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by gwen newton

the best I've ever used. Did'nt give me white rings around me eyes. I 'll be lost if I can't find it.Tryed others, thay don't compare.

by Kim

I have had dark circles since I was a child and have tried many products through the years. found this product to work much better than other cheaper products... but I discontinued buying this because it didnt make a noticeable enough difference that would make it worth the money.

by mirrors

It has been my experince that these under the eye aids have not performed up to my expectations.

Dark Circle Corrector
by Miguel

Product is my favorite.

Wash face- use an under eye cream- then a moisturizer for the face. Let it sit, then apply this product: instantly it will make your eye area lighter-- then apply a concealer. Fresh as a rainy day in April.


Minimized circles
by Erika

I felt this product was too expensive for the small amount of coverage it provided. It did not last throughout the day and I had to apply it more than once. However, the yellow base did cover some of the darkness under my eyes.
I used this product multiple times over the course of a week before switching back to my normal coverage product.

dark circle corrector/vital radience
by s. hines

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this product. There's the possibility that since it's a little on the pricey side, maybe I expected too much. It worked ok - but only ok. For that kind of money, I expect something better. My dark circles weren't quite as noticeable after using it, but I didn't like the way it made my skin feel. I won't buy it again.

Just Covers up
by Sam Wagner

Got this product hoping that it would "heal up" the dark spots underneath my eyes. Then when I got home and read the package I noticed that it only covered up the dark circles. It worked perfectly to cover up my dark circles, but to my displeasure it did not cure my dark spots. I don't really like to wear make-up. So I will be looking for some supplement that can cure dark circles.

Normal Concealer
by LKH

This product isn't great and it isn't terrible. I was intrigued by the Vital Radiance line because it is marketed toward an older crowd, not the young gals with perfect skin who don't even need make-up. But, overall, I found this to be a pretty standard concealer. It did cover my dark circles, but not much better than a lot of other creamy products. The consistency was relatively smooth, but I felt it tug a little at my under eyes while applying it, which is a major culprit for fine lines and aging. It needs to be applied over moisturizer for sure. It works, but it doesn't last all day long and by the end of the work day (and not necessarily the most stressful of work days) I could see my circles re-emerging. I probably will not re-purchase but instead look to see if there are any other products that work more effectively.

Great Makeup Line
by Lynne Parker

First of all, I have tried many of the products in the Vital Radiance Make-up line and have been quite happy with them all. This product is no exception. It is very light feeling. It goes on evenly and the coverage is quite good. My dark circles virtually disappear. I look younger and more awake. It is a little expensive, but well worth the money. I have no problem spending a little more if the product delivers and this one definitely does!

Good for temporary relief
by TP

I would rate my under eye circles as mild. It is not that dark, except during the summer.
I liked this product because it was very easy to apply.
It did not look cakey and can go either underneath my foundation or above it.
It was very hand for touch ups during hot days.
It did an effective job of covering up my circles. Too bad it's not forever, but I'll settle for any help I can get.
Tip: lightly spray your face with a little bit of water before applying. This makes the application much smoother.

Worth It
by Kas

I was skeptical to spend a little bit more on an undereye concealer but I am glad I did! I didn't have dark circles under my eyes, just light ones and puffiness. I am also not all that skilled at putting on makeup. Using this item was easy and I didn't walk away looking like a clown. The stick is creamy so it didn't dry up under my eyes and flake off during the middle of the day. It also blended nicely with the rest of my makeup so it wasn't obvious I was wearing a concealer. I would definitely recommend this product to someone and tell them to spend a little more. Remember, your face is what people see first so you want it to look it's best.

Looks like you got a full Night of Sleep
by Josh

With the Dark circle corrector, I can look like I slept the whole night. I look healthier, instead of tired and worn out. It's easy to apply and doesn't ever come off at all.

Good, Even Coverage
by Az

This is a great product. I use it every morning to cover up the dark circles under my eyes and I find it provides good coverage for the entire day. I love that it is a creamy product (I have used other cover up that is rough and makes the skin under my eyes feel particularly tight). It is also easy to apply and portable for quick touch ups if necessary.

