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Don't really get it
by Sarah Grimes

Just way too high a price for soap shaped like a whale. You can make soap yourself in different shapes.

by Amy

Son loves this soap because its "fun". I love it because it gets him clean and smells good.

by Tammy

My 7 yr old son is autistic. It's hard to get him to take a bath at times. I have to find new creative ways to get him in the tub. Since he loves whales I tried this soap. It works every time :)


I really like this soap plus my kids love it.

A Whale of a Soap
by Donna Albright

I bought these for my neice. She loves animals and bath time. Her mom says now she will not take a bath without her whales. lol. The fresh scent is great. Knowing these are all natural, and not tested on animals, makes these a perfect soap for any child. I was just told she needed some more, so off I go to buy them.

by Dorann Harrison

My grandchildren enjoyed the soap and it smelled good.

Very Cute!
by Jessie

I really like these little whale soaps. The kids use them like bath toys, so it helps make bath time more fun. Plus we make a game out of washing up. I definitely encourage parents to buy them!

Great soap!
by Linda

This soap is all natural, is gentle and chemical free. The whale shapes will make kids love to take a bath! And animal lovers will appreciate that this product is NOT tested on animals. Highly recommended.

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