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Pretty Expensive...
by Jessie Sanchez

This lotion is alright, but it's pretty expensive. I used it right after shaving one day and it felt like my legs ere on fire! I definitely don't recomend trying that. My legs are soft after I use it though.

Great Lotion!
by Courtney

I loved this lotion and used it all the time (especially on my belly when I was pregnant). It is thick, yet soaks into your skin so you don't feel greasy. And the smell is wonderful! Citrus, but not too strong... just enough to wake you up and feel energized. Natural and pampering... I considered this lotion a real treat to my body!

wonderful stuff
by barb

Got a great half-price deal on this from a friend, and I was impressed with the way it works and with the delicious smell! My husband and I both used it for super-dry winter skin and we were both singing its praises within a week! At full price, it would still be a great product.

by tiff

This stuff helps my dry winter skin a lot. I get really bad skin in the winter time and everything burns it. When I used this lotion it didn't burn. It made it smooth and nice to live with. I highly recommend this to everyone out there with dry skin

Good stuff
by SueZQ

Still not sure I'd pay full price but gotta say, it does a great job on itchy winter skin (along with the body serum). Usually when my skin gets dry enough to itch & crack, ANYTHING I use on it will burn & irritate -- but not this. Rich but not greasy, it does an amazing job & can calm the itching in just minutes. As for price, well, I use other Arbonne products so can usually get it in a bonus deal for less. ;-)

smooth skin
by regina

This is the lotion that I use after every shower. It makes my legs very smooth and soft especially after shaving. My legs used to always have razor burn after shaving, but I have never had that problem since I have used this in combination with the body serum. It goes on very smooth and it is not greasy at all. You can put this on and go right to bed without worrying about your sheets.

Love it!
by Jen

This product is expensive and honestly, for the price, I would have never tried it if it were not a gift from a friend. Now, I can't live without the stuff. I get painfully dry skin in the winter if I do not use this product. It keeps my skin soft and my skin is never dry when I use this product.

Love this!
by Amy

I love this body lotion - it works wonderfully and smells great!!! I love Arbonne and have tried many of their products. I have been using this lotion for over a year and I love the way that hydrates my skin in the winter. I also love the way that it helps me hold a tan longer in the summer. It doesn't have any kind of greasy feel to it - it is very smooth. I can't think of one complaint that I have with this lotion. This is my primary body lotion and it will continue to be for a long time.

The best body lotion you will ever try
by pianogoosie

This is the best lotion you will ever try. My skin is unbelievably dry and flakey and this lotion is a lifesaver. I have about five bottles at home and I bring a bottle with me everywhere I go. This works better than any other lotion I've tried before and I will probably never find another lotion like it again.

by Kristina Richardson

This is a wonderful product!! I use this because I have very sensitive skin and extremely dry skin specially during the winter months. I have to lather my legs up nightly so I don't feel the effects of horribly dry skin and the pain that sometimes goes with it specially with shaving. Before I found this product I would avoid shaving as much as possible because it was so uncomfortable and now its never a problem. Its a great product!

Helped my Dry Skin!
by Bridget Roberts

I have been searching for something to help moisturize my severely dry skin for some time now. I decided why not, and gave NutriminC a try. Not only does it have a nice scent, it goes on smoothly and instantly makes your skin feel more moisturized. Plus, an added benefit is the anti - wrinkle aspect of it as well! I recommend this product to anyone, but especially those with dry skin. I give it an A +.

Arbonne NutriMinC
by Charisse

This is a great product for the price. You will find that your skin literally glows after you use it. It helps firm your skin and will give you a younger appearance while firming and toning your skin.

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