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Good lotion, but expensive
by Carol C.

This is a really nice body lotion that I've used on and off for a year. I do like the way it works and feels, and used it once or twice a day - after shower seemed to work best. I have to say that there are other up-scale lotions that are either less expensive, or richer. Nice enough if it is a promo or on sale, but I'd rather spend my money on other Arbonne products.

by sindy

I started using this as a body lotion during my first pregnancy because I didn't want to use anything with parabens or other chemicals. I used it every day on my expanding belly because it really helped with the itchiness, and I wound up with no stretch marks! So now that I am pregnant again, I use it religiously! I also use it on my toddler, who has eczema and very sensitive skin. When I put this on her every day, it keeps her eczema under control. I love that it is all-natural (which of course is why I bought this in the first place) and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or hers. The fragrance is pleasant, and does go away eventually, but I just prefer fragrance free products. If this were fragrance free it would be perfect. It does seem thinner than regular lotions I'm used to, but once it dries it is not greasy at all and is very moisturizing. I have repurchased this product countless times over the years, and will continue to do so.

Intelligence Body Lotion
by Dorene

I love this lotion. It has a really pretty smell and it is so creamy! It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized! It lasts a long time and keeps my skin feeling great!

skin so soft
by Kennedee

I really like this body lotion. I keep a bottle in my desk at work. It is great for hands and elbows. My hands feel so soft after each use and the smell isn't over powering. It is expensive compared to other body lotions but well worth the price.

Great for the Money
by Shannon

This lotion is an awesome long-lasting moisturizer. I put it on under my make-up and it works great, and feels as though it lasts all day long. I also use it on my arms and legs when it is super dry, so I try to keep it in my purse. The smell is nice, but subtle, which is perfect in a lotion. It is definitely worth the price tag, because it is so effective on all parts of the body.

Intelligence Body Lotion
by Emily K.

The Intelligence Body Lotion was not rich enough for my very dry skin. The product was thin and did not absorb into my skin. I prefer a thicker more concentrated body lotion.

I'd give this product an A
by CP

This product is a very good moisturizer. My skin feels instantly moisturized after using the product. Most moisturizers I used in the past seem to wear off after an hour or so, but this moisturizer lasts longer, and it smells great! I'd give this product an A.

Good all-round moisturizer
by S

This is a great all-around moisturizer, and I keep a bottle of it in my car for a quick dose of moisture whenever I need it! The body lotion is great for hands and elbows, and it absorbs easily without leaving any grease or residue. It smells great, and has a light fragrance that isn't overpowering--I can easily wear my favorite fragrance and other lotions without it being overwhelming.

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