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by Carrie

Great kit! Everything you need to get started. A wonderful gift for a new mommy!

by Kim Esler

Nice starter kit! I have purchased these little packs for gifts. The price for what you are getting is worth it.

by kristin

I loved this gift set. Its so cute and useful. Every mom should have one for the new baby,essential,gentle rpoducts for your little one

consumer reviewer
by Lynn

Burt's Bees products are awesome. I bought several of these kits so I always have gifts to give my sisters and friends. (keeping one for myself too, lol)

by Yvonne

These kits are great! They make great for gifts too.

by Holly

I LOVE Burt's Bee's skin products. No parabens or other hormone-disrupting chemicals, real plant extracts and oils, beeswax, etc.
I especially adore the smell of the Apricot baby oil

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

Wonderful Gift
by Julie

This is a wondrful gift for all who love natral products. I love Burt's Bees and would recommend this to all my friends.

Great Product:)
by Kay

Burts Bees is a great product because its all natural, smells good,and the texture has a smooth feel for babies and moms to enjoy.

wonderful gift
by jessica b

This is great gift for anyone with a baby or a baby on the way. The products are all natural and smell wonderful. I try all the burts bees kits I can to sample all their wonderful products. I also like to use some of the baby products myself because they smell so nice.

by Louisa Ritchotte

I give this product as a gift to a new mom, she was so happy as was her new baby girl. Great idea with so many products to help with the bringing up baby and keeping her happy.

by Robin Baker

I love Burts Bees products. All natural, and gentle for anyone to use even those with allergies. These products are great because they come in little sets like this so you can give them as gifts to others.

by Carrie Darling

This is a great little kit because it helps you figure out which product work for you with out having to buy full size bottles. The oil was incredable. It left my skin so soft and smooth without an oily feel afterwords. The soap was smooth and produced tiny luxurious bubbles. It says it for babies but it works well for all ages. Love this stuff!!!!

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