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retail sales associate
by Lee

I am 56 years old and my skin soaks up this night creme- I ran out in 4 weeks. Has anyone else had this experience?


It helps with all of my breakouts, and leaves my skin nice and smooth. I am pleased with the results.

Too much of a good thing?
by SueZQ

I've used the RE9 line for 6 months now, but after the first month and a half, had to back off on the night cream. I was breaking out. I still use it occasionally (it's great for 'winter skin') but no longer use it nightly. It does moisturize VERY well though, and initially my skin must have needed it. I would recommend it for anyone with really dry skin, but be careful if you're sensitive.

Great night cream!
by Blueberry

This is one of the best night creams I've tried. I always cleanse my face and apply this night cream before going to bed everyday . It has really improved the texture and look of my facial skin to a great extent. It is light and so doesn't look very oily when I apply it. It's also very mild and great for my sensitive skin. I have been recommending this cream to all my friends and they swear by it too! The price is not too bad and affordability is one of the other reasons why I chose this particular cream.

Love my Skin!!!!
by regina

I love this night cream. I have been using this about 2 years now, and I wish I could use it on my entire body. It gives your skin a much needed drink after a day of work and play. Every other night cream I have used has made my face feel oily, but this just soaks in and leaves your skin feeling great. Yes, it is a little pricey, but I feel it is worth every penny.

Love This Product
by Cathie

I love this night cream. It has such a pleasant smell. I do not like most night creams because of the smell, but this has the most pleasant smell. It makes my face feel so soft and nourished. I have to admit it is quite "price-y" but one of the representatives told me it should last around six months so that makes it better to accept. It doesn't take much at all to smooth over your face and neck. It really is a great product.

Good product
by Jen

I love the whole line of Arbonne products. I use this every night in the winter on my face and this lotion keeps it smooth rather than my normal flaky skin. It is expensive, but I find that this product is well worth the price.

Great Product
by An

My mom had really dry skin since she's a nurse and has to wash her hands a million times a day. She bought this product a couple of months ago and has been using it since. The price of it may seem horrific at first but when you actually tried the product, it is fantastic. Highly recommended and it definitely works!

Works Great
by Maggie A.

This cream works great especially if you are looking to really hydrate your skin. I have had several friends who use this product as well. However, be careful if you have sensitive skin. After using it for a prolong time with the other vitamin C, products my skin had an allergic reaction and was very blotchy and itchy.

Night Creme
by Marsha Garcia

I used the night creme as part of a free trial of Arbonne products to use at home for a week. I saw a visible difference in my skin tone after just a few days. I did have to discontinue use because I developed an allergic reaction, so do be careful to test it if you have sensitive skin.

very worth it
by Laura

I use this lotion on my face whenever I have flaky skin. It works a lot better than any other expensive brand. Arbonne products really are worth it. I usually put this on right out of the shower at night. Also it never breaks me out; it's great for sensitive skin. I would buy it over and over again.

Easy to Use Too Much
by S. Grevious

Be sure to use this sparingly. It is highly concentrated so there is no need to pile it on. I made the mistake of using way too much each time and while it did not hurt my skin, I found myself in need of a replacement quick. If used correctly (small amounts) then this should last much longer and would be a great buy for people who are more budget conscious. This product is fairly cheap, botanically based, no animal or byproducts and no mineral oil.

NutriMinC REcover, Night Creme
by Emily K.

I have recommended this night cream to people of all ages. I am in my late 20s and use it as an aging prevention treatment. However, my mom has been using the product as a reparitive treatment. Both of us notice a major difference in our skin. This is a great night cream for all skin types.

Worth it!
by Jody

The single drawback of this lotion is the price. I was not eager at all to be buying a "night" cream, but as I reached my mid-thirties, I was all about finding every trick in the book to keep my face looking young. This did the trick - it fills up those fine lines and really plumps up my skin...I'll keep this product a secret for as long as I can!

NutriMinC REcover, Night Crème
by stacy

NutriMinC® REcover, Night Crème works miracles for my skin. I put it on right before bed and when I wake up in the mornings my skin feels more refresh and vital. This is definitely something I recommend to anyone to try so they can have the fresh clean feeling skin like I do.

The Best Creme Out There
by may

I really think that this creme is worth trying. I am using it and I have found that is the best thing for my skin. Everyday I find that I feel very fresh in the morning. Its like it works a miracle during the night. As a matter of fact, I have found that I feel less tired in the morning after I have applied the creme the night before. Try it . You won't regret it. It's worth the money. Trust me.

Worth the investment
by S

If you're looking for a valuable recovery cream for your face and neck, the NutriMinC Recover line is perfect. It helps to revive tired skin after a hectic day, and you wake up refreshed and glowing. It promises to promote cell recovery, and although this is hard to gauge, I found that I had much fresher and cleaner-looking skin in the morning, without a big dose of coffee to wake me up!

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