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average consumer and mom
by christy goswick

This face cream is absolutely awesome. It leaves your skin feeling soft,fresh,and silky

Still Waiting
by Reiko Marino

I am still waiting for them to bring this product back on line so I can buy it for my Mother and I.

It is the best cream I ever used - I don't mind the cost because it works great.

Please bring this product back.

by Reiko Marino

Bring the product back - I can't believe you discontinued one of the best creams you carry.

Bring it back please.

Loved it

I used this a few months ago. I have problem dry skin & I must say I loved this product.

by April Arceneaux

I purchased this from my sister-in-law at a house party where she was the sales consultant. She raved about the product. I was satisfied for a while but then did not see really amazing results. Needless to say, I do not use any of the products any longer and am not a continuous purchaser.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

This is a great product. My face is dry and after a week my face was soft and not flakey

You Get What You Pay For
by Jessie

I know that most of Arbonne's products are pretty pricey, but you really do get what you pay for with them. Just like most all of their products this one works great. My mother buys (practically in bulk) from Arbonne regularly and I am lucky enough to be able to raid her stash! (Always with her permission, of course.) I love Arbonne & this lotion is no exception.

by Sandra B

I tried this product. I goes very smooth. No greaseness and it keep my skin smooth. I loved the smell not to over powering.

Arbonne Intelligence Daily Moisturizing Cream
by Julie

I noticed how many folks loved this product and a couple that mentioned the cost was high. Just a note - our skin is our largest organ and depending on the ingredients of a product, we either absorb those or we don't. If we absorb some with toxins in it - that's no good and if a product has mineral oil in it - it will prevent the good ingredients from being absorbed into our body.

As far as cost - this item retails for $38.50 and lasts for months - much less than anything in a dept store and without toxins and chemicals. It's a choice for healthier products on your skin. Also, with an Arbonne account (and no obligation) you can purchase Arbonne at a 35% discount which makes the item only $25 and very affordable.


I like how it works against winter weather. Normally during the winter my skin is very dry but I noticed that it was well moisturized since using this. This stuff is way too expensive though.

still better then other
by sumathi

Before I use this crème I used to apply the other one which helped me a lot to hydrate my skin but this particular crème is still better because it is day and night crème and it can be used whenever needed. And the result of application of this crème is also very good and I love it.

Hydrates Nicely
by Carol C.

I tried the Intelligence Day and Night Cream last year and overall my reaction was positive. Since I have combination skin, I used it twice a day around my eyes and on my throat, then just once a day for the rest of my face. In the summer it seemed a bit heavy, so I just used it the rest of the year and stuck with the eye cream only from then on.. Have not used it this winter - no particular reason, though price was a factor. Price is the primary drawback here, as the product itself is pretty nice.

Anti-winter itch cream
by Jeremy P

My wife first brought this stuff home from her mother about 6 months ago and I noticed just how soft it made her skin feel that I had to get in on the action. Our central air really dries our skin out regardless of what season it is so this has become very handy around the house. The price is a little too steep for me but the smell is just right. I've noticed that I don't have to apply it every single day in order for to be effective and I like that. I also like how I've noticed my winter itch disappear recently when it would normally begin to annoy me the most. This stuff is outstanding, it's just too bad the price is too.

All over organic skin care
by Ivy S.

At one time I used several different Arbonne skin care products, but found this one that seems to work extremely well for a general all-over body care moisturizing cream for those without any specific problematic areas. Desiring to cut down on the sheer number of different creams and lotions I was using, I have chosen this one as my "staple", and now only use others on occasion if any specific skin issue arises. Since starting the product close to a year ago, my skin has an all over more healthy look, feel, and touch.

