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My favorite!
by Tina G

This is my number one, every day go to lotion. It absorbs quickly, leaves my skin amazingly soft, and has a really wonderful smell. It's a bit like honey, but there is a little something else that makes it smell very comforting. I adore this lotion and keep multiple bottles on hand so never run out.

Best lotion ever
by Valerie

Very subtle smell, more liquid-y than most lotions which is really nice if you tend to break out, and I do. It absorbs quickly and doesn't feel sticky afterward, even in humid south FL. I love to use this after a trip to the beach because it is quite soothing.

I love this stuff!
by Cassandra

My sweetie purchased me this product because it had a picture of a cow on it and I love cows *wink* Little did we both know that this lotion is INCREDIBLE. I had been using the same lotion for years and never thought to try anything new. If it works, it works, so why change it? Well, this stuff is thick, compared to the slightly running stuff I had been using. The fragrance is very nice and natural. While I will agree that it does have an "oily" feel to it, I've learned to appreciate that property on the days my skin feels dryer than usual. All in all, I think this is a great lotion and not too expensive for an almost all-natural product.

Stick with the Original
by NRK

I am a fan of all Burt's Bees products. I tried this lotion with the highest expectations. What I got was disappointing. I have a nightly routine for moisturizing. When I put this lotion on I didn't feel that it was absorbing well. After letting it set for ample time I climbed into bed. The next morning my sheets had a "film" on them, the lotion left oily residue on my sheets! Definitely not worth the moisturizing results if you have to wash your sheets every time you use it!

One of my favorites
by Anne

This is one of my favorite Burt's Bees Body Lotion. Milk & Honey really helps me with my dry skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth and very well moisturized. I love the smell of this one the best.....I love the coconut scent. I have this one at work in my desk for the winter and everyone who passes by after I use it always stops to ask if they can use some too. I have been using their products for over 2 years now.

Smells great
by Lorri

This is just another great Burt's Bees Product I use regularly. The Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion smells great and really goes on smoothly and keeps my skin moisturized. I use both varieties of their body lotions. People always come out of my bathroom smelling great after they use my body lotions. I love using it right after showering and when my skin is still slightly damp to help it absorb quickly and seal in the moisture. You will love this product when you try it.

Similar to original
by BA

I have used the original milk and honey body lotion for a very long time, so I was eager to see what had changed with this new version of the formula. I found that this product is not very different at all from the original. It contains the same scent and seems to provide the same level of effectiveness. The texture is a bit thicker, but aside from that, there is little difference at all. That said, I do love the original milk and honey body lotion. I have tried many Burt's Bees products over the years and have loved many of them. Milk and honey is always a popular lotion around the house and you can't beat the all natural ingredients. Overall, this is still a great lotion, but I was expecting more of a change from the previous version of the product.

Not much different
by Chrisite

I have been using the regular milk and honey lotion by Burt's Bees on and off for about a year now. However, I jumped at the chance to use a new Burt's Bees product. I didn't notice much difference in the products. This one is a little bit sticker than the original.

Worked great. The coconut oil I am not fond of though
by Barb Fleming

The only reason I cannot give this 5 stars is due to the content of coconut oil , something I do not like the smell of. In regards to effectiveness and soothing, it was a 5 star product. I gave it to my mom, who loves it. She is not opposed to the coconut, I just choose the other body lotion that is a combo of great and effective ingredients, not containing coconut. Burt's Bees products I do suggest to anyone

Love it!
by Alexis

I love Burt's Bees, and I love Milk and Honey scents, so this product was a perfect choice for me! It is fairly thick and penetrates well. The smell is fabulous! The sunflower and coconut oils give it a nice texture.

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