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Just for me
by Kim Esler

My friend sells this product. I used it all and enjoyed it. I did not want to join the club so I could purchase or feel obligated to buy the products. I did like this and felt nice after my bath.

by Sarah Hough

A great product! Smells fabulous. I would highly recommend this product.

by Terra

I love this product, and the entire NutriMinC line

by Jessie

I love this stuff! It's really great when used in conjunction with the other products in Arbonne's line.

Cleansing & Calming
by Violet

I recently received a sample of this product when I re-ordered my Arbonne RE-9 facial skin care products. I was eager to try this since I had such wonderful results for my complexion. The original product is on the pricey side for a body wash, but I do love it nonetheless. It gently cleans and lathers up on the skin, but rinses away 100% cleanly. It leaves behind a pleasant scent and the skin remains hydrated (not tight as you can often get from bar soaps loaded with harsh surfactants). This was an effective body cleanser but was not harsh or drying in order to get me squeaky clean. I will be picking up the full size next winter when the weather turns drier again.

Not bad, not bad
by SueZQ

I have sensitive skin so I have to be very careful what I use... usually Neutrogena, but this also does a good job and leaves my skin soft without making me break out. I got the RE9 travel set, so use this when I'm away & it works as well (maybe a little better) as my Neutrogena Rainbath does at home. Haven't decided yet if I'll buy the full size when the travel size runs out though.

Pricey but wonderful!
by Ashley

I absolutely adore this product. My mom has been using it for about 3 months and sent me a bottle in the mail. I was a little hesitant because it was "anti-aging," and I am college student, but it so wonderful! One tiny drop is enough to wash your entire body. It lathers very well and smells great. It will leave your skin very, very soft. I read other comments where people said their skin turned rough, I don't know what they're talking about. For $35 you can bet this product is going to work. It's a small bottle, but lasts a long time. One bottle lasted me about a month. Buy this product whether you are young or old! You'll fall in love with it!

Love the smell, but...
by regina

I love the smell of the product, but to me soap is soap. I know that some can be more drying than others, but I didn't notice a drastic difference with this product. I would have expected more from a product that is this pricey.

Smells and works great
by Jen

I started using this product 6 months ago because I love their body lotion. This is the perfect compliment to their lotion. It smells great and leaves me feeling clean. It doesn't dry out my skin like most body washes. I highly recommend this product.

It was alright.
by JJ

Last year my cousin was selling Arbonne. I decided to help her out and buy something. I'm always trying new body washes to see which works the best and how my skin reacts to it. I started using it daily because it smelled pretty good and a little went a long way. My skin started gettting rough and drying out by the end of the week. So I stopped using it every day. I don't believe I would purchase this product again.

Great! But Pricey
by F. Weaver

I love this product because of the way it makes your skin feel after washing with it. It is very cleansing to your skin. Although the price of the product is not inexpensive, it is worth using a few times a week just to replenish your skin with a little more hydration!

by Ricardo Gutierez

I tried this because my sister actually buys it. When I saw the cost, the results no longer mattered to me. I do have to admit that it does a great job of cleansing your body. I really wasn't a big fan of the scent . I prefer body washes that are odorless. I prefer using generic or cheaper brands, and spending more money on good lotions and creams.

by Linda

I use this product everyday and I love the smell and what it does for my body. It makes my skin feel so soft. I use this after showering and it makes my skin feel smooth all day! I love this stuff!

Very good but expensive
by nazmul07

I really liked this body wash after I used it in my girlfriend's place. Even though it is a very expensive body wash, I still bought it several times because of its foaming formula, great scent and soft after-bath feeling. I wish the price would go down more. If you haven’t tried it, try it now.

good one
by renuka

I use this product everyday. I really like the smell. It so good for my skin, and leaves it soft and shiny. I really recommend this to all of my friends. It is good for the price. It is essential for your skin.

Love that Lather
by mamma_nee

I bought this, not really looking for anything special, but we were on vacation and we needed a body wash and puff to use. When I saw the combo in the pack, I just grabbed it and paid. I just fell in love with it ! My body has never felt so clean. It's the same clean feeling of when you go to the dentist, only this is your whole body .

Best Body Wash!
by Corri

This is the best body wash I've ever tried! Has such a nice, refreshing scent and really lathers nicely. After showering, my skin is left silky smooth for hours! I don't even need to use lotion any more! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who prefers a body wash over traditional bar soap.

Great lather!
by momof2

This foaming wash is great in the shower. My husband bought it for me for my birthday (along with other Arbonne products) and I love it. Unlike other cheaper body washes, this creates a great lather, and smells delicious. The free puff is a nice bonus!

Wonderful product
by Kristina Richardson

I tried this at my mother in laws house one weekend that we stayed there. I've never purchased another soap for the shower or bath since. It makes you feel refreshed and tingly almost like a mint feeling. I use it on my kids too and they love to soap up with it.

Really Refreshing
by Jill S.

I have tried an endless amount of body washes. My sister told me about NutriMinC and I was anxious to give it a try. The scent is beautiful and it even comes with its own puff. This product gives a great foam lather. It left my skin so soft. I don't even have to put lotion on after I shower.

So Soft
by Jody H

The NutriMinC RE9 REfreshing Foaming Body Wash is so great. It is really sudsy and has the greatest smell to it that you'll love. You won't ever go back to regular body soap again. Makes your skin feel so soft like a baby,

Refreshing and revitalizing!
by S

This is one of the best body washes I've used in a long time, and you won't ever use standard soap in the shower again! This vitamin-rich formula suds up really quickly, and the scent is very refreshing and natural-smelling. The orange puff is great, not too soft or bristly.

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