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Dark Circle Eye Serum

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and chases dark shadows away. This proven, multi-peptide formulation smoothes while it enhances your skin's natural firmness and elasticity. Vitamin K improves capillary strength. Natural, organic antioxidant extracts of Green and White Tea and Cucumber soothe and refresh while protecting against skin-damaging free radicals. Benefits all skin types. pH-balanced and unscented.
Product: Dark Circle Eye Serum
Brand: Emerita (More Products)
Size: .5 oz
Dosage: Use Daily
Retail: $31.99
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11 Customer Reviews

by Michelle

I am really surprised by some of the negative reviews. I have hereditary dark circles, which get worse with illness or lack of sleep. I started using this product early last year and saw about an 85% reduction of dark circles in a very short period of time. There was no irritation whatsoever and I have fair skin. It is the best product I have ever tried for dark circles and I highly recommend it.

Not That Good
by Antoinette

Dark under eye circles have always been a problem for me, but it wasn't until I hit 40 that I decided to try and do something about it. I always thought that the more expensive the product, the better it would work. I was wrong. This product is pretty expensive in my book, but it did nothing for the first three or four weeks I used it. Around the fifth week my eyes still had the circles, but just a tiny bit lighter...not enough for me to keep buying the product. I won't buy it again.

So-So Product
by Violet

I bought this product on a whim in the hopes of diminishing my dark circles. The natural ingredients intrigued me but ultimately did not prove to be very effective on my dark shadows. The serum is light and slightly smoothing, but the real purpose of the product does not really come through. The dark circles were still there after application, although my under eye area felt soft and smoothed. A nice calming serum but not so effective on the big issue for me-- my dark circles.

Proved ineffective
by Henry L.

After switching to contacts, my friends always noticed and seemed distracted about the dark lines under my eyes. I used this product to try to get rid of them, however, all it did was make the skin under my eyes turn red. At it's price, I really hoped the serum could've been at least a little bit effective.

Spend less by drinking water
by Michelle

I tried this product as I was working really hard and not sleeping or eating properly. The circles under my eyes were very noticeable if I did not have make up on over them, so I tried this product to see if I could fix the dark circles. I'll be honest, the only real effect I got was smoother skin, which I could have achieved with a good moisturizer. I decided instead to change my lifestyle, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This has actually solved the problem and now my under eye area looks firm and healthy. I had to think past the quick fix and change the real problem.

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1 Customer Opinions

by Yvonne

I'm always looking for a better eye cream. My mother and I talk about this often. I like that this is a natural product. I don't like putting harsh chemicals around my eyes. This product sounds like its everything my mom and me are looking for.

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