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Amazing Results
by Carol C.

This eye cream does a great job redefining your eye area and is nice on fine lines and general blotchiness. I thought it was expensive at first, but found it to be a great value because a little goes a long way. I pat it on then gently rub it in around my eyes at least once a day, always at night, and during the day during the Fall & Winter when the inside air is dry. I use it before my daily face lotion, figuring that this is the one I want to soak into my skin the most. A great product and a good value!

by Ashley

This is by far the greatest Intelligence product! I received almost every one of their products in a gift basket, and this is the only one I would purchase again for the money. Before using this product, my eyes and surrounding face would look very dark and gloomy. Maybe it was from getting no sleep. Now that I've been using this eye cream, my entire face looks stunning. It makes my skin super soft and radiates! You won't mind paying the hefty price for this brilliant cream! The only advice I have to give is to not put on too much. Putting more on will not make your skin softer or remove the blackness around the eyes faster. It only makes your face greasier! Just a tad does the job perfectly! Which makes the product last a very LONG time.

Intelligence daily eye cream
by Cheri mello

I really like this product. Although a little pricey, it seems to work as advertised. It goes on smooth and and it seems to be helping with the dullness that sometimes occurs around the eyes. It lasts a long time, too. I've been using this for a month and still have some left. I would probably buy again, but I find it a little expensive.

by Bryan M

After being out in the sun a lot, and naturally having darker eye sockets, I didn't think anything would change the way my eyes were. This stuff makes a noticeable difference, and hydrates the skin quite well. I glow now.

Intelligence Daily Eye Cream
by Dorene

I love the way this makes my skin feel. It makes it feel so silky and smooth and it really helps to get rid of those ugly dark circles that I get under my eyes. It really helps improve the way my skin looks!

nice product
by renuka

This cream is really good for eyes and it removes dark circle also. My eyes have so many lines and dark circles. I use it two times a day and my eyes look so good now. They are bright. I really feel fresh when my eyes look so good.

Decreases bags On Eyes
by Phil Young

This is one of the only products I have found that removes the bags under my eyes and makes it look like I get more sleep. It makes you look beautiful.

Awesome product!
by Corri

I'm addicted to all Arbonne products! This eye cream has got to be the best on the market. Goes on so soft and smooth. Really reduces any fine lines or puffiness. I swear, it's made me look at least 10 years younger since I've started using it. As with most other Arbonne products, this is well worth the cost, as one small container will last you months. Highly recommended!

Love this product
by Kate

I love love love Arbonne products. This eye creme is another product that I love. I use this creme every morning and every night and I have noticed that the bags under my eyes have decreased. I would highly recommend this product.

Great Eye Cream
by Shannon

I use this eye cream every night before I go to bed and it is fantastic. A little spreads a long way, and I think that it keeps my eyes looking fresh. I rarely see puffiness or bags under my eyes, which is excellent. The cream is really smooth, and not too thick, which is wonderful for sleeping at night. This product works great when used on a regular basis, and is a fantastic value for the money.

Intelligence Daily Eye Cream
by Emily K.

I am very pleased with the Intelligence Daily Eye Cream. The cream is lightweight and absorbent. I have noticed a difference in the overall appearance of my eye area. I prefer this cream to other eye creams, because it can be applied day and night. Therefore, you do not need two different eye creams.

feels great, and firms
by Traci Anderson

A friend of mine recently recommended Arbonne products and after using the RE9 day creme. I decided to try the Intelligence Daily Eye Cream as well. First, I noticed the feel of the lotion. I have dry skin and it is important that I find something that leaves my skin feeling soft and not greasy. This product did just that. Initially, I liked the feel of it but I soon noticed that it was firming up my eye area as well.

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