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by Kay

Skin Care Oxygen Gel works on all kinds of different types of skin and has the natural healing power to improve dry, cracked skin.

by Violet

I use Cellfood's Oxygen Gel purely as a healing and calming moisturizer for my complexion and the complexion of my family members. It's been a staple in my home for some time and it really lends to calming any inflammation, redness, or irritation on the skin. I do not use it everyday as my skin does not require it on a daily basis, but I love to use it when I know my skin has been exposed to the elements or is feeling particularly bothered. It calms the redness and pain from a sunburn (my whole family uses this) and also softens and heals my skin after a bad breakout or a particularly dry and cold day. It works in all seasons and is very gentle and non-clogging. This goes on smoothly and feels so light on the face.

by Debbie

I am a great fan of cell food products. I use many of them so I was more then willing to try this one and was not left disappointed. My skin was still able to breathe after applying, as so many skin care products tend to clog my pores and leave my skin feeling over moisturized. It was light enough without being too light and it left a pleasant glow rather then leaving a greasy look.

by Jarmelia Ladson

My mother had very bad dark circles under her eyes and she used this for about a month and it really helped a lot. She has now been using it for about four months and her whole face looks better. She looks more awake and alert. She is 45 and she actually looks 35. I would advise it to anyone with dark circles or just as a skin perker upper, it really makes your face look alive.

Good for treating acne marks
by theepa

I used this product to treat my acne marks left from my teenage years. It worked to some extent though I had to use it for a while to see a real difference. I got rid of some some marks, but not all.

Nice gel.
by SP

I have used Cellfood Oxygen gel to treat few patches and bumps on my face. It really worked well for me and in about few months all the patches started disappearing. The gel made my skin smoother and brighter. It is very easy to apply and one good feature of this gel is it is not very sticky.

In the middle
by Hrd

I used the product for my under eyes and though it does work to make the dark spots become lighter, it took about a month to see the difference.

Since it is simple to use, and effective to a certain degree i think it is an average product

Great for tired skin
by S

I started using Skin Care Oxygen Gel for my under eye circles, and it helped make them lighter in just two weeks! The gel is easy to apply, and doesn't leave a sticky residue like other products I've tried. It smells great too, and has a soothing quality that makes it feel very comforting and natural. It's not thick like a lotion, and can easily be worn under makeup all day long.

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