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hand salve
by RaeDawn

I really liked this product. when ever winter comes around my hand always get dry and crack, to the point where they even start to bleed. but after using this product my hand felt so much better and fixed the problem :)

by Carrie

This is the best for those cold winter cracked hands. The only thing I have found to work.

by nikki

Because I wash my hands so frequently, they can get pretty dry. I use the hand salve to get quick results. It does not take much and I do not have to use it very often and the results are great.

by Kim Esler

I can't say enough good things about Burt's products. This hand Salve, my son would carry that around in his bookbag and truck. He has always had very dry hands and this works great!

by Krista

This is a great product- a little goes a long way for this salve. I use it in the winter all the time- winters in the northeast can be harsh even in the city. My hands usually become chapped and red and this is a much welcomed product. My mom and my sister use it too, and they love it- but it doesn't absorb well so use at night or before putting on gloves on those icy winter mornings.

Great for calluses
by Tina G

This is a bit greasy to be used for every day lotion, but if have dried out hands after a hard day of work or rough elbows and heels, this is a great repair salve. It doesn't absorb in like the lotions do, so if you use this as a hand lotion, put on gloves before you do anything, or use this before you go to bed. It works well overnight to smooth even rough, cracked heels into something presentable.

Good for dry skin
by Reilly

This product works great for moisturizing dry skin. It smells wonderful. The downside is its kinda sticky.

Husband loves it!
by Lobeemom

My husband beats his hands up at work pretty bad.
At night he massages this salve into them and the callouses and rough spots seem to disappear.
It works great on rough elbows and heels too!
It has a pleasant smell. Even though the tin is not huge, it lasts a long time. A little goes a long way.

Great Product
by Kim Thomas

My mom uses this all the time. She highly recommends it!!

love it
by love it

I love burts bees anything. I have used lots of their products and I never have any complaints about them.

good stuff
by ravenm

This is not the absolute most moisturizing product I've ever used, but it's not supposed to be. As a portable, handy, temporary treatment for dry elbows and cuticles and whatnot, it works great. I use more heavy-duty products for full-on moisturizing treatments, but I like to carry this salve for use when I'm away from home and have neither the desire nor ability to lug around a bottle of messy liquid.

by von

I love Burt's Bees! My hands get very dry, especially in the winter. They crack and bleed. This definitely aids the healing, it's not just a temporary cover up or fix that most water based lotions provide.

Burts Bees Is My Fav
by Kay

I love Burts Bees, their products are the best! I put Burt Bees Hand Salve on everyday to keep my hands moisturized.

Love it
by Nichole Alderfer

My mom uses this and when I visit I always rub some on my hands. Burts bees has lots of great products and I have never had a bad experience with any of their products. Really softens hands.

cracks-be gone
by Leah

This stuff is really awesome. My hands get so dry in the winter that they tend to crack. I was given this hand salve from a friend, and it worked wonders! It felt better immmediately, and in a few days the cracks were healed. If I applied a small amount nightly, it prevented cracks from ever forming. Good stuff!


This has really helped me with problem skin areas...elbows, knees, and the bottom of my heels.

by hand saver

I'm a waitress by night and cosmo. student by day. The constant washing and chemicals my hands come into contact with do a lot of damage. I carry this hand salve in my purse always. It's great for extremely dry, chapped hands. I had to get some for my boyfriend so he'd stop stealing mine. Its great for him after yard work or spending the day out snowboarding.

great for winter
by RMA

Living in Minnesota, my hands get very dry in winter, and this is one of my favorite products. Since the salve is a bit heavy, I put it on my hands before I go to sleep, and wake up with very soft, non-greasy hands. Since I started using this, I have not had dry, cracked hands, even on the coldest days.

Helps my hands
by Andrea S

My sister bought this product and I have tried it numerous times. During the winter my hands get so dry that they crack and bleed. I usually use lotion which only helps for a little while. I noticed that the hand slave product is effective for my dry hands and lasts longer than any lotion I've used. I would recommend it.

by ruth

Works great and doesnt leave hands greasy. I think it smells good but when I use it around others they tend to think it smells very strong.

by Pam Cook

Bought this for my husband his callouses crack around his thumbs in winter and get sooooooo sore. I thought we would try this instead of the bag balm we usually use which works okay. This made a major improvement. I sneak using a little myself. Smells great and love the results.

Hand salve
by Sheryl

My husband works outside year round and this is the only product we've found that prevents his hands from drying out and cracking. It feels great on your feet too.

by geraldine parsons

Burt's Bees hand salve instantly moisturizes dry hand skin without being greasy.This small container of the product lasts for a very long time because a small amount is all that is necessary for good results. It is very easy to take with you and use as needed.

Great Product
by Laurel

I originally discovered this looking for an alternative lubricant to olive oil for working with metal clay. Now, my hands are better after a work session than they were before. This cream goes on tacky, so it's best to apply before bed, etc., rather than when on the way out. You'll wake up with baby soft hands. A little goes a long way, and a tin seems to last forever too.

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by Gisele

I garden without gloves, as I love the feel of dirt! My hands do get very dry from doing so and Burt's Bees Salve soothes and repairs my dry skin. Love it!

by heather

I do alot of gardening and manual labor. This stuff is great, I am a burts bees lover!

by Vicki

This is a great product. I use alot of burt's bees products and have always been pleased.