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by Vicki L. Vertrees

This is awesome. It doesn't leave the orangey spots on your skin like most do and the smell is good.

Wonderful & Hydrating!
by Violet

I have had this product in my home for over 1 year and I use it faithfully. Being a lotion junkie, I reach for this bottle often. My dry skin drinks this lotion up and it provides me with calmed and hydrated skin. The research behind Arbonne is very reassuring, in addition to the fact that they use only natural & healthy ingredients. The avocado oil in this lotion will quench your parched skin. Your skin will love you for using it. It's especially wonderful after the damage of a sunburn, a harsh winter, or to counter the effects of aging/drying skin. It definitely rescues your skin from any dehydration. Love it!

Love this!
by Carol Covello

My sister raved about her Arbonne stuff, and I kind of tuned out... then she let me try this and I was hooked! I was in Florida, we had gone shopping and I hadn't bothered with sunscreen - and got a 'parking lot' sun burn. After applying this one time my skin felt, and looked, much better - smooth and glowing (rather than red and itchy looking). I like the scent - it smells healthy. No irritation and no sticky buildup (I was putting a lot on and it soaked right in - no build-up).

Use all the time now!

by dady

I like the smell...I do admit it's a bit odd, though - not traditional baby powder, just a sweet smell. My son had some mild eczema/rashy patches on his face and chest, and this did not irritate him. Other "baby balms" have caused some pimples, but this goes right on with no trouble. The texture of the lotion is strange if you're not used to this lotion-- feels like a liquid lubricant at first, but then it soaks in pretty fast.

Good for Dry, Flaky skin
by LKH

This stuff is pretty nice to have after a long day at the beach or poolside. I am very fair-skinned and get sunburned SO easily, so I need something that will really soak in after a day of sun exposure. This stuff certainly works and quickly hydrates the skin, however, the price keeps me from re-purchasing too often when there are so many drugstore possibilities.

Great after tanning
by rachel anderson

After going tanning my skin gets very dry. After applying Glow With It my skin felt hydrated. Its great to try if you have dry skin.

good one
by renuka

I use this product regularly. It really moisturizes my skin. My skin is so dry, so I have to apply it a minimum of three times a day. Now, I see a lot of difference in my skin. It is so soft and shiny. I love my skin now.

Glow with it
by Amanda S.

I usually don't like to spend that much money on skin products, but I do believe this product is worth it. I love using it after tanning to keep my skin moisturized and to help lock in my tan. It also has a nice smell.

Very nice!
by Corri

I took this on a trip with me to Mexico. I was very happy with how quickly it soaked into my skin! I used it after spending the days out at the beach and pool. The scent was also very nice. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. Don't let the price keep you away from this great after-sun lotion! It's worth every penny!

It's worth it
by Patricia

I think this is one of the best products out there to help with dry skin. The smell is nice and the product is not greasy. This is premium for dry skin relief! Compare this to the cheap products and you will find the moisturizers in it to be way more advanced! Bottom line, its worth it.

Stick With The Cheap Stuff
by Kate

After tanning, my skin tends to dry out. I was looking for a product that would keep my skin soft, and this definitely does the trick. If you want soft skin from a good name brand, this product may be worth it for you. But to me, it is not worth the extra cost. Next time I will just pick up the cheap stuff.

I like it
by stacy

This is, hands down, the best lotion. It goes on smoothly, and dries without any oily feeling at all. It may feel sticky initially, but it is the only lotion that truly dries without feeling oily or perfumey. It does have a slight hint of a "beachy" smell, but it's not overwhelming in the least. I would highly recommend this lotion to anyone.

Works just like any other after sun lotion
by Angel C.

I bought this lotion because I'm a fan of Arbonne products but I do have to say I'm a bit disappointed with it. I paid a pretty price for this lotion and it doesn't do anything different than a cheap $5.00 bottle of after sun lotion that you can buy from your local drugstore. This product moisturized my skin and made it feel soft, big deal. Nothing special with this product, save your money and buy something way cheaper. All you're paying for here is the name.

Glow With It
by christy r.

I go to the beach a lot so I have tried out a lot of different after sun lotions that purport to heal sunburns or sooth sun-dried skin. I find this product does a good job in preventing my sunburn from hurting or my skin from feeling dry the next day. It does go on a bit greasy, but I almost like that as it provides extra support for your skin. It can also help to make your tan look deeper if you want that rich sun touched glow (although of course as we know thats not good for you). Overall though, this product does work good but feels a little greasy and is a little more expensive then some comparable products which are very similar.

by wendy c

The after-sun lotion is great for your skin after it has been exposed to the sun's harmful rays. It will give it a soft texture and not allow your sunburn to peel and get all nasty feeling. The ingredients soften your skin and smell nice at the same time. This is a very nice product and is a good value at this price.

Not the best
by heather

This isn't my favorite product to use, but partially because of the price. It does leave my skin soft ,but so do some others. I use it all year, not just during the summer, but I think it's a little pricey!

After sun lotion
by carol1560

It is a very good product, but a little expensive. I have used it after a tanning booth and it does the trick. The lotion really soaks in and gets the dry areas. I have used it many times on my feet and they do not feel greasy afterwards and elbows as well.

glow with it
by lala5

This product is really not worth the $32. I have not really found it to work at all, and most other products do much more for you and will cost you a fraction of the price.

Should work better for price
by allismom

For the price of this product, I figured it should be a miracle lotion. It compares to many cheaper counterparts. The one thing that is nice about it is that you do not need to use too much so it lasts a little longer than other lotions.

Great for dry skin types
by S

This is one of the best moisturizers I've used in a long time. It's not only for people who've been in the sun; I use it in the long winter months when my knees and elbows are especially dry, and the avocado oil is absorbed so easily. It leaves my skin silky smooth, and without any residue like other lotions. A little bit goes a long way. You only need a dollop of cream, and it massages easily into skin. This is a high quality product that will last the entire season!

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