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I love all Burt's Bees products.
by Ainsley

Every product of Burt's is just beautiful. So moisturizing and silky. Especially the lip products. While slightly expensive, I think they're well worth the price. I vote a hardcore yes for this.

Natural AND Animal free!
by Jackie

BURTS BEES PEOPLE- Burts Bees is "all natural" but NOT animal free!! It contains lanolin, which is defined as "greasy yellow substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals."

Arbonne doesn't use animal by products of ANY kind- so this chapstick is NOT comparable to Burts Bees. I used to love Burts Bees but I can not use something which contains animal ingredients- it just feels wrong. Besides, the original Burts Bees formula does not come with SPF and this one does.

Five stars to Arbonne for being HONESTLY animal friendly and for keeping my lips conditioned!

Love it!
by Michelle

This is a fabulous vegan certified product that goes beyond what I would expect. It instantly takes away the burn and starts healing immediately. Also has a slight simmer to it so I use this as my gloss as well!

Bring on my boat
by Keith G

I bring this with me on my boat, when I am going to be out in the sun all day. Works like a charm.

Better products out there
by Nichole

I usually love airbonne products but this one did nothing for me. There are lots of chapsticks out their that are cheaper and work better such as avons lip conditioners with retinol.

Not a Fan
by Courtney

I don't think this chap stick is worth the money, especially with great options like Burt's Bee's or Yes To Carrots. The SPF in the lip balm made my lips feel a little greasy, also. I would not recommend this, even though I love the Arbonne brand.

Good, not great
by Terra

You might expect something you pay $8 for that comes in a tiny tube to be AMAZING. But alas, Lip Saver is good but not worth it. It's above average in quality and effectiveness, but for what it is, I just cannot justify paying $8. Trust me, you could find the same thing for a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for a natural lip balm that's excellent for much less, try Burt's Bees.

Great Product
by toddm

Throw your chap stick away people! This is by far the best lip product I have ever used. My lips are soft and moisturized and I will continue to use this product!

dryness gone
by Roxanne Ranelli

After I gave birth to triplets, one of the body parts that changed were my lips. I constantly have dry lips. My mother gave me this product in the hospital and almost instantaneously my lips felt better and the painful cracks decreased. This worked faster than my normal store brand lip/chap sticks.

Great relief for cracked /dry lips
by theepa

I use this lip product in winter when my lips are cracked and dry. It stays for long unlike the other lip balm, provides smoothness and protects the lips from winter and cold.

its nice
by renuka

My lips were so chapped during summer. We go out frequently during summer, so my lips get dry and chapped quickly. I use this product, and it really saved my lips. It moisturizes my lips and makes them shiny.

Softest Lips
by Phil Young

I am one of those men who licks their lips, and they get chapped lips like no other. They crack and bleed, and it would be very painful. I used this product and in less than a week, my lips were the softest they have ever been.

Lip Saver
by Emily

This is the best lip balm I have used. It is very soothing to dry, chapped lips. An added benefit of this lip balm is the SPF 30 which is great for outdoor activities. This product is an instant lip saver.

Arbonne Lip Bam
by Christi

I had a friend that was selling Arbonne and I felt obligated to buy something. Most everything I saw that I could use was too expensive for my budget and I was afraid to spend that much on something I might not use so I played it safe and bought the Lip Balm. This stuff was great!!! My lips gets chapped regularly during the winter and I am always looking for something to put on them for relief. Arbonne has some really great lip balm that works well but in my opinion it is too expensive. I give it 5 stars for effectiveness and 1 star for price so it averages to a 3. If they would drop the price or give me more product I wouldn't definitely switch but for now I will stick with my $0.99 chap stick and just use it a couple of more times a day.

Helps During Snowboarding
by TP

Whenever I go snowboarding my lips get damaged from the snow and the sun. After using this it protects me from the sun with SPF 30 and puts a good coating on your lips to protect from the cold. Decently worth it.

