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Eye Creme
by B

expensive bottle with little results. so small i rather use other brands for reducing dark circles.

by sue

After I saw the difference in my friends eye area I am looking forward to trying this creme.

by Pat

My significant other suggested I try this product and it has improved the wrinkles around my eyes. I use it daily.

Eye Cream
by eve

I have been using this cream for the last few weeks and have to say that I am very happy even my husband mentioned my eyes look brighter ;-))

Anxious to try...
by Linda

My older sister has used this and said it has worked for her. When I saw her last, I noticed an improvement on her too. I look forward to trying this myself.

NutriMin RE9 REpair eye cream
by missynall

I am an arbonne user. I have great success with the entire intelligence line. I was anxious to try this cream because dark circles are really annoying for me. The cream does feel light like your undereye skin can really soak it up, but I just haven't noticed the a reduction in the darkness. Now I HAVE definitely noticed a LOT less puffiness.

arbonne eye creme
by lakisha

I used this creme one morning and i was surprised with the results. I noticed a difference under my eyes that same day. I couldn't believe it. Now I want to use it more.

arbonne eye creame
by tressy

I use this cream along with the other Nutrimin reveal products. I like the way this creme feels under my eyes. It goes on smooth and give you a cool and refreshed feeling .

It's Done Wonders for my Mother
by Jessie

My mom has been using Arbonne products for the past couple of years. She uses this in combination with other facial products from Arbonne.
She will be 60 next year, and I swear her skin is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have great skin.
My mom had dark circles under her eyes for as long as I can remember, no matter how much sleep she got. They're gone, so this stuff must be working!

it really, really works
by barb

Received a sample of this from a friend who sells Arbonne, tried it with such great success I ordered a full size immediately. Works not only on dark circles, but the fine lines around my eyes are also greatly improved. A little on the expensive side, but to me this product is worth the money. I can scrimp on something else, not my face!

by Violet

I love this cream-- it has taken my slightly crepey, slightly puffy, and slightly tired looking eyes to awake, refreshed, smoothed, and just *pretty*. It has restored my delicate under eye skin and has, in some way, healed it too. My eyes just look better and more alert and that, to me, is worth every penny. My skin is so delicate and this has really made it just look good again without any harsh acids or ill effects. Love it!

No More Baggage!
by NRK

Ever since I can remember I have had dark circles/bags under my eyes. I have tried blending make-up which just masks the problem and other cremes, even trying to catch more sleep. I tried this product thinking that it would just be another hyped up waste of money. I was actually surprised when I began to see results. People actually commented on my appearance asking what I had done differently. I was to say that it was well worth it! Look around on the internet you can find it for less, and I love bargains!

Worth the price
by Lorid

I am middle aged and was getting tired of seeing my fine lines under my eyes. I didn't have crows feet yet but I didn't want the fine lines to get deeper. I heard about Arbonne NutriMinC corrective eye cream so I decided I was worth the high price. I started using it 6 weeks ago and really love the way it seems to tighten the under eye area skin soon after applying it. It helps makeup application easier and I feel it prevents the skin in that area from getting stretched as I apply my makeup. Now I feel I look more rested and a few years younger looking. Several co-workers have asked me if I had anything "done" on my face, I think they meant like Botox or something so I felt it was a great compliment. My husband even noticed the difference and that was a huge plus for me.

by SueZQ

After 6 months using the RE9 line, I can't believe I walked around with my eyes looking the way they did before I tried this. Yes, it costs a fortune but the '3 month supply' isn't even half gone, so for me it's lasting a year. And... WOW. The lines are GONE, the dark circles less visible, no puffiness, and the skin just feels like velvet to the touch. This plus, the serum, are probably the keystone products in the line -- you gotta try this stuff.

Pricey, but worth it
by Leanna

I have suffered from under-eye dark circles ever since I was a child. Concealer and other under-eye treatments have been ineffective. A friend recommended I try this Corrective Eye Creme and I have had wonderful results. Within a few weeks there was a noticeable difference in the color of the circles under my eyes and the skin around my eyes has become tighter. I feel that I look younger and more well-rested.

Although this product is very pricey, it is well worth it and I will definitely be buying this again.

Worth the cost
by Kellie

I tend to be quite money-conscious, but when a coworker started coming to work looking visibly more rested, I had to buy her magic potion. It turns out that she was an Arbonne consultant, and explained to me that she had been using the entire NutriMinC line. My skin isn't heavily damaged, but I do suffer from dark circles, and tend to worry that my past sun sins will cause premature aging around my eyes. I found that only half a pump's worth for both eyes, which extends the bottle life considerably. I have been told that I look younger, and am considering becoming a consultant myself in order to cash in on the referrals my eyes have been getting.

Pretty expensive
by Cecilia

This price was pretty high for a small little treatment of eye cream. I have to say that this product works wonderful. I do not regret spending so much on this product. It softens out my fine lines and crow's feet. I've only been using this for two weeks and I already feel like I look younger. The eyes are an important part of the facial feature. So keep your eyes moisturized and keep those fine lines away! This product is worth every penny! You will see your crows feet disappear right in front of you within days. Not kidding.

Visible difference
by Debbie

At first I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on an eye product but my dark circles were so bad I was willing to try anything. The results weren't instant but I was impressed with the reduction in swelling and the lightening of the dark circles after about a week of use. Under my eyes felt tighter too so it made it easier to apply makeup without that clumping factor. There may be a lot of these products out there but this one is definitely a keeper. Arbonne tends to produce very effective products.

helps reduce swelling and appearance of
by Jenny

This is a fairly expensive single issue under eye product, but does provide some clearly seen benefits. A friend uses NutraMinC Eye Creme regularly as she has even darker circles under her eyes than I have. She encouraged me to try it for a month at least, since she felt she was getting good results. Both of us are frequently asked if we are ill or tired, due to the dusky shadows under our eyes and with myself, that also includes puffiness under the eyes, particularly upon rising. My dermatologist mentioned that constant swelling of the under eye tissue, particulary from allergies such as I experience, stretches the skin under the eye and causes some early fine wrinkling and increases signs of aging. Since then I've tried several products for dark circles and swollen tissue around the eyes, with particular interest in more natural products. After first applying this product, I did seem to notice some decrease in swelling after a few hours, however the dark circles only deminished slightly after several continuous weeks of regular daily use of the product and still I had to use quite a bit of concealer before applying makeup to the under eye area. Although not particularly impressed with it's ability to banish shadows completely, I did notice a nice extra suppleness to the affected area after prolonged use of three weeks or more and my skin there seemed taunter and more youthful, so I do think it has a very real ability to replenish and repair the skin beneath one's eyes, although it may not work as well for some women ( or men ) for dark circles.

Really Works
by Kathy

Another great Arbonne product that really works. While going thru chemo, the circles under my eyes were so dark I looked like a raccoon. Of course, being tied down in a recliner for five or six hours at a time you and the other patients talk about all kinds of things. Comparing notes on what works or not, another patient recommended I try the Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 REpair. Since I have access to Arbonne products, I stopped on my way home at a Arbonne dealer's. Although, still feeling queasy from the chemo, I was more interested in doing something about the dark circles.

I used it that night and it was so soothing. I felt so pampered using something that models and rich people use. The next morning a lot of the puffiness was gone and after about a week the darkness under my eyes had diminished quite a bit.

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