and glycerin
Clenzology® Hand and Body Soap lets you thoroughly clean under your fingernails each time you wash your hands. Formulated to promote healthy skin and nails, Clenzology® Hand and Body Soap contains no artificial coloring or scents, and is rich in essential oils, moisturizers and emollients. Not just for hand cleansing – it is excellent for washing your entire body, including your face.

Clenzology® Facial Solutions for Your Eyes & Nose

Includes two unique Facial Solutions (AM and PM formulas)
Helps clean your entire face
Cleanses the mucous membranes around your eyes and in your nasal passageways
Clenzology® provides two uniquely formulated Facial Solutions (AM and PM), to thoroughly cleanse your face and the mucous membranes of your eyes and nasal passageways. For optimal results, use these Solutions each day (AM in the morning, PM at night).

Clenzology® Tooth and Gum Solution

Pure, all-natural tooth, gum and breath freshener
Contains the oils of peppermint, clove and myrrh
Contains no fluoride, sugar, chalk, detergents, flavorings or harsh chemicals or abrasives
Clenzology® Tooth and Gum Solution freshens your teeth, gums, and breath without any sugar, fluoride, chalk, detergents, flavorings, harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Clenzology® Ear Solution

Cleanses the ear canal
Reduces buildup of excess ear wax
Clenzology® Ear Solution works quickly to cleanse the ear canal and reduce the buildup of excess ear wax.

Clenzology® Natural Sponge

All-natural sponge
Provides gentle, yet thorough cleansing
The Clenzology® Advanced Hygiene System comes complete with products for your hands, face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
Product: Clenzology
Brand: Garden of Life (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: 5 steps
Retail: $49.95
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