Forget surgery, now there's a corrector!
by Elizabeth

Hitting 40 didn't bother me as much as looking at the condition of my skin. That meant the dark circles that were just inevitable and it doesn't help that I also inherited them from my mother! I'm always on the lookout for something to make them go away because surgery is just not in the cards (or wallet!) When I saw the dark circle corrector I thought well lets try this one and when I did I must say that it does indeed do as it says. You apply a half circle under each eye and blend in. I was truly amazed what a difference the yellow tint did for my face, truly amazed. My boyfriend even commented how beautiful I looked. I gobbled up the compliment and didn't even mention I added a new secret ingredient to my make up regime! Well worth the money and will always have it on hand!

Nice product
by Blueberry

I bought this product from my local drug store and was really surprised by the results. It took some time but my dark circles that came from studying day and night was all gone! I highly recommend this product!

Great Product
by Me

I'm very happy with the results from this. It doesn't make me look as though I "caked" over those dark circles. It's reasonably priced for the results achieved. I'll admit that higher priced items may give better results,'s well worth the money.

No more dark circles!
by Stacy

I really love this dark circle corrector. It’s inexpensive compared to department store brands which is a huge plus. I find that the makeup is light but gives me great coverage. My dark circles aren’t very dark and this makeup completely covers them but does not look like I have makeup on.

Dark circle Corrector
by carolyn

A while back, I was doing a very important job at work and it required alot of overtime. Because of the lack of sleep, I had really dark circles under my eyes. This Dark circle Corrector worked wonders. I used it for maybe a week or so and the dark circles were completly gone!

The Eyes Have It
by Christi

I got so tired of hearing my kids tell me I look old and worn out so one day I just asked why they always thought that. They said it was the dark circles under my eyes. I had been using makeup concealer thinking that it covered the dark circles and it did when I first put it on but then I realized at the end of the day the circles where showing through the concealer darker than ever. I started looking for other products to use when I came across this one. It's easy to put on, it stays on and to some degree it does help correct and lighten the darkness around my eyes. I did find out that it works better if used daily and you don't skip the weekends so I put it on everyday whether or not I am putting on make up. I like Vital Radiance products and this one is no exception. It is the best fix I have found thus far.

Its ok
by Bethany

I get dark circles all the time, and I've tried numerous products. I bought this, but I wasn't very thrilled about the price. It covered my circles, but not all day long.

Dark Circle Corrector
by Emily K.

Personally, I thought the product was pretty good and relatively inexpensive when compared to other products out there. I have medium olive skin and bluish-purple circles (they aren't too dark, but dark enough to warrant a concealer) under my eyes. I found that dabbing a drop or two under each eye before putting on my normal concealer worked very well for me. It's not for use on it's own; but if you use it sparingly, you can pull off a fresh look.

Highly recommended!
by Corri

I purchased this product at my local CVS Pharmacy just recently. No matter how well rested I am, I always seem to have the dark circles under my eyes. It drives my crazy!!! This product worked better at correcting my dark circles than any other products I've ever tried before. Highly recommend it.

Good makeup
by sherry

I tried this product and it works, more or less, as makeup. It does not actually get rid of the dark circles, but it does reduce their appearance a little. I now use a different product that actually works on eliminating the dark, puffy circles, but that product cost at least twice as much as Vital Radiance. So this is not a bad product and for the price, it is worth trying out. It may be all you need.

Dark Circle Corrector
by Dorene

I like this product because I can take it with me anywhere I go. It is really easy to use and I can see results instantly. The shade is easy to match and cover and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin!

Bye Bye racoon eyes!
by Wendy Bezeau

Morning, noon and night, my eyes look like I am part raccoon. I have tried a lot of products to get rid of them and a lot of products to hide them. This Dark Circle Corrector does wonders. I always felt so self conscious with my raccoon eyes (I love raccoons though, just not for my eyes). No matter what I tried, I could still see the darkness through every product. The Dark Circle Corrector goes on so easily, it's great. It doesn't crumble, crust, or look thick. It makes me feel so much better and the rest of my makeup looks better on me now. I really love it!

Covering Agent -- Not Correcting Agent
by Annalisa

When I used this product, it did make the dark circles under my eyes less noticeable. However, I think it covered the circles up rather than corrected them. Still, a good product for the price and easy to use for anyone who wears makeup regularly.

Good for quick fixes
by Sarah

Dark circles run in my family and I have tried many products to fix it. This product did seem to help eliminate my dark circles under my eyes, but not 100%. It was very easy to apply, but I did have to apply it a second time during the day as it looked like it started to rub off. I think this product could be a little pricey if I had to keep reapplying it more than once a day, but overall it worked for the most part.

