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im loven it
by leland sallier

i actually picked up 2 bottles of the shave gel from a garage sale for a $1.00 a piece man said that he had just got them from a friend but that he doesn't shave but im glad i got it it works grate its the best thing i have ever tryed and lets you shave very close without the razor burn i love it.

Honey's Favourite.
by Sharon

My husband raves over this shave gel. It works wonderfully for his sensitive skin, and he has seen much less irritation and 'razor burn' as a direct result of using this product. I have to admit, in the beginning, the price did seem a little much for a product that is used so quickly, but the results are well worth it for both of us.

Great lather
by Stephen

I bought this not really looking for anything special but we were on vacation and we needed a body wash and puff to use. When I saw the combo in the pack I just grabbed it and paid. I just fell in love with it! My body has never felt so clean. It's the same clean feeling of when you go to the dentist, only this is your whole body .

I use it!
by Angie

I know it's made for men, but when I use this stuff it keeps me smoother than any female product out there! I can't help sneaking it past my boyfriend every morning.

your man will be addicted...
by Ashley

I bought this for my fiance because I was tired of him using my shave gel and smelling like peaches. At first he was upset by how much I paid for it, now he argues with me that the price is justified (I just give him a hard time.) He's very protective of it as well, and always has an excuse for why I shouldn't use it for my legs. "We'll go through it too fast," is his favorite excuse. I'm just glad I don't hop in the shower anymore and find my can of shaving gel empty. Praise NutrimenC!

no more ingrown hairs
by regina

I bought this for my husband last year because he always had a hard time with ingrown beard hairs. Once he started using this, his chin bumps cleared up. He recently ran out of the product and within 3 weeks the bumps were back. He begged me to get him more of the shave gel, and now that is all he will use.

No more razor burn
by Jen

My brother shaves his head on a regular basis, but his scalp gets very dry and irritated everytime he shaves it. I use most of the other Arbonne products so I recommended that he use this shave gel. He came back to me saying that it's unlike any shave gel he's ever used. It prevents his scalp from being irritated from the razor and moisturizes it.

nutrimen re9 resurface shave gel
by barbara

I bought this for my husband in December and until recently it sat in the medicine cabinet unused. He thought it was "girly". When he ran out of his usual shaving cream he gave it a try and loved it. It made a
smooth and easier shave and left his skin feeling great and with no nicks. It smells awesome too. This is one product he will surely buy again and again.

by Jarmelia

I bought this for my husband and he loved it. He usually doesn't like to shave due to razor bumps. This left his skin feeling so soft and smooth. It smells nice too. Men don't usually tell everybody about their shaving gel but my husband told the world!

This Really Helps
by Kevin Lumpkin

I've always had a hard time shaving with razors that are more than about a week old, because my skin just doesn't like the grating feeling - I definitely need shave gel to give the razor the smoothness I need to not irritate my skin. I've used regular soap before as a substitute, and it works, but not nearly as well.

I say this is worth the buy.

Soft skin
by Phil Young

After shaving each morning, I get dry skin and irritated cheeks. I have been switching shaving creams for a while, and finally I have found the right one. NutriMenC is the best shave gel and leaves your skin very moist. Your wife will love it.

Husband and I both like this
by Jen W.

I bought this product for my husband. I was not thrilled that I payed so much for shaving gel. However, once he tried it, he loved it and said over and over how great it made his skin feel. I had to see what all the hype was about so I used it one day. It was a great product. Now my husband hides it from me. Great Product.

It's very smooth
by SP

My husband has sensitive skin and many shaving creams and gels used to cause a lot of irritation and itchiness. He started using NutriMenC REsurface Shave Gel recently and it suited him well. He is no longer complaining about irritations and He is happy with NutriMenC as it is smooth, too.

Very Smooth
by Eli

This is one of the best shaving gels I have tried. When shaving with NutriMen my face wasn't irritated at all, and it was smoother than ever before. I did not even get one razor burn.

Great Shave
by Lori R

I have tried many shaving gels and creams. Once I tried NutriMenC REsurface Shave Gel, I knew that this was the one for me. It goes on smooth, and works well my dry legs. I recommend this to anyone that has dry skin.

Excellent shaving gel!
by Angel C.

I shave everyday and my main concern is how itchy and dry my skin is even when using regular shaving cream. I decided to purchase this since I love Arbonne products and I'm sure glad I did. I am able to shave everyday without nicks, cuts, discomfort, and dryness. This leaves my skin soft and smooth and shaving isn't such a pain in the butt to me anymore. Highly recommended!

by carolyn

This item is much better than other shaving creams. It goes on foamy, but not like a lot of others. The razor just glides through.

NutriMenC REsurface Shave Gel
by Christy R

This product does a much better job than most shaving creams out there. It goes on foamy but not overwhelmingly so and the razer just glides right through. It allows you to get a close shave without the risk of cuts or nicks that I usually get with shaving cream. It has a very mild, pleasant aroma and is very nice to use, and it did not dry my skin out at all. I recommend this to friends and I recommend it to you as well. The price is comparable to many other shaving creams but you will get a much better shave.

Easy Shaving
by Joanne Benham

An accident when I was younger left one of my legs rather mangled. The skin is sensitive and I always got razor burn when I shaved. I tried everything I could think of, skin lotions, baby oil, shaving cremes and gels. Nothing worked until I tried NutriMenC Shave Gel. Now the razor glides over the creases and fissures in my leg, leaving it smoother than I was ever able to get it before.

Great for dry skin
by S

If you have dry or peeling skin, it can be very difficult to shave without cutting yourself or getting razor burn. This shave gel works wonders in moisturizing your skin while you're shaving. You don't have to worry about nicks and burns, and it leaves a smooth and silky finish when you're all done. Highly recommended for people with excessively dry skin.

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by Vicki

Even though its made for guys I use it on my legs work great and is really smooth.