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by Carrie

Love Love Love this cream! The smell is wonderful too!

The best for dry hands
by Tina G

This lotion is fantastic for dry, rough hands. It seems a bit greasy at first, but it absorbs fairly quickly. The smell is divine, and stays with you as long as the lotion does. I have used it for many years without any worry about reaction.

LOVE this stuff!!!
by EvilAngel

This product is great for chapped hands and smells great! I am a veterinary technician, and I am constantly washing my hands and changing my latex gloves. This left my hands split and bleeding.

I carry this in my pocket now and what a difference. My hands are soft and not chapped anymore!! My husband has even noticed because my hands are soft to hold again :)

by Vicki

My mom uses this and her hand are so soft. She bought me some so I'm going to start today using it.

Quality Cream with many uses
by Kimberly Russell, MS, CNC

This cream is natural, smells amazing and will give you really soft skin and tons of complements. Also a secret for smoothing away fly away hair and to keep elbows, knees and heels soft. I recommend this to many of my clients who want a natural product that really works.

Kimberly Russell, MS, RYT, Masters in Health & Healing, Advanced Yoga Therapist

by Leah

This hand creme is great, it goes on really thick at first, but it absorbs well and makes my hands feel velvetly (I also like to use it on my feet!) Also, the scent is really delicious!

Wonderful Smell, Works Well
by lizbette

I love this Burt's Bees hand creme: it smells wonderful, and unlike most of the lotions I've used in the past (Vaseline Intensive Care, Clinique Body Butter) this actually works, and it makes my hands smell good and feel good.


This has a wonderful smell and works well for me. Your hands do not feel greasy after using it.

by jessica b

This product smells wonderful. It has a soft, sweet smell that isn't over the top. It is great during winter I put some on before I put on my golves or mittens. Not only great for hands but also for feet!

LOVE this
by Kat

I was given this product as a gift and absolutly love it. When it's gone I will be buying more!

great smelling
by ruth

this creme is great not only does it smell amazing and not too strong it cures dry chapped hands and is great for use on other dry spot like elbows and knees.

by Pam Cook

You have to try this.
If you care about our environment and you have dry hands or dry cuticles. This is so awesome.
I love it and recommend to all who will listen.

by Louisa Ritchotte

I cannot say enough good things about Almond Milk Beeswax hand creme. It had been my companion for so long. I have very dry chapped hands and this not only makes them soft but they make my hands feel like silk.

by Tressy Anne O'Connor

This cream makes your hands feel really soft. I thought it had a huge almond smell,almost overpowering a bit. The cream is very thick. But overall it is a nice hand creme

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nice & relaxing
by sasha

This is a nice smoothing product that works pretty well. I have enjoyed using it for the past month or so.

truely nice.
by sasha

This is a very good product. I rather enjoyed it. I recommend it for people who work with their hands, especially in conditions that make the skin dry.