Quick and Easy
by Melissa

This product is quick and will fix dark circles without breaking out your face. Also, it was easy and can be applied when needed. It did not have to be used daily, so no need worrying about forgetting to put it on.

by Annie

I was really impressed with this product, not only did it hide my dark circles but it filled in (with a natural look) the fine lines that I have developed under my eyes over the last few years. The finish is very matte and natural. The feel is lightweight and does not get cakey.

No More Dark Eyes
by Jolene

This product is very easy to use. I have dark circles around my eyes most mornings (Lack of sleep due to allergies). Dark Circle Corrector really helps me look my best every day.

Love this stuff!
by Jessica

I've always had really bad circles under my eyes, and have been really sensitive about them since High School. Pulling all nighters and then getting up for work and school used to be a drain on my face, but now I can just rub this on and it takes all my worries away. I swear by this. Thumbs up!

dark circle corrector
by carol1560

Hey we all need something like this once in a while. You just apply this on the old dark circles and they are gone. You have to rub this in lightly before putting a makeup foundation on it. It will make you look better, get another cup of coffee to feel better. I have sinus allergies and this does the trick

Dark Circle Corrector
by Christy R.

I was very pleased with the way this product worked. I often get dark circles under my eyes that make them look hooded, and make me look tired and aged. I used this product and it really blended very well with my skin tone and made the dark circles all but disappear. It looked good for a few hours, but toward the end of the day I could tell that it was starting to wear off a little and I needed a reapplication to look as fresh as I had in the morning. Fortunately it's a small package that you can just throw in your purse for touch ups so I just reapplied and was back to looking fresh and young again. Highly recommended.

by barbara

Nothing I used concealed the awful dark circles under my eyes until I found this product. Previously when I ran into a friend I had not seen for a while I was asked if I was feeling Ok. Now they say gee you look good! This product is the next best thing to the fountain of youth. I love it and wouldnt live without it.

Instant Results
by Nihility

I really like using this product. It instantly reduced the look of the dark circles under my eyes. It gives a look of brightness and makes me look more awake and healthy. The only downside is that once you wash your face the look is gone. It only covers the problem; it doesn't fix it.

Dark circles
by Albert

My girlfriend works late nights and goes to school during the day. She started to see dark circles belowe her eyes and I recommended her this product. She tried it out and she loves it now. The circles are gone and she can go on without worrying about her face. Thanks!

No More Dark Circles!
by Ellisha

I love this product. It works so good! I love that it is small and I can just throw it in my purse and take it with me to use anywhere. It does a great job of hiding the dark circles. With this product I can party all weekend long without having to worry about dark circles!

Glowing Eyes
by mamma_nee

I love the ease at which you can apply this product and then go on to put your regular makeup on. I love the glow I get from my eyes now and the product name says it all ...Dark Circle Corrector. Not expensive to use every day at all.

Works wonders
by Jeff

This is a great product and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It gets rid of those ugly dark circles under the eyes. Makes you look better quickly and lasts a long time.

Dark circles
by Arvinder

I was not going to parties because of my ugly dark circles. Then I saw the advertisement of this product and started using it. Now I am a party animal. I get great compliments and boys are more attracted to me. Good product to use with excellent results.

Dark Circle Corrector
by Patti Williams

Vital Radiance dark circle corrector works very well along with a moisturizer, to cover the dark circles under your eyes. It makes your whole face look fresh and younger, and it lasts all day. It is lightweight and won't irritate sensitive skin.

Makeup Artist Magic
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I was pretty sure this would work even before I tried it, and as it turns out, I was right. Make up artists I worked with in years past used this same "color" camouflage trick. They taught me that a yellow tint covers up dark areas, like under eye circles or light bruising, and that a pale green covers up ruddy, pinkish or red tones. Then you put your foundation over the top and it works make up MAGIC! I also liked that this product is lightweight, so it does its job and is easy to go over the top of with my foundation. I also like the very subtle, light reflective quality, which ISN'T like a glitter or anything, it just reflects light, which makes your eyes appear, lighter, brighter, more youthful and awake.

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by heather

I thought it would be a miracle worker and it wasnt.I did see a small change with the dark circles but nothing big. You'd have to try it for yourself.