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Hmm ??
by Jenny

Didnt work for me

Get the breast size you want.
by Diane from Sanford, NC

I bought a 4-month supply and I did start taking it with the added quantity for the first week and I have only been on it for three weeks, it is amazing what has already transpired. Firmess and reshaping, it is amazing. Girls it works. I'm just so excited and I have already ordered an additional 6-month supply. Thanks.

Chew, Chew, Chew...
by Kate from Vancouver, Canada

I'm a model and most people in the modeling business have their wish list of changes they would like to make with their presentation. My problem area is of course my smaller breasts. I have always wanted to have bigger breasts but I was afraid to get them surgically enhanced. I have wanted to try some other products that claimed natural enhancement but I have heard they have negative side effects such as weight gain. Anyway, I tried your product and surprisingly it worked. I didn't really expect it to work but within less than 4 days my breasts were significantly firmer like you could see the results, they got firmer and in 30 or 40 days I was up 1 size. I went from a size B to a size C and I couldn't be happier.

I was surprised...
by Alice from CT

I just started using the Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum and within a week I literally saw results. I was a double A and now I'm to about a full A and I feel it growing even more, it's fabulous. I was always so self conscious about how I looked and how I fit in my clothes and it's just amazing. It's really changed my attitude and my outlook of everything. I never thought that my chest was such a big part of my life until I tried Zoft. It's fabulous. Thank you so much for helping me.

Worked for me!
by Erika from Magnolia, TX

I'm 42 years old and I had the usual problem filling out my cup A bra. I have been chewing the gum for 5 weeks now and I want to encourage all woman who want firmer and fuller breasts to give it a try. My breasts started to feel firmer after about 3 weeks. I have been experiencing more energy during the day as well. The last 2 years I've had kind of pre-menopausal symptoms with moodiness and depression. All the symptoms are gone after 1 week. I feel like me again so I am chewing myself to a better, happier, more confident me. On top of that it's a great tasting gum, it's not too sweet and very refreshing and I really really want to thank you guys for the blessing you given to me and so many more women. This is an amazing product. Thank you very much.

Fantastic product
by Nancy from Gainesville

I'm in my 60's and a couple years ago I used Breast Success pills in hopes of making my breasts firm and if possible larger. I had great results going from a B cup to a full C cup. I recently decided to try Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum and my breasts have become very firm again and I am amazed they are also growing even more. I really didn't think this could happen. I feel confident I will reach my dream of a D cup in the near future. This product is wonderful for women of all ages.

a testimonial for the Zoft breast gum.
by Jani Pilon

I researched many products before I decided to purchase the Zoft Gum. I had also tried other breast enhancement products and while they seemed to work a bit my hormones went out of whack. I seemed to be in a permanent state of not worth it for me. The reason for my wanting to enhance in the first place is that at age 43 I have had three children and reached a very comfortable weight for myself. While I was happy with my weight I wasn't happy with what it did to my breasts. Surgery was just something I did not want to entertain at all. I am a believer in natural products, so when I found Zoft and read the ingredients I thought I would give the product a try. It wasn't long before I began to feel something and then notice something. My breast became fuller and this was exactly what I was looking for. My husband was the final test and he too noticed and like the difference...he became a believer. In all of this I have to say that for me the best part of all is what the product has done for my hormones. I have almost negligible PMS symptoms. Where before I used to get very depressed or moody. My period now is a breeze so to speak, it come on like a lamb and breezes through. For this reason I will continue to use the product.

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