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The Best
by mary

I have tried many products for dark circles. This one is the best.

by Tina

(Would have given it NO STARS but that is not an option). This stuff is terrible! Made my eyes sting and water. Had to wash it off with lots and lots of water, right away. Smells funny too. And I thought I was going to love it! HA. So then I tried to send it back "for a full refund" as the box promises, and it turns out that the original company has gone bank-o. Their address/number on Google is totally wrong. I'm going to try sending it back again, this time to the right company. Hopefully I'll get my $20 back! Arrrgh! This stuff is awful.

really like!
by Anne

REALLY works to reduce puffiness. I put it on EVERY morning. Within 10 minutes, there is noticeable improvement. Helps with dark circles, too.

Never again
by Vita-K

Does not work, eyes start to tear, burns in the eyes.
Worst eye product ever!

Yes we can
by A.J

Thanks for making a product which really does work , I have spent alot of money looking for an eye product without surgery, guess what quys this one really does work, can you direct me to the new one for puffy eyes my girlfriend purchase it on-line and we can not find it, ladies belive me went I say the puffy eyes work yes yes and yes thanks again

by yolonda

maybe since my dark circles are from family heredity I dont think this product is strong enough for me

Dark Circles
by Jessica Orozco

It kind of works, i just probably need to try it again and see.

Cita k Solution for Dark Circles Under Eye
by erika

I did not see any results after continue use of the creame for two weeks.
I have spent lots of time compairing and money in these.................... no luck

love it!
by gabrielle

oh my gosh....amazing results the first time i used this product. i saw results in about 5 hours! i love it!

football player look
by 66 yr old man

I stay up late and have always had dark circles, not quite as bad as football players anti-glare applications. After experimenting with Vita-K and taking pics to confirm, I discovered that I needed to wash and let skin dry before applying, then use a LIBERAL amount and gently but FIRMLY massage into the soft area under my eyes until the product was all absorbed, and be religious about it two to three times a day. After 4 or 5 days, the changes were noticeable; and after 3 to 5 weeks, the circles were pretty much gone, and I looked tremendously better to where others continually said, "You're really looking good," without knowing why I did. I then started using the product on all sorts of skin anomalies and found it to aid healing and restore skin having all sorts of blems, redness..even dandruff was helped. Works better than Vit E for me....I am convinced your readers did not use the product the way I did and did not give it a fair trial. I recommend my method to get the results you took me a bit of experimenting.

by A

I really did not notice a difference at all. I suppose that it appeared to work a little right after I dabbed on a bit, but I wouldn't recommend it.

college student
by sam

very dark circles no change!!!!!!

animal husbandry
by david

I used this product for close to a month with no visible results. The dark circles remained and left my skin dull looking.

by Nick

I use this and i thought i saw a difference. And then i didnt. Tried packing it on and saw no difference. just dabing a little somtimes made a little difference.
I would say that maybe this one works for some ppl, but it does not produce the results like it showed on the box. (the pic is ob photoshoped)

P.S it sorta looks like semen. so then i thought i'd use my own semen, and saw better results using that then this.

Vita-K review
by Laury Zap

This did not really work for my dark circles. Also, it made the skin under my eyes very shiny and a bit sticky. I would try a different dark circle product.

by Rita

I saw no difference in my dark circles after I used this.

Had ok results
by mroyer1459

I liked this product but I wish it would have worked a little better. I had very dark circles and I guess I was looking for a miricale to make them go away completely. I would still recommend this product to anyone. I am sure that if your circles are not as dark as mine that you will have even better results.

by kathy laber

I tried the vita-k for the dark circles under my eyes & I cannot believe the difference it made. i'm 59 years old and have never found a product that works this well. Try it-you will be impressed.

Works well so far
by Lakesha

I've just started using this recently. I've had dark circles under my eyes for years and I wanted them gone. So far, this product is working well. I like it and will continue to use it.

Didn't work for me
by Laurel

I've tried EVERYTHING on the market, and this didn't help more than anything else did, for me. Did NOT like the way it felt when it went on either.

Vita-K Solution for dark circles
by Debra

OMG I finally have no more dark circles under my eyes and all my friends notice it. I lived with them my entire life. I am super thankful for VitaK my only sadness is that stores don't carry it. Also, the price is super low compared to other products. As far as the consistency - you MUST use a moisterizer after you use this. It is not a moisterizer - it is a dark circle minimizer therefore other products are necessary

vita k
by katie

Makes my eyes feel really tight i dont know if thats a good or bad thing lol it does seem to lighten my undereyes even after the first use stll need more time to see what hapens

Good but not great
by Merla

It works somewhat. I have used this, Hylexin, and Everderm. Hylexin works best but it costs $100. Everderm is almost as good, but only costs $30 or so. Then this product is very cheap, but does not seem nearly as good.

Wouldn't purchase again
by Allison

I have used Vita-K for the past month or so faithfully. The texture of the gel is too drying for my undereye area. I did notice a difference in my undereye circles; however; the difference was that my skin under my eyes became bright pink and somewhat pufffy with dry flaky patches. I am now just patiently waiting for all of the adverse reactions to subside so my eyes don't look so bad. I have packaged up the remaining product and am shipping it back to the company for a complete refund. I had read so many positive reviews, mixed in with several negative reviews, and was hoping that I would be able to benefit from this. Unfortunately not the case for me.