OK, but not exceptional
by SierraK

I tried this lip balm, and although it worked well, it honestly did not work any better than most lip moisturizers. The only thing exceptional about this product is the SPF 30 to prevent sunburned lips. Because of that, I still use this on the ski slopes, but I use something else for every day wear.
The best lip moisturizers I have ever used are Blistex in the tube to heal lips that are already chapped, and Blistex Herbal Answer for every day moisturizing.

Excellent lip protection.
by herm

My mom has used this for quite a while. She picked it for it's 30 spf. That just perfect for someone who spends alot of time outside and needs to protect their lips. She likes the fact that it is easy to apply, makes her lips feel soft and protects them.

Love it!
by mommyof2

Great lip balm! I use this in the winter when my lips tend to get very dry and sometimes even bleed. Now that I use this moisturizer, my lips are smooth and kissable! I leave one in my car, purse and next to my bed. I apply it at least three times a day.

Works Great, bad taste
by Kelly McDonald

I have horribly chapped lips, it doesn't matter what time of year it is. This product worked wonderfully and made my lips feel smooth and moist for hours. The only bad thing about this product was the taste of the product. The high SPF levels, I believe contribute to the strange taste. If you can get past that though, then it's great

Overnight relief
by Jill S.

I use this on my chapped lips for overnight relief. I've noticed that I apply and reapply all day long. What really seems to work for me is to use Lip Saver overnight. It works like magic to have this on your lips for 7 to 8 hours straight. My lips feel great then all day long!

Great Stuff!
by Kyle

This is THE ONLY product that helps out my dry and chapped lips. I have dried so many chapped lip products, and most do more harm than good. When I first started using Lip Saver, it only took a few applications before I started feeling relief.

Tip: Try very hard to NOT lick your lips, as this will quickly dry your lips out.

Buy it. Try it.
by Laura

I love this stuff! After using it once, I haven't been able to use anything else! I also let my friends use it and now they are addicted! It is just so soothing and wonderful! Plus, it makes your lips look really hydrated and healthy as well- no more really chapped and flaking lips with a coating of white film on top- your lips won't look chapped anymore!

So Good!
by Jen W.

Love, Love, Love this product. I was never able to keep my lips hydrated before I found this product. This works wonders. My favorite part is that it makes the small lines in my lips puff up a little bit (I guess from the hydration). Moisture and less wrinkles... wonderful!

Just so so
by Corri

I'm crazy about just about all Arbonne products, but I have to say this one was just so so. I don't think it worked any better than the $2 chapstick you can get at any drug store. The only thing I really liked was that it did have SPF 30 in it, so I used it while on my vacation in Mexico. My lips tend to get really chapped after being out in the sun for an extended period of time. So, I'd say if you have the extra $4 to spend on this, go for it. Otherwise I'd say just go and buy regular old chapstick.

Good Stuff
by Linda Collins

I am an individual whose lips are always dry and chapped. I have bought and used many products and have never found anything that can compete with this product. This product absorbs into your lips leaving them feeling absolutely wonderful and I can even wear lipstick. Try this product and you won't be sorry...instead you will be very appreciative

Forget the Rest. This Is The Best!
by ShaZam

I have trouble keeping my entire body hydrated. I have tried all the lip balms, creams and wax that exist. None work like this product. My lips drink up this moisturizer. It goes on smooth and silky. It starts to soak in immediately. It does not sit on top of the lips and leave that waxy coating we are all so familiar with. My lips are seamless. I have no creases from dehydration, no dead flaking skin. In winter, my bottom lip used split in the middle causing me to bleed and have considerable pain. It would take at least until Spring to heal because it would keep splitting open. This winter I have not had that problem. My lips are soft as rose petals. Lipstick wears better without feathering. My lips are soft and silky. Making them more pleasant to kiss. Give your lips 2 applications a day for 2 weeks. You won't be sorry! Stellar Product!

