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by Heather

I absolutely love this product. It works so great and your face feels so clean afterward.

Nice soap
by helch

I keep this hand soap in all my bathrooms because I think it's the best soap going. It doesn't dry out my skin or leave my hands irritated. It has a fresh clean scent and really kills the germs. I feel safe using it & recommend it to all my friends. It's just one of another quality product made by Kiss My Face.

Smells great; No Irritation
by Katie

Works for normal skin, but this is an excellent cleanser for problem skin. It smells great and contains everything needed to help prevent break outs: camphor, clove, eucalyptus and especially tea tree oil.
It also has olive oil, but don't be put off by that if you have break out prone skin. Everyone thinks they must use oil-free, but olive oil is non-comedogenic (doesn't contribute to break outs) and is great for softening skin. The best thing about this product is that it cleanses well but does not irritate. The last thing problem skin needs is more irritation, which just leaves it open to further infection.

Great product
by Lorri

I love Kiss My Face Germaside with Tea Tree Moisture Soap. It helps kill germs and isn't harsh on your hands. Being a diabetic I want to be sure I don't pick up any germs or bacteria on my hands since they are dry and sometimes cracked. This assures me that I am doing the best for my hands that I can plus you will just love the way this soap smells. I have been using it about 6 months now and I watch for it to go on sale and stock up on it.

No More Dry Face or Hands
by Brenda

"Kiss My Face" is great. Not only do I use it for my face for make up removal and to retain moisture during the winter months, I use it for my hands as well. The pump bottle is very easy to use at the sink.
I have used antibacterial soaps that keep your hands very dry, especially if you wash them often throughout the day. My sister suggested that I find something that had Tea Tree in it, as it would help the dryness. You can really tell the difference after one wash. It also smells good and is priced very well. I am glad I found it.

Great cleanser for face and body
by cecilia

I use this cleanser soap in the shower for my body, but sometimes I use it on my face also. Kiss my face is a great company that only uses natural ingredients in their products. This cleanser does not strip my skin of moisture and keeps it supple. It is so gentle that I can even use it on my sensitive skin. I totally recommend this product to everyone who needs a good body, hand or face wash!

Very sensitive
by BK

My roommate in college brought this product home and I immediately felt the difference over the more popular brands of soap. This Kiss My Face brand soap leaves your hands and face full of moisture, even after many washings per day.

Smells so nice
by Ann

I love the smell of this soap and it leaves my hands feeling so smooth and moisturized. Kiss My Face makes many fine quality products. It's also made with natural ingredients, so that helps the environment. With the winter weather, this soap soothes my chapped hands and leaves them less red. Plus it kills off any germs. I like this even better then Bath & Body Works brands.

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by Yvonne

This is such a great company. I haven't tried anything from them I didn't like. I have tried some of the other liquid soaps and they smelled fantastic. I am looking forward to trying this as well.

tee tree soap
by heather

I love this stuff and it smells great and isn't harsh in any way. I will continue to use!