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Be good to your toes!
by Carol C.

This is a very thick, rich cream that my feet so love. I really like the scent - though tea-tree can be a love/hate thing. Besides moisturizing immediately, tea-tree oil enhances the ability of your skin to absorb the moisture, and has mild antiseptic properties. If my heels are really bad from walking around barefoot too much, I slather this on, put bags over my feet, and then put my slippers on and let it soak in while I am at the computer or watching TV (I do NOT recommend trying to walk with slippery plastic bags and lotion on your feet!!).
This is nice product, though I wish it was less expensive.

Dry feet be-gone
by Wendy

This Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream is great. I love it. I am lazy when it comes to being good to my skin after showers. I just don’t feel like putting on any moisturizer.
I pay for it, with dry skin, especially on my feet. I found this about three months ago and I have been faithful to my feet ever since. It has made them much softer and I don’t have dry cracked skin anymore. I tried so many other products, some I had received free samples of and nothing seemed to do as well.
I really like it a lot.

by Green

My skin is so dry. During winter my hands look like an older person's hand. It's so dry that we can see the wrinkles in my hands. One of my friend suggested this. So I used this one regularly. It really moisturizes my hands and now I can feel the difference. My hands are so good now.

It Works for me!
by Abby

I have long suffered from dry, cracked heels and have tried many products. I was skeptical when I heard about this product. This product is the only one that has actually worked for me. I've used this for about 9 months now. Use a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon. No more unsightly heels for me. One 4.3 oz. tube lasted 4 months for me.

Healed heels
by regina

I decided that I needed a better foot lotion when I went to get a pedicure and they used a dremel tool on the bottom of my feet! My mom gave me this product about 2 years ago and I use a small amount every night. It keeps my feet and heels soft. I can actually wear my flip flops without being self conscious.

by Sally

This stuff is so great. I got this for Christmas and have used it since. I put it on (just a little) every night, and I don't have to use my pumice stone on my feet any more. I can't wait til summer. I won't have to worry about getting ready for sandals. It also helps my hands - it has been a very dry winter, and my hands aren't dry and itchy. This is great stuff!

Great for Athletes Foot
by Phil Young

I have itchy, dry, painful, and smelly feet, also known as athletes foot. I apply the foot cream every night and morning, and my athletes foot is gone and my feet don't itch.

Soft heels!
by momof2

I always had soft feet until I started using the credo knife/blade on my heels. They used the blade once on me in the nail salon during a pedicure. I liked how my feet felt, so I bought one for home use. What a mistake! Once I started, I couldn't stop and my feet looked worse than ever. Very, very, dry, cracked heels. I heard about this herbal foot cream from a friend of mine and it has really helped soften my feet, especially the heels. I will never use a credo knife again and will continue to use this cream at night . I want to get my feet back in shape so I can wear sandals again in the summer and I think this product will help!

Wonderful Product
by Linda Collins

I have used this product and have received fantastic results. I use the product mostly in the winter because it works wonders on rough feet. The fragrance isn't that appealing but I can deal with that because it works so great. I also use it on my hands in the winter and I not only have soft feet but soft hands as well.

by Katelin

My feet are generally very soft but in the winter, no matter what I do, my heels become incredibly dry. The fact that I am constantly chasing my toddler around certainly doesn't help. Within two weeks of using this cream my feet were not only back to normal, but softer than they had ever been. It also works just as well on any other dry patches of skin you may have. I absolutely recommend this foot cream!

by Ali

I received this as a gift for Christmas from a co-worker. I LOVED the results! I have "Foot Spa Day" every month, and this was a nice added bonus. It leaves your cracked heals SMOOTH! Now, I plan on giving it to my children's teachers, along with their Christmas gifts every year.

Foot Creme That Really is Intelligent!
by Sharon

I purchased this product in hopes that it would reduce the cracked open areas located on my heels. It really works! I applied it to my heels which take a beating on a daily basis. I originally had hardened skin that cracked open and sometimes bled. Now my heels , although not entirely healed, are softer and the cracked areas are disappearing. The product is not heavy and greasy like some of those other ones that you spend up more time removing it from your hands than the total application time.

Get back the look of younger, softer feet
by Jenny

I feel this is one of the better foot care creams on the market, even if a little more expensive. Aren't you worth it, though?? If you have problems with cracked heels, dry patches on the pad of the foot, or your stockings or trouser socks getting picked by dry cuticles on your toes, this is perfect to condition and soothe even the dryest and most neglected feet. It has a lovely natural herbal scent, relaxing and aromatic, very unlike the traditional medicinal smell of most foot creams, works well for flaky, parched or "ashy" areas on the ankles or feet and is just the thing to prepare ahead of time for those summer months when you want to look your best in opened-toed sandals or lounging at the beach. Can be used at night for extra deep hydration by applying liberally just before bed time and sleeping in socks to allow the product to fully moisturize the problem areas, sooothe tired feet, and provide more time for full absorption into the deepest skin layers. I use mine three times a week religiously, every other night, and on weekend nights at home. Keep your feet softer, healthier, and younger looking by regularly using Intelligence Herbal Foot Cream, as it's such a small thing that accomplishes so much within just a few weeks or less of regular use!

Love it so much I give it as gifts!
by dee

I was introduced to these creams as part of a gift set and I instantly fell in love with the product line. They are very refreshing and emollient to dry skin and cracked heels. I always give a spa package to the ladies in my family that contains these products for Christmas every year!

Smooth Feet
by MAK

I have really dry feet with a lot of rough patches and this works wonders! My feet are now really smooth and it only took a few applications for my feet to begin to stay that way. This is a quality product.

I love this
by Karina

First let me say I am on my feet almost all day. I waitress, bartender, and have a toddler. My feet get very dry, rough patches, and I have tried dozens of products. Nothing comes close to this. Within a week I saw results. I no longer have to hide my feet.

I am not crazy about the scent. it's not unpleasant, but kind of medicinal. However the product is so good I can live with it.

I also use it on my hands during winter.

Not Just for Your Feet
by Lori Ann Hull

I have been using the not-so-basic foot care cream for quite some time after I received it as part of a spa package as a gift. Here's a tip: also use it on rough patches on your elbows and wonders and leaves no oily residue. Thumbs up from this Family!

great product
by wendy c

This foot cream has a very luxurious feel to it. It smooths even the roughest feet that have been cramped in boots all winter. The tingly and moisturizing properties of this cream are great at reviving tired feet and legs. After a long day of shopping on my feet this cream is a great treat.

by mamma_nee

I have got the driest heels, they used to feel like sand paper! This Herbal Foot Cream is just the best thing I have ever found to make my heels feel soft again. I have my husband rub it in my heels every night and the combo is GREAT ! ;)

Great for Rough Feet
by Kathy

I have used creams and lotions after creams and lotions on my dry cracking feet to no avail. A friend suggested I try the Intelligence not-so-basic skin care Herbal Foot Cream. The results were drastic . Within a week or so, my feet were so soft, I thought I was dreaming. It is well worth the price. I go barefooted a lot so you know what that does to my feet. With this product, I can go barefooted and still have soft, pretty looking feet.

Keep your feet soft...
by Ruth

Alpha hydroxy acids blended into this foot cream help make the skin really soft and supple! I like to put it on before bed and slip into some feet feel great the next morning.

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