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Save Face &Body
by Tammeria S. Lewis

This is great in my situation. I have to be cautious, because I get sunburned very easy. It really helps to protect my skin when I am out in the sun.

Another Great Arbonne Product
by Carol Covello

Once again, my sister turned me on to something great. After getting a sunburn because I didn't think I needed a sunscreen to go shopping, she suggested I start using this on a regular basis. It is amazing what dermatologists say about sun damage - most is from everyday exposure, not beaches. (I now try to use this every day. My skin is nicely moisturized, and I no longer worry about unexpected sun exposure! Wish it were less expensive, but have to say it is worth it!

Save Face and Body, SPF 15
by Liliana

I use this tan since two years. The results are great because this product protects my skin from sun damages, it is not greasy, and does not dry or dog up the pores in my skin. I recommend this sunscreen because it is effective and leaves my skin very smooth.

Not greasy!
by Jane M.

I love to tan and used this to protect my skin from sun damage. Yes, I know you should just stay out of the sun, but I do love to be in the outdoors. Without this protection, I believe I would see even more damage to my skin. It is smooth, easy-to-apply, and stays put in the humidity.

works perfect
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Living in southern California and going to the beach quite frequently during the summer, I know of the importance of having a good sunscreen. Other sunscreens that I've used are difficult to apply and leave a greasy/oily appearance on my skin. Save face and Body works wonders and does not dry or clog up the pores on my face as other solutions do, generally leading to acne on my face or back. This works perfectly. I've yet to suffer any noticeable sunburns and my skin feels silky smooth.

Works excellent
by theepa

As the name suggests, it saves face and body from severe sunburns. I used it one summer on a vacation. Best part is it can be used under makeup and does not fade easily. I recommend this product to all who go on frequent tropical summer spots.

liked the feel of it
by Lori

Save Face and Body SPF 15 is not greasy. I use it before I put on my make up and it prevents sunburn. I make sure that I take it with me on vacation and everywhere I go.

No Grease
by Phil Young

This is the first suntan lotion that is not greasy and doesn't just come off. I use this sunscreen every time I go to the beach and even in my pool at my home. I would completely recommend this product for everyone who is tired of getting sun burned.

Love it!!
by Tami

When I tried Save Face/Body SPF15, I really loved it. It made my body and face all smooth, non greasy, and gave me a good tan. Good for every season. I recommend this product to all my family, friends and coworkers. This product really works.

Works Great!
by Louis

I have used many types of sunscreen before and they were all greasy and not effective, so I decided to try this sunscreen out. To my surprise, this sunscreen worked great. It was not greasy and it effectively prevented any sunburn to my skin. I definitely recommend this sunscreen to everyone!

Great protection!
by mommyof2

I love this sunscreen. I use it year round to protect my skin from the sun and it also makes a great moisturizer. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the money. I never got a sun burn after applying this lotion and use it on my kids too!

Great for Cold Weather
by Shannon

I use this sunscreen for skiing, and it works great. It not only prevents sunburn, but it is effective for windburn prevention too. The lotion goes on thick, but spreads easy. Also, it makes my skin extra shiny. The great thing is that the sunscreen seems to last all day, so when skiing I don’t have to worry about stopping to reapply. Just know that the sunscreen is a little pricey for what you get.

No more Greasy Feeling!
by Stacy

I love this product. It makes my skin so smooth in every season, and it has SPF 15 which makes it even better!! Other products leave me all greasy and shiny, but not this stuff. I recommend this stuff to all my friends, and they love it as well.

Best sunscreen out there!
by Angel C.

I love this sunscreen! I use it all year long to prevent me from getting sunburns and it does its job exceptionally. I even use it during the harsh winter season on my extremely dry skin and it helps. This is not just an exceptional sunscreen but also an excellent aid in moisturizing and nourishing dry skin. Excellent product and highly recommended to all!

My Body Makeover!
by Lana

Save Face and Body by Arbonne International was my body makeover sunscreen. It was Eucerin for my body and my love for Eucerin is endless! I would apply this product all over my body and it would leave my skin feeling supple and smooth. The absorbency of the product seemed almost immediate. I spent hours in the sun at the pool and instead of getting ugly sunburns, I was able to achieve a tanned look with no apparent skin damage. I absolutely ADORED the feel of my skin and really enjoyed answering questions about why it looks so healthy and radiant. A must have for those consumers who have health AND beauty of their skin in mind!

save face
by lala5

This is the best cream to use on your hands when they are damaged from weather. I have used this product this winter and it has really helped to repair my skin. Couldn't be happier with it.

Works okay
by katy

This product works pretty good. It doesn't leave my skin all greasy like most SPF's do, but it also didn't protect my skin very well. Maybe a higher SPF would work better

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