It's very good
by SP

I had the lip split problem for a long time. Especially during winter the problem is really intense. I tried couple of other lip balms and they didn't cure much, then one of my friend suggested the Lip Saver and i started using this. In a very short time saw good results and it suited my skin well. Only issue with this is it is a bit sticky compared other lip balms.

Tastes actually good!
by Jody

It's so hard to find a good lip balm without that oily aftertaste! In the true Arbonne spirit, this is a GREAT product, at a reasonable price, and I have about 5 of them floating around my house, so there's always one near. Keeps lips moisturized, and you can even wear lipstick over it.

Chapped no more
by Mike Huang

I always have chapped lips throughout the day because my body doesn't have enough liquid. My lips start peeling and turning white, but with Lip Saver, it protects my dried lips from that. My dry lips are not noticeable anymore thanks to this product.

Save Those Lips!
by Jennifer H.

If you use this product, I can almost guarantee your dry lips will heal right up! And what better way to protect them on those days in the sun, as this product has an SPF 30 rating!! I feel very confident that my lips are protected in the sun and have never experienced any problems with this. It tastes great, too! Give it a try!!

No More Lip Licking
by Sarah K

I use to not want to buy lip products because I would constantly lick my lips to get the flavor off because (I will admit), I liked the taste of normal chapstick. Even if I did find a chapstick that I chose not to lick off, it never did its job. Then, I found Lip Savers. Not only did it make my lips feel smooth and soft,but I also found the need to not have to lick them off anymore. It is also nice to know that I have SPF protection as well as lip protection.

Lip Saver, SPF 30
by Rashmi R

This is a good lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturized and prevents from having chapped lips. It’s worth its price. I apply it twice a day and am pretty satisfied with results.

Not too bad!
by Sarah

I am an avid chapstick user and have tried them all. I specifically like this chapstick because it has a great flavor and keeps my lips moisturized for a longer period of time than others I have tried in the past. I live at a high altitude so my lips get chapped all the time. This chapstick worked so well that I never had to bite at my lips to get rid of the dry, cracked skin. My husband loves chapstick too and thought this was a great chapstick for men to use too. Not too glossy and girly like a lot of chapsticks out there.

Quenches your lips
by John S.

I have always had the urge to tear the peeling skin off of my dried lips with my teeth. When I tried this, it kept my lips literally quenched.

Best Lip Balm
by Me

My lips split so bad in the winter that it's actually painful. This stuff works well mainly because it stays on for a long time. Many others that I have tried seem to wear off quickly so they don't help much at all.

Great balm!
by Jody

I really love this lip balm. It doesn't have any of that "aftertaste" that most others do, and the moisturizing effects last and last. I only need to reapply it 2-3 times per day, and my lips stay soft and free of that chapped and painful feeling.

No more chapped lips
by Mindy

I love using this product, especially in the winter. My lips get really dry and chapped during this time of the year. I apply this product, and it makes them feel soft and smooth. I use this product several times a day, and my lips look and feel great.

by may

I love this lip balm. It is life saving. Since I have allergies all the time, I sneeze a lot and my lips tend to get very dry. I always have Lip Saver in my purse, so I can apply it. Makes my lips feel and look very soft, and it feels very good, not dry at all. I love this product.

Excellent lip balm
by cheryl

This is the best lip balm I have ever used. I thought it was a little pricey before I bought it, but it was well worth the money. My lips do not get chapped as they used to do when I used the cheap products. It lasts a long time, too.

by wendy c

The Arbonne Lip Saver is a very good reliever of chapped lips. It has an unoffensive flavor and a good texture that lasts for a long time. The sunscreen contained within makes it even better for protection against the elements. Convenient tube-shape is portable.

Lip Saver SPF 30
by acmccollom

Arbonne International has created a miracle in a tube! I live and work near the beach, so a lip balm with SPF is a must. Unlike the other lip balms that have SPF, this has a higher rating, so therefore you don't have to keep reapplying it. It also helps prevent chapping on the windiest of days.

