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This product is great!
by Barbara Martin

I had a friend that was selling Arbonne and it truly will make your hands so amazingly soft!

you'll see and feel the difference
by Ashley

My hands are constantly in water, and consequently are very dry and rough. I've been using this cream for about 2 months and it's worked wonders. My hands are super soft and the cream smells wonderful. My fiance likes to use it on his knees as well, so my conclusion is it works great on all areas of skin. My nails have also been looking very healthy. My skin just glows now, instead of looking cracked and pale. I'll definitely be buying more once I run out.

Great Cream!
by Carol C.

This is a wonderfully nourishing hand cream. In the winter I get tons of hangnails and paper cuts due to dry air, and this cream made a real difference in the look and feel of my hands. There was no greasy feel, and the moisturizing effect lasted quite awhile. Use it twice a day year-round, with extra doses of it in the winter. Also helps after gardening - no matter what I do dirt manages to get in my gloves and dry out my cuticles.

I have tried many lotions over the year, and this is one of the absolute best!

give it as gifts
by Stephen

I was introduced to these creams as part of a gift set and I instantly fell in love with the product line. They are very refreshing and emollient to dry skin and cracked heels. I always give a spa package to the ladies in my family that contains these products for Christmas every year!

Wonderful Product
by Kyle

I have used this product and have received fantastic results. I use the product mostly in the winter because it works wonders on rough feet. The fragrance isn't that appealing but I can deal with that because it works so great. I also use it on my hands in the winter and I not only have soft feet but soft hands as well.

No more dry hands
by Chris Carter

I have a skin condition that makes my skin very rough. I used this product, skeptically, for a few weeks and I noticed a very large difference in the smoothness of my hands. I picked this brand because it looked very enticing and I had heard good things about this product. It lives up to the name as it very much hydrates my skin, even after a few days. You have to use a lot if you want to continue to have dry skin, sure, but it's worth every penny. I'll be buying it in the future when I go to events that require me to meet a lot of people, and shake their hands.

Goodbye sandpaper hands
by regina

I have been using this product for the past year. I had been using the Arbonne brand for other things, but never tried the hand cream. I always just used all the pretty smelling stuff that others had around the sink. My hands were rough and cracked until I decided to try using the hand cream. A week later, my hands were softer and healing. Now I have my bottle next to the sink, and many of my co-workers have changed to the Arbonne hand cream as well.

intelligence hand cream.
by barbara

I have used several brands of hand cream but none gave long lasting effects. Since I have been using this product my hands are smoother, softer and more youthful. I keep it on my kitchen sink, in the bathroom and at work. The results are wonderful. I strongly recommend this product, I love it and will never stop using it.

No more rough hands
by Delnetria Marks

I have the roughest skin that you have ever seen! I wash them constantly and they stay dry. I have tried a lot of products but have not gotten the smoothness in my skin that I use to have. I tried this lotion and noticed the soft feel right away. It is definitely a winner.

I was skeptical
by Suzq

Having very dry chapped hands I was skeptical to try this when a friend suggested it. I can't believe the difference in my hands after a few short weeks of using Arbonne. I have tried so many different hand creams and medications that claimed to help and this is the only thing that keeps my hands looking great and it is not greasy feeling!

No more Old lady Hands
by Kathleen Bartlett

I work in child care and my hands get rough and dry. I had tried so many products and nothing seemed to work for long. Intelligence Hand cream was a wonder!!!
I would use it every time after I washed my hands and before bed. It's been a few weeks now and my hands look normal again, no more OLD looking hands. I even put it on my feet. Love it.

Banishes dry skin
by Heather A.

Since I live in a region where the winters can be quite brutal, my skin gets very dry and flaky when the winter weather hits. This lotion is the best product that I have ever used to combat seriously dry skin. It is not greasy or heavy like some other products tend to be. I have used this product for a couple of months now and doubt that I will ever find another that works better. Arbonne is infamous for their high quality products and this lotion definitely lives up to that reputation. Although you will spend a little more on this lotion than most store brands, the added cost is most definitely worth it!

Skin so soft!
by vmvdmd

Arbonne has delivered a great product again with its intelligence hand cream. The formula is lightweight but carries a certain fluffiness to it. It applies without fuss and has a clean smell. I find that it does wonders in the winter for dry and chafed hands. Although the price is more than the store brands, I find it to be one of the more longer lasting hand creams out there and it is worth it.

its nice one
by renuka

My skin is so dry. During the winter, my hands look like old peoples' hands. It is so dry that I can see wrinkles in my hands. One of my friend suggested this product to me, so I began using this one regularly. It really moisturizes my hands, and now I can feel the difference. My hands look so good now.

