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My Husband!
by Kim Esler

My husband travels to hog sites daily. The smell does go into your pores. I love this does clean those pores out and he doesn't feel like he's used some of my "pretty smelling soaps"
I do recommend this to people that might work in an enviroment with strong smells.

by Tina G

THIS will wake you up better than a cup of coffee in the morning. Not only is the smell uplifting, there is just a bit of exfoliating bits in it to really make your skin wake up and greet the day. This is my husband's favorite bar soap. Non-drying as well.

Very fresh
by Reilly

It smells terrific and makes you feel very invigorated after you use it. It doesn't really get soapy though so that kinda threw me off.

by ruth

I love this shower soap it smells great and is so refreshing.


My daughter raves about the smell. It smells like a big peppermint candy cane.

love, love, love this
by jessica b

got this in a sample kit i bought. I love anything minty. It leaves you tingly and fresh. cleans wonderfully and relaxes you. All burts bees products are just wonderful.

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