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No Improvement
by A

Used every day and night for 2 months, didn't do a thing for me.

by BA

My brother has horrible dark circles under his eyes. He doesn't sleep much and over the years, it has caught up with him. One day as a bit of a gag since I knew what his reaction would be, I bought this for him. He took it and gave me a long speech about how he doesn't wear "makeup". Anyway, I forgot about the whole thing until recently. I saw him at a family gathering and he looked so much better, as if he were more well-rested. I asked him what he had been doing differently and after much prodding, he finally admitted that he had been using the L'Oreal product I gave him! The results were terrific! After his initial reaction to my gift, of course I had to tease him a bit, but really I am just glad that he found the product so useful. It made such a difference.

Still Waiting On Improvemnt
by Dee

My mom bought this for my dad and I am still waiting to see some improvement. He says his dark circles are lighter but I don't notice it. The price is not bad and as long as it gives him the confidence he needs then I feel it is worth it.

by Dustin

This stuff rocks. Even my wife uses mine. You just need to apply a very small amount on at night and in the morning those circles that I have had for years started to lighten and after a couple of weeks they are completely gone.

by Sally

Everyone has always thought my husband is a lot older than me, mainly, I think, due to the dark circles under his eyes (how do they get there when he gets more sleep than I do?) Anyway, since he's started using this, he really does look younger. I believe it has also helped with the wrinkles around his eyes, and the sunken-in look he used to have. He's almost out, and wants me to get more. Pretty good for a guy who thought it was "woman's stuff!"

Works Great
by James

This is the best dark circle cream ever. I have always had a problem with dark circles until I found this stuff. My wife and my coworkers both saw a difference. They kept asking me what I was doing different. I am very glad I found this stuff. I use it as labeled every night.

by cecili

One time I ran out of eye cream at night, so I secretly stole some of my husband's. Boy! This does work great! The next day, my eyes do not look as puffy even though I only get six hours of sleep each night. My normal dark panda eye circles seem less noticeable. Maybe I will even purchase this for myself! Who cares if it said its for men! I think it works on women too!! Totally recommend! Try it out as soon as possible!

Even I use it!
by Cynthia

Originally, I purchased this small tube for my boyfriend. He averages about 5 hours a sleep a day due to fraternity activities, school, and playing video games until early hours in the morning. After about 3 weeks, we saw the difference that it made! He no longer looked like a raccoon. I'd say it's a miracle! I even started using it during finals week!

Real results
by Jill S.

I purchased this dark circle moisturizer for my husband who wakes up at 2:30 in the morning for work. He gets about five hours of rest a night and works a ton of hours during the week. Both he and I saw results fast, and now he doesn't look so tired all the time. L'Oreal really developed a great product.

by S. Grevious

My brother received this as a gift from a friend. He has dark circles from partying all night and morning. He had moderate dark circles under his eyes. He has been using this product since the end of last year and I can truly say that it has improved his dark circles. It has, indeed, made them appear lighter. It seems to take a long time before you start seeing progress or improvement with this product.

by Annie

This product has brightened my boyfriend's eyes more than I expected which is great when he works late nights. It does not make the eye circles disappear completely but it does make a dramatic difference and he has only been using this product for 2 weeks. This is a great product with a reasonable price.

Less Back Circles
by TP

I always have black circles under my eyes no matter how long I sleep. After using this ring faded away a little but were still there. It however is a very small and doesn’t last that long so plan on buying a couple of tubes to take care of your problem.

Not just for men
by Cydney

I was in a hurry and picked this up not realizing it was a man's product. After using it for four weeks I am pleased with the results. I like it because I don't have to purchase it through the mail. Only down side for me is the price. But then again I'm worth it.

What a Differnce a Little Tube Can Make
by Sharon

I bought this product in hopes that it work reduce the deep dark circles under my husbands eyes. It has made a dramatic difference in the appearance of the darkened areas over the last month. Although they have not completely disappeared, I have noticed that he is much more confident in his appearance. For that, it is worth every penny spent on this product.

Hello Bright Eyes!
by dee

I bought this for my husband because he always pulls long hours at work as he is a resident physician. Over the past 2 years it has really taken its toll on how his eye look. He constantly has dark circles due to lack of sleep. He started using this product and within in a weeks time he looked more refreshed. Over the course of a month he began getting comments about how well rested he looked! I think he even looks a bit younger now. I highly recommend this product because it is cost effective as well as very effective in the results it produces.

Good Solution to Dark Circle Eyes
by Louis

I have had dark circles for a few years now and it really annoys me, and I am constantly trying out new products. This moisturizer took awhile to work, but it did make my skin smoother and clear up some of the dark circles, but not completely. Overall, I would say it's a good product and just takes awhile to take its affect on your skin.

No More Sleep Deprived Eyes
by Eli

ADS Active Defense System has removed my dark circles around my eyes in only 3 weeks. I am very sleep deprived and always have dark circles so when I heard about ADS, I had to buy it.

Men's Expert Circle Eraser Anti Dark Circle Eye Moisturizer
by D

I like this product because its convenient and works! I like that it is in a small tube so I can throw it in my shaving bag and take it with me wherever I go. It goes on great and gets rid of annoying dark circles!

Bought this for my husband
by Kelli

I bought this for my husband who probably has the worst dark circles that you could imagine when he's tired! My husband thought it looked a little too much like makeup, so I think the packaging could be better, but after a while it started to improve his circles! They are still there, but they are a lot less dark!

Men's Expert Circle Eraser Anti Dark Circle Eye Moisturizer
by Rashmi R

I got this for my husband to treat dark circles around his eyes. He has been using this for about a month now but I haven’t seen any noticeable difference. Seems like it will take a while but my husband says it is working. Slowly but surely. So he is going to try for few more weeks. But I must say that you will need to be very patient with this product

Took a little while for results to show
by TC

I bought this for my brother who is in college and always needs to pull all nighters. He was reluctant to use this product at first because he thought that all moisturizers smell like heavy perfume. After some convincing, he tried it and he loves it. The smell is not overbearing, the moisturizer is light and feels like a gel, and best of all, it works on his dark circles. One must be patient. I didn't see any noticeable differences until he was almost finished with the tube.

Yes , it's for men !!!
by Stephanie

I bought this for my husband a few weeks ago to help with the dark circles he gets when working overtime. I thought it would be great. However, when my husband saw it he said it was for women, LOL. I wasn't going to argue with him so I just left it in the bathroom with his stuff. A few days later I caught him using it, and since then he has used it everyday and has even admitted that it works !!!

Men Need Help Too
by Joe Maples

This is a great product for reducing those hideous, dark lines under the eyes. I’ve used this for several months and it works. The added benefit is that it smooths the skin and helps fade crow’s feet. Buy this from and you don’t have to worry about people thinking you’re vain at the check stand!

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by mike

Worked great exactly what I needed can't live without