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Smooth & Soft
by Violet

I love natural oils to moisturize my skin. Nothing hydrates more beautifully and effectively and this product is no exception. I use Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil exclusively on my driest areas-- my knees, my elbows, my heels, and my legs. It gets rid of all dry patches, all flakiness, all scaliness, and all roughness. It leaves the skin so soft and sleek, with a beautiful soft glow and sheen. It really beautifies my skin with it's lush oils and protective qualities. My skin drinks this up and the effects last all day. Soft, lush skin that is pretty to touch and see. I love this!

What dry elbows?
by regina

I love this product to use on those really tough dry areas. I use this especially on my elbows and cuticles. It literally only takes a couple of drops and my skin soaks it in immediately. It is so much better any other oils that just sit on the surface. My hands never feel greasy or oily after I apply it to my body.

Goodbye Dry Skin
by zingerhil

Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil is an exceptional product that delivers 100%. It keeps my entire body moisturized and feeling soft and is especially helpful on my elbows, feet, hands and knuckles. It is easily applied and not at all messy. It's great in the winter to protect your skin from the harsh elements, and it also keeps your skin looking healthy and radiant in the bikini wearing days of summer. 2 thumbs up from me.

not greasy
by alma

My skin has become quiet dry after menopause. My daughter gave me this oil to try. I like the way that it absorbs quickly into the skin without it feeling greasy, which was my concern. I even put this oil around the lines on my face and eyes, which feels and looks as if the lines were plumped up.
It also does a good job on my heels and elbows. I will continue to use this product..

excellent product
by renuka

I have really dry skin. During the winter, my skin is so dry that I really hate my skin. So I tried this product. It worked wonders, and my skin is soft . It moisturizes my skin like nothing else. I really like this product.

Great After Bathing
by SierraK

I like this product and have found the best way to use it is immediately after a shower or bath. Just step out and VERY lightly pat with a towel. Don't dry skin completely, leave it quite damp. Then lightly smooth on a small amount of Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil and allow skin to air dry.
Using this method seals in the moisture from your shower or bath and leaves your skin incredibly soft and silky! It may seem a bit of trouble to wait to air dry because you can't get dressed right away. But trust me, try it this way once with this product and you'll see why it's worth the trouble.
It really made me love this product when before I thought it was just so-so because using it on anything other than shower-damp skin leaves a greasy feeling film. This method really makes a difference and there's no greasy after-feel, just silky soft skin.

Great for Dry Skin
by Shannon

I really like Arbonne International products, so I decided to try out the oil and see how it was. I love it. I live in a very dry climate, so I apply this every day when I get out of the shower or bath. It works wonders. The oil absorbs quickly and makes my skin really smooth, which is great in this type of product. The nice thing is that a little goes a long way, so the bottle seems to last forever. I definitely recommend this product for anyone with dry skin.

by S. Grevious

This is a great product. I usually use it on the heel of my foot, because my feet tend to stay dry a lot. No matter how much I put lotion on them, it seems to go right back ashy as well as appearing cracked. Since I have been using this product, my feet don't peel or get hard anymore from being dry.

Great for softening knees and elbows
by S

Especially during the winter, I need a boost of moisture for knees, elbows, and feet. This skin conditioning oil really helps to smooth out these areas and provides some extra relief from dry and chapped skin. The oil absorbs easily into the skin, and doesn't leave a greasy feel or stain on clothes/sheets. It's ideal for a light massage before bed, and can be combined with essential oils for some fragrance.

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