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by Rita

I used this for my dark circles but they didn't fade.

It is working!
by Theresa

Oh I love this product! I must admit that I am very skeptical about this type of product. I have tried many and had no luck at all. I tried this because it was affordable and I wouldn't be out too much when it didn't work, which was what I expected. Well, I am pleasantly surprised because it is working! My dark circles are fading and almost gone! I will continue to use this product. You don't need much and it is easy to use. A good buy and it even works! For once a product that does what it says it does. You can trust this one!!!!

Mediocre Product
by Destiny

This product wasn't as astounding for me as other people have claimed. Expecting results that were fast was apparently not an option. After a week of using this product, I saw no immediate results. It took almost a month to tell that there had been even the slightest difference. But the price is very cheap.

Great Product!
by TP

After being tired of constantly using concealers for my under eye circles, I decided to give this product a try.
I've been using this product for a little less than three weeks. However, I've noticed a very noticeable improvement which I am very happy about.
The product is easy to use. However, there is a slight scent that may not be appealing to some. I only experienced this smell the first couple of times I've used the product.
My dark circles have now fade and have become easier for me to conceal with my foundation. I believe that with continued use, this product will completely destroy my dark circles! :)

Great value, great price!
by JulieMac_29

It seems like I've tried every eye circle correcter on the market without finding one that truly delivered the results I was hoping to find. Sudden Change is one of the better products out there and is extremely affordable. I have hereditary elements to my eye circles compounded by allergy/sinus issues. That makes my circles a tough target.

Within the first week of trying Sudden Change, I started to notice my undereye skin was becoming more supple. After the second week, I could really see the change starting to occur. By building back the thin undereye skin, this product really helps to get that masking in place. It also goes on very smooth which helps to prevent further damage by product application.

In the end, the product didn't diminish my circles as much as I had hoped, so I moved on with my journey to find the perfect fit. But it really did improve their condition and I'd happily recommend this product to anyone considering trying it.

Works Wonderful!
by Angela

I am in my mid-30's and am starting to notice signs of aging. Unfortunately one of them is dark circles underneath my eyes. I had remembered seeing an advertisement for Sudden Change Dark Circle Fade Cream. I went to my local drugstore and they had a few differernt products by CCA Industries. I like this product a lot, it did exactly what it said it does. I put the cream on at night, every night and after a couple weeks, I literally saw no dark circles underneath my eyes. This was really inexpensive and another thing I loved is it came with a brush to apply the cream on. The consistency was nice (not too greasy) and it absorbed well into my skin. I will continue to buy this product and would recommend anyone who has dark circles do the same.

by Steven

Its hard to find a product that works as advertised. Sudden Change is it. I've never been happier with a skin care product and I must say it's well worth the price. Two thumbs up!

Very good product
by Natalia

This product is really inexpensive, and delivers. I've had dark circles for as long as I can remember. I've tried expensive products, that sell for $75, and nothing. One day, while at Walgreens, I decided to give this one a chance. Well, I'm certainly not disappointed. While it didn't erase my dark circles, it did improve them a lot. Everybody at work has been asking me if I had any procedure done, because I look so much better and awake.

Minor Dark Circles Have Decreased
by S. Grevious

Someone referred me to this product. To my delight, after using the product for about three weeks, I am seeing significantly improvement, even when I am wearing light makeup. The minor dark circles under my eyes have decreased, and my eyes seem less puffy. I'm hoping they will continue to improve. It's a good product for a relatively fair price.

I tried it and I love it!
by rosie

My daughter tried this product for two weeks. She has pretty eyes, but dark circles under her eyes. The results are amazing! Before using the product she needed a lot of makeup for cover it up, but now she doesn't need makeup. She looks great with this new natural and healthy look.

Pretty Good
by Jen W.

I like this stuff a lot. I get pretty dark circles when I don't get enough rest. This stuff makes a real difference for me. I feel like it makes them much lighter and less puffy. While it does not take them away, I think it makes me look more awake and refreshed.

Can see some difference
by cheryl

I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes. I tried Sudden Change and, while it shows improvement, it is not the improvement I hoped for. I was expecting dramatic improvement, but hey, any improvement is worth the price.

nice price
by Cady

This is a really nice product, I really saw results after 3 weeks. You can get it a discount retailers like Walmart or Target for less than $10. It also made the puffiness under my eyes minimize as well.

it works great
by renuka

It is really an awesome product. It works great on dark circles. I had dark circles for the past 10 years. When I started applying this cream, I noticed a big change. I no longer see dark circles.

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by heather

Honestly, I didn't see much of a difference with this product. I used it for almost 3 months and a slight change may have occured but I didnt notice.