Arbonne products are "cruelty free", meaning they are never tested on animals, and contain many of the higher end botanical so good for one's skin, such as wheat germ and sesame seed oils, aloe leaf, and sweet almond oil. Arbonne combines the best of nature and science to offer a product with organic benefits, yet up to date well-researched additions for best effects. Most of their skin cream products do contain parabens, however, to enable long term storage, and although not considered a true "natural" , this broad spectrum ingredient is considered quite safe and is a standard used in most skin creams and lotions, as a preservative. This cream also has little scent, very mild and pleasant, and is ideal for those who don't care for highly perfumed skin care products.

I particularly like the Arbonne Intelligence Day and Night Cream because it absorbs easily into the skin, without leaving behind a sticky or greasy feel, and hydrates quite well, lasting longer than most popular creams or lotions. When a woman approaches 40, she notices a beginning of softening around the eye area, the neck, and the upper inside arm, which is an early sign of natural loss of youthful "tone" in the skin and may lead to the flesh sagging in later life. This product seems to keep my skin soft and silky, yet very firm and with a nice, much less grainy texture. It has improved the appearance of fine lines and minor wrinkling on my face, and has kept my body free from dry patches, rough elbows or knees. Especially good for moisturizing the feet and hands, and can be used once or twice a day for "round the clock" moisturizing, without the need for switching products constantly.

Inelligence Day and Night Cream is a high quality product if one is looking for something that is good for the skin, works well for most age groups and skin types with no specific serious issues, yet only requires a single product to get really nice and lasting results quickly, and most of all.... it keeps the skin at it's best in youthful appearance, so that it radiates the glow of natural health!!

Expensive product
by rave25

I got this product as a gift from my friend. When I tried it for the first time I liked it a lot. First, as my skin is dry and I think this product is mainly for dry skin. And secondly, I liked it's thickness. It's a good thick moisturizer. It keeps skin healthy too. But the only disadvantage of this product is its cost. I think people won't want spend so much money on this product when similar product, of different make, is available for a lesser price.

Not worth the money
by Ashley

A friend of mine gave me this cream in a gift basket. I fell absolutely in love in with it! It makes your skin feel so silky and smooth. However, when I ran out and went to purchase more online, I was shocked to see the price! I value my skin, but for that much money. I rather go with a less-prestigious brand. And as fast as you go through this product, it's not worth it. There are plenty of drug-store cremes available that work just as well.

Maybe for some
by Amy

I love most Arbonne products, but this is one that I am not totally in love with. I have combination skin and when I tried this cream it didn't work well with my skin. I feel that it is to thick of a cream and it broke my skin out. When I spoke to an Arbonne consultant about this she told me that she doesn't recomend this to people with acne prone skin. I do think it would work well if you have dry skin becuase I have many friends with dry skin that swear by this.

Luxurious Moisturizer
by Amy

I first tried this cream from my friend and found it to be a very heavy and thick moisturizer. Although it was indeed very nice and supple when I applied it to my skin, I do not think I would personally buy it for myself due to the price. I have found several other creams on the market which have the same effects as this one, but at half the price.

Very practical
by Laura

This cream is very practical for everyday use. I don't find it to be too greasy or too drying like other creams. It has worked well for me as a part of my everyday routine. It is slightly more expensive than the creams I was using before, but if it works and saves me having to buy twice as many products, it's a deal!

It's allright....
by JJ

My cousin was selling Arbonne and I won this product at one of her parties. Thank goodness I didn't have to buy it, look at that price! I didn't know it was that expensive. Anyway, I used it and it was pretty much like any other facial cleanser. It didn't dry my face out, but I know a lot of other cleansers out there that do the same job for a cheaper price. It's a good product, but I wouldn't buy it.

very nice!
by a roen

This is a really good, all-purpose cream. I find that it really helps when I am travelling. My skin tends to get very dry when flying are spending long hours in the car. This one product works for night and day, so it takes less room in my luggage. I would recommend this to anyone. (And I have!)

Rich moisturizer
by Jill S.

Intelligence moisturizer is a rich cream for all day use. I have combination skin which makes it harder to find the right product that will give me just the right coverage. This moisturizer is not greasy or thick. It easily dissolves into the skin and leaves my skin baby soft day and night.

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