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I love this stuff
by barb

A friend gave me some of this and I only used it so I could tell my friend I had done so. To my amazment, it really works wonderfully well. Don't know if the iridescent quality is the reason, but I was totally impressed, and have added it to my must-have skin care regime.

Minerals are always great.
by Melissa

I have used many mineral products before and this one is no different. For me they just look amazingly good. Like you have a perfect colored face but aren't wearing make-up. It's awesome.

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by yolonda

I plan to give it a try, i have tried every product. Will update review in 3 weeks, thanks

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I have been using minerals for make-up when I since I discovered how nice and light it went on and how it make my skin look nearly flawless. I want to try this as I have dark circles under my eyes, showing my age. I read about this product and it sounds like something I really need. And I mean I REALLY need it, lol!

by Vicki

I have dark circles from stress and this product works wonders.

by Julie

This product is spectacular. It is sleek and easy to use, would recommend it to all my girlfriends.

by angelika kaltenbach

This product is wonderful. It has really smoothed out my skin.