Great Product
by BusyMommy

I love this product. I am usually applying chapstick all the time (especially in the winter), but I don't have to use so much of this and it is wonderful that it stays on longer then a lot of other similar products.

Soft lips at least!
by heather

I love the winter time, but it's when my lips seem to be constantly chapped and sore. This year, I gave this a shot and I was happy to see something finally work! I go skiing quite a bit and this withstood the cold on the slopes, along with daily chapped lips.

Lip balm
by carolyn

This is very good lip balm. Because of my summer job. I'm mostly outside and get really chapped lips. This helped a lot.

by melissa

This product has done wonders for my lips. They are no longer dry and I like that it has sun protecter in it, an ingredient so many lip balms are missing!! I will use this product 12 months out of the year!! I love it!!

Softness That Lasts and Lasts!
by Annalisa

I normally have really chapped lips, and I just love this stuff! It leaves my lips really soft and I don't feel like the product is addicting. Some chapsticks make my lips more chapped after an hour or two, but the softness of this product lasts and lasts! It's fantastic!

Good product
by Henley

I liked this product and it did work for me. It helps with my chapped lips, especially in the wintertime. Other products work as well, but this product works a little better than others. It's worth the price.

lip saver
by lala5

I really love this product because I get really dry lips, especially in the winter time. Other products soothe your lips and then they rub off and you feel the pain again. This is different because the product doesn't rub off like others do.

No more dry lips !
by Arvinder

I had cracked, dried lips. Then I used this product and my lips are now the center point of attraction in my face. My lips are now moistured all the time and soft to touch.

Excellent for dry, rough chapped lips
by Angel C.

I live in Ohio so during the winter of course the cold weather chaps my lips up something fierce. With this stuff my lips are kept smooth, beautiful, and soft with no cracking or dryness. I always get compliments while using this especially in the winter. People always want to know how I keep my lips so beautiful and smooth, especially during the rough winter season! This product is 2 thumbs up definitely!

Lip Saver
by Jason G

My wife and I both have dry lips and so does our daughter. I personally am not very picky when it comes to this stuff. My wife and daughter are the exact opposite. They absolutely love this stuff. Well worth the extra couple of bucks.

Sore Lips No More
by Stacy

I have always had a problem with sore lips in the winter time due to the weather. It's so painful, and I have tried everything. I got this as a sample and thought I would give it a shot. It's free, right? Well, my lips have never felt better and never crack anymore. Nothing more embarrassing then having cracked lips. My lips are saved!

Lip Saver
by Christy R

I have always had very dry lips and I've tried a lot of different remedies (Vaseline, chapstick, etc) and I have found Lip Saver SPF 30 to be one of the better remedies that I have tried. First of all, I was very pleased that they did not make your lips feel at all greasy like some of the chapsticks do. They also didn't provide too much of a glossy look i.e. make your lips too shiny. It went on smooth and was barely visible and I could easily have worn lipstick over it because it didn't make my lips slippery. It did a great job making my lips feel moist and I did not feel the constant need to lick my lips or reapply all day. Overall a great product that works really well.

Very GOOD! thumbs way up.
by Laura Frost

Good product! I have dry lips which are always worse when out in the sun and this was a very good product to ensure their protection and it made them soft too.

Leaves lips soft, not sticky
by Ruth

I love Lip Savers, because the formula blends well into the skin without leaving an icky coating. It works well for applying before lipstick and lasts for hours as a moisturizer. My lips don't dry out and crack anymore, and I love that!

Heals and restores lips naturally!
by S

I'm always looking for a great chapstick or lip balm, and have had no luck with the aloe and organic versions at my local natural food store. The Lip Saver is my ultimate favorite, because it blends easily and doesn't feel waxy at all. My lips stay moisturized, and feel good for hours. The high SPF factor is a nice bonus!

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it is OK...
by Linda

Yes, it does its job, but it is pretty expensive which I find most Arbonne Products are. You can purchase less expensive products out there that do just as good of a job.