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6 Customer Reviews

Great Stuff!
by AmyT

Love this Res-Q ointment! It moisturizes dry patches on skin, and calms down itchy bug bites. A little goes a long way. One small tin has lasted me months!

by Amy

This product works great on new tattoos! Worked better than A&D Ointment.

Every house needs a tin or two
by Tina G

This is the best ouch ointment on the market. We use it on everything from bruises to minor cuts. Most ouches are healed by the next day. Bruises fade faster using this and it doesn't sting at all. I am a big fan of this for applying to my dry cuticles after a hang nail. Very useful to have in multiple areas of the house.

by von

I love this! My hands are super dry with cracks. Regular lotion tends to make them sting, and don't provide much relief. This ointment moisturizes as well as heals, so I love it!!

Works well
by tracy wilkins

It has worked so far! Smell is not so great.

works great
by Jessica B

Very soothing for small cuts and burns. After I started using this product I haven't had one infected cut. I also love how it contains lavandin which helps prevent scarring. This is a great all natural ointment.

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by Baylea

I love anything by Burt's Bees including this product! This ointment makes your hands soft and supple while healing at the same time. I recommend it to everyone!

soothing res-q
by sasha

This product has saved me and my family so many times. we use it on anything from burns to cuts. Great household staple and doesn't sting at all!