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by Jeanne

I tried the R9 sample pack for 2 1/2 days....then afternoon on 3rd day my face felt hot and bumpy...looked in mirror and bumpy rash all over face and neck where I used the product. I do have sensitive skin but was told this was all natural ingredients....didn't think I was allergic to fruits..I eat them all the time. BE CAREFUL...this, hot, and really bumpy. I want my soft skin back...even with my wrinkles.

I couldn't believe it
by barb

Had already used the RE9 REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion and loved it, but when a friend suggested I use the serum WITH the lotion, I tried the combo and was blown away. I have since found that using the serum alone works wonders just by itself. Costs a bit more, but so worth it!

Great for itchy 'winter skin'
by SueZQ

Already a fan of the RE9 line and have used this on occasion when it's cold out & my shins get dry & itchy. The nice thing is, it hydrates without burning overdry skin! Then follow with the body lotion & the itching goes away almost immediately. I don't use everyday (too expensive & usually don't need it) but boy is it nice to have on those winter nights. Would buy again, next time I qualify for a special... not sure about full price though.

Worth its weight in gold
by regina

I have red bumps on my upper arms from dry skin. Using this product hydrates my skin very well, and it makes my upper arms feel smoother. I always apply this when I get out of the shower and I immediately follow with the body lotion. Great Combo!

Great Product
by Maggie A.

I think this is a great product. Absorbs fast and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean. My mom has used it as well and she loves the product. However, I have sensitive skin so I would not recommend this product for people with very sensitive skin. I had an allergic reaction that left my skin blotchy and itchy. I think if I have had normal skin I would have stayed on this product b/c it does do it's job and many of my family members are happy with this product.

Work awsome
by DAV92683

This is a great product. I had a trial size kit and tried it. It worked wonders for my skin; it not only restored my skin but helped protect my skin from future damage. The product absorbed quickly into my skin. That was great because like most guys out there- I don’t want to have much stuff on my face.

High cost, but worth it!
by Jennifer M

This product is pretty expensive for me, but a little serum seems to go a long long way. It only takes one pump a day to cover my needs. It took about a week, but I could really tell a difference in my skin. My sun spots were much lighter. I recommend if you can afford it!

NutriMinC RE9 REactivating Body Serum
by Emily K.

This is one of the best body creams that I have used. I have very dry skin, and have tried many body creams only to be disappointed. With this cream, a little goes a long way. Although it is on the pricier side, it is well worth the price.

Gets Rid of Dry Skin
by MAK

I used this and was impressed with the results. However, your skin does not stay that silky smooth forever, you have to reapply daily. After using the body serum, use the NutriMinC® RE9 REactivating, Hydrating Body Lotion for even better results.

by lala5

I have really grown to love this product. It does not have a very nice scent to it, but its not too terrible either. It definitely works a lot better than any of the Bath and Body Works products that can cost you a fortune.

Firming & Invigorating
by Christy Ward

I got this as part of a set my mother bought me as a gift. I love this the most. The body serum is not greasy and absorbs quickly. I use it as my after shower regimen. I noticed firming of my skin within the first week of use. It is very refreshing and invigorating. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't so expensive but I will definitely pamper myself and buy more when I start to run low. It is an exceptional product to firm up those crows feet!

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