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Great light moisturizer
by SueZQ

I've used the RE9 line for 6 months. I had to back off on the night cream but use the day cream religiously. Very light, moderate SPF when I'm not wearing foundation (need that in Florida!), leaves skin feeling soft but not greasy. It doesn't irritate and lasts forever. Well worth the price, I recommend it for anyone with moderately dry/combination skin.

Best moisturizer!
by Stephanie

This is my favorite moisturizer, by far. The day creme is amazing for so many reasons; it is so light, you only need a little dab so it lasts forever, and it is not oily or greasy. The scent is very light citrus, so it is great for people (like me) who can't use products with strong fragrances. I get tired of unscented products, so this is perfect for me.

My mom gave me the Clarens line of face products for Christmas and asked me if I liked it better. I had to tell her that I would rather she buy me the Arbonne (because it is really about the same price and far superior to Clarens, in my opinion). I give it 4.5 stars because it is a bit pricey for me, but I'm just cheap! That's why it makes a great gift ;)

Not my favorite
by regina

I use this product daily because it is part of the entire skin care line that I use. I honestly don't think I would buy it, if it were not part of everything else I was using. I would love to have something with a higher SPF. I am not sure how much it is really doing after I put the other steps on before it. I like that it feels light, but I honestly think that my night cream is the reason my skin stays so soft all day long.

This is a great product
by Cathie

This is a great product. Most of the time it just takes one squirt in your hand to go all over my face and neck. It smooths in so great! The smell is so pleasant. My daughter made the comment that it smelled so good. The softness and smell lasts all day long. It really revitalizes my face and makes me feel so good about myself. The price is a might high but the representative told me these bottles should last around six months, so if they do that will be much better.

NutriMinC RE9
by Cheri

This product is iffy. I find this product is no better than my regular brand. I like the way it goes on. It is too expensive for me. I wouldn't buy again because I find others work better for me and they are not quite as pricey. I would rate this product as so so.

Great product!
by Kate

I love love love Arbonne skin care products. This day creme is another product that I add to my list of must haves. It really hydrates my skin without making it oily. I would highly recommend this product, it is worth the price.

by Henley

I really like Arbonne's NutriMinC RE9 SPF 8 Day Creme. It has a very pleasant scent and blends and absorbs easily. The pump ensures no contamination of the remaining product as well as no wasting (can't accidentally take too much -- things that can happen with a jar). The only thing that I wish was different about this product is that the SPF was higher (like at least 15). By nature, I'm pretty much a minimalist with beauty stuff, so on the days that I don't want to wear makeup, I need to apply something with a higher SPF (I usually use Arbonne's Save Face and Body Suncreeen SPF 15). On the days that I do wear makeup, I use Arbonne's NutriMinC RE9 SPF 8 Day Creme followed by Bare Escentuals loose powder foundation that gives me a SPF of 15 - 20, depending upon which shade(s) I am using.

Good but...
by Jen W.

I love this product. It is light, but makes my face feel healthy and soft. My only complaint is that I wish the SPF was higher. I used this for a while. However, I switched to a different day creme, because I know that doctors think that spf 15 is what you should have on each day. Good product. SPF too low!

NutriMinC RE9 Day Creme
by Emily K.

I was very pleased with the NutriMinC day cream. I like the fact that it contains sunscreen. Some day creams make my skin look oily. However, this one did not. My makeup application was smoother than normal.

Fantastic Skin Care Product
by Traci Anderson

I have always heard wonderful things about the Arbonne skin care line, but I have never tried any of their products. I was complaining about having dry skin and a friend gave me a sample of the RE9 Day Creme. I was hooked. My skin felt great all day and my makeup even looked better. I actually had a bit of a "glow" after using it that my husband even noticed. My skin no longer feels dry and after a few months of use, I am noticing a difference in the firmness of my skin as well.

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