Dry Hands are Gone
by Phil Young

I get very dry hands from washing them so much, and I needed a powerful lotion to keep them soft and moist. Intelligence hand cream does just that and more. My hands are always soft and moist now.

I love this stuff.
by andy

I love lip stuff and this one is so long-lasting. A lot of chapsticks have to be re-applied time after time...not this one. It lasted for hours, and doesn't leave my lips sticky, dry, or irritated. This will become a regular product I buy.

Soft hands....
by Mandy

I really like this product a lot. I have the softest hands! I like this lotion because your hands are greasy and I can immediately get back to typing etc. I recently made my husband use it on his rough overworked hands and was 100% shocked with the results.

Very Handy!
by Laura

My favorite thing about Intelligence Hand Cream? It sinks in immediately so I can get back to work on the computer, writing and handling papers without leaving a slimy mess! This stuff is great, especially in the cold, dry winter months.

Silky soft
by LR

Intelligence Hand Cream works so good. I use it all the time. I love this hand cream. It leaves my hands soft without the greasy feeling other lotions have. I always keep one in my purse, and one at work.

Dry hands? No problem!
by Albert

Just recently I started to notice creases and dry skin on my hands. I wasn't sure what the cause was, but my mom bought me this product and my problems have gone away. It makes my hands look much smoother and it feels good as well. This hand cream is one of the best I have tried. I only wish I would have found it sooner. Highly recommend.

I Love this Product
by Jen W.

I use a lot of Arbonne products now, and it is all because of this hand cream. It works better than anything else I have tried for my very dry hands. I have noticed a real difference, especially around my nails. I recommend this product to anyone!

Feels like Silk
by Kathy

I received a tube of the Intelligence Hand Cream for Christmas. I saved it for a couple of weeks before using it because I knew it was expensive and I wanted savor it. During an ice storm, I got it out to use. My hands were so chaffed from the cold icy weather and the heat from my house. My hands felt like silk as soon as I rubbed a small dab on. It doesn't take much so actually it isn't that more expensive than cheaper variety of hand care creams

Intelligence Hand Cream
by Emily K.

In my opinion, this hand cream is on the lighter side. I have extremely dry skin, and did not notice a major difference in my hands. It did not absorb into my skin and left my hands feeling sticky.

Great Hand Cream
by MAK

I love this hand cream! This is perfect for people with hands that are constantly dry. I use it before I go to bed and after I wash my hands. It has made a huge difference on my dry hands. I also like that it has a mild scent. This is worth the extra $.

Works Wonders
by Wendy Bezeau

I finely found a hand cream that works. The price is a bit high, but I love the results. Most hand creams are greasy and you can't pick up anything after you use them until your hands dry a bit. The Intelligence Hand Cream goes on easy and doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling. It moisturizes my hands and seems to stay on for quite a while. It is a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way and it's worth it, because it doesn't feel like you have to keep reapplying it. My hands have never been softer.

Wonderful Lotion
by Jaime

I love this lotion. It is so soft and so silky. I wash my hands all the time and with the cold weather they were very dry before I started using this hand creme. It is the best I have ever used, and smells great.

Intelligence Hand Cream
by Christy R.

This hand cream is a bit more expensive then the typical type hand cream that you can buy for a few dollars in your average grocery or drug store. However, I think it is worth the extra money for sure. It goes on very well without any bit of greasiness or making your hands too slippery. It has no strong odors, just a mild pleasant scent. It really makes your skin feel smooth and moist and even the next morning I felt a noticeable difference in the way that my hands felt. I would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from dry hands.

Smooth and soft
by hari

As a mother of of a toddler, I wash my hands more often and I use this cream. It works really well and keeps my hands hydrated. The only downside is that it's really expensive, so I'm planning to change for something cheaper.

Pricy, but Effective!
by Ruth

I love the way this leaves my skin: soft and supple. The price is a bit high, but even a small bit of this lotion can be effective. I use a pea-sized amount on slightly moist hands and it works all day long!

Soft and silky hands
by S

This is one of my favorite hand lotions, and I carry it with me to work to relieve my tired hands during the day! It's easy to apply, and doesn't leave that greasy feeling that so many hand creams do. It leaves my hands and nails well-moisturized, and silky soft.

You could go broke using this!
by Francesca Muir

I love this product, which keeps my hands soft, smooth and moisturized. My wallet doesn't love it, since I can easily go through a couple of 4.3 oz. tubes in one month. At $14 per, that can really add up.

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