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It works!

I initially bought this product because I have horrible dark circles, at times worse than others (ie allergies, lack of sleep, etc). I have been using this product since I first saw it on the market and I really love it. I use it in the morning under my makeup and concealer glides beautifully on top of it. It keeps my under eye area moist all day without being heavy. I also like using it knowing that I am getting additional protective benefits. The cream fades the dark circles and heaviness from eyes. I notice that I look less tired and my skin feels calmed and more resilient once I place this on the delicate skin around my eyes. I highly recommend this. You will see results when you are consistent about application.

Great product with great results
by Ryan

My girlfriend uses this product daily and I must say that her eyes look great. I noticed results in a little over a week. For me personally, I think it is a bit expensive but it does make her feel a lot prettier and confident. I love looking at her eyes now. They are so much prettier. Although it is expensive, it is well worth the cost to have a pretty, confident girlfriend.
Thanks Natria Eye Refine.

As promised
by Amie

This stuff really works. Because I am fair skinned, the dark circles under my eyes seem prominent despite getting enough sleep. I was looking for something that would repair this and one of my friends suggested this stuff. I will admit, I was a little skeptical because of the price, but it is worth every cent. Not only does this diminish the appearance of dark circles under my eyes (dramatically), I also think it improves the overall firmness of my skin. I am reaching the age where little lines are beginning to show, and I think this helps with these also. It doesn't get all 5 stars only because of the price - the product does what it says and I think it is worth it!

I look Fabulous!
by Jane M.

I have insomnia and wake up with dark circles under my eyes all the time. I hate to look in the mirror in the morning, because it makes me feel so old and haggard. After using this, I noticed vast, marked improvement in just a week. I now wake up and can't wait to look in the mirror. My eyes look so wonderful and my boyfriend tells me that I look so great. Now, that is a way to start a day!

Bright Eyes
by gypsylady

The Natria Five-Phase Eye Refine is a must-have beauty product. Not only does the Eye Refine cream help to remove dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, it is the best moisturizer I have found to use around my eyes. The product is easy to apply once in the morning and once in the evening for beautiful results. The Natria Five-Phase Eye Refine is also very gentle and does not irritate the skin.

The product has helped my eye area to have a more youthful, fresh appearance that is a noticeable difference than before I used the product. My daughter tells me, "Mom you look really pretty," and to me this is quite a compliment! My eyes feel bright and pretty as well!

Another Product I Can't Live Without
by Trudi Konzem

I'm so glad I found this product but again wish I had done so many years ago, or at least before reaching the 30's. I'm already starting to get wrinkles here and there. I have noticed a softening of the lines although they are still visible. Hopefully over time and constantly using this product the lines will lessen and fade. Will keep on trying but overall I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Dark circles be gone
by Courtney H.

I have worked the graveyard shift for over three years now, and even though I get plenty of sleep during the day, I still have very dark circles under my eyes. I've tried concealers and all sorts of products to try to disguise or get rid of my dark circles alltogether, but nothing worked until now. I began using Natria Five-Phase Eye Refine and after only 1 week I could visibly tell a difference. My circles were not anywhere near as dark and my crow's feet were beginning to diminish. My only complaint is the price of the product, but quite honestly I will continue to pay it because the results are so wonderful.

Really Works
by Kristina Richardson

I just started using this about 5 months ago and I'll never run out. I actually gave it to my husband also to work on his and he loves it as well. It really gives my face a fresh feeling and it feels younger than ever. This is the best product I've found for my sensitive skin.

Great Product
by Nicole A

I have been using this product for about 6 months and it has dramatically helped my dark circles and puffiness as it claims to do. I have horrible allergies so I run into that issue a lot. Overall great product.

Smile Without Smile Lines
by cynthia

I have used this creme for 10 years and have almost no wrinkles around my eyes. I will continue to use this product.

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