No more dark circles
by Stella

I noticed a big difference since using this product. The dark circles have faded and look much better than they did. The product is a little greasy but the results make it well worth it. I use to try to cover it up with concealer but it would just make the dark circles look worse. I think this product is a good investment for someone that has a problem with dark circles. I would use this product again, and recommend it to others.

amazing product
by sumathi

My teacher had dark circles under her eyes and she used this product for 2 months. When we saw her face we thought the dark circles were lightening. We also asked her the secret about it she said that she is lucky to have Vita-K solution. After using it she is really happy with its results.

Better Than Most!
by Kelly

I have used a lot of different under eye treatments...and I have been really impressed with this one. The gel is very easy to apply and is gentle on my sensitive skin. I have used this gel for over a year and swear by it. I will say, however, that I don't use it before applying makeup. I tend to use it more at night.

Slow, but effective
by BA

I don't really have bad dark circles under my eyes, but I was concerned with fixing what was present. I noticed an improvement under my eyes after using the product regularly for almost a month. The results are not immediate and they are not very radical. However, I did notice a lightening of color to the area and a tautness around the eye that I don't think was there before. I wouldn't call this a miracle product, but it does help reduce dark circles if applied regularly over time. I would definitely buy this again.

works great
by Jessica

I have a problem with dark circles under my eyes (despite adequate sleep). I find this product has lightened them by about 40%; however, I only use it at night. It would probably be more effective if I wore it 24/7 but it doesn't wear very well under my makeup. I started seeing results after about 7-10 days.

It works!
by Kyle

I have had dark circles under my eyes for years and was truly embarrassed by them. But within a week of purchasing Under Eye Dark Circle Serum, I could see a tremendous difference. This stuff really works.

Much better than cover-up
by Sharon

After using Vita-K for a week, I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes seemed less noticeable. While makeup gives a more immediate impression of lighter skin, it also has a tendency to look caked on tired eyes, which is normally the cause of circles in the first place. Vita-K goes on with a refreshing coolness and does not interfere with eye makeup.

Vit-K Solution for Dark Circles
by Tiffannee

I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a child. I have tried many things to cover them up. I can't even cover up my circles with concealer. I have used this product for about a year. This product is excellent in reducing the dark circles under my eyes. I plan to continue using this product because it worked better than anything else that I have previously used.

Could be better
by Maria

Since having my baby the lack of sleep had really taken a toll on my skin.The dark circles under my eyes, in particular, were very noticeable. I saw this at my local pharmacy, and I must admit that the picture on the box drew me in! So I thought I'd give it a try. I have now been using it for a few weeks. It has not, by any means, done miracles but it has helped lighten the problem area just a bit. I actually keep it in the refrigerator so it is nice and cool when I apply it, and this step has really helped reduce the puffiness under my eyes. If for only that reason, I may repurchase.

Mixed Results
by Amie

I've always had a problem with dark circles under my eyes. However, I'm also pretty bad about sticking with beauty routines. I have noticed a bit of a lightening of the circles when I've used this, but I think it might have more effect on me if I was more consistent with it.

After application and the gel has dried, I have noticed that the skin under my eyes has a much softer texture and is more firm, as well as making the circles a bit less noticeable. I think it would have a better effect if used more consistently and I would recommend it to anyone who has dark under eyes and is more diligent than myself to give it a shot.

I will probably buy more of this when I run out because I really like how it makes my skin feel.

Best non-surgical product
by Nihility

Vita-K really has helped with the dark circles under my eyes. I've been using it for about 6 months and have noticed an obvious reduction. I model and work a lot, so it's hard to get the sleep needed to look good for my job. In a way, Vita-K is like killing two birds with one stone. The dark circles aren't completely gone but keep in mind the only true way to get rid of those pesky under eye circles is through a lot of good night's sleep or surgery. This product is really good as well since it has Vitamin K in it; which has shown to be one of the best ways to help your eyes look better. I'll definitely keep using this if I could only get some sleep!

Not very impressed...
by Kami Griffin

I bought Vita-K in a desperate bid to cure my dark, under-eye circles. I got a double pack, online, for roughly $20, plus shipping. I told myself it was a good investment. WRONG! As a general moisturizer, the creme is fine, if a bit oily. But as a treatment to rid one of under-eye circles? Not at all. I used the product faithfully for a month, and didn't notice any difference. I was quite disappointed, as this stuff isn't cheap! I would suggest looking for a cheaper, decent mositurizer, and skipping this stuff altogether.

by Julia Adams

WOW, I can not believe how wonderful this product is. Ever since I was young, I had a problem with dark circles, and I could never find something to help me. I tried everything I could find. I even would put foundation over them to try to make them not show as much. But they would never go away. This product helped my dark circles fade, and now my face looks more refreshed, instead of a tired, worn out look all the time. This product I would rate a 10!! It is seriously a wonderful product.

So-So Results
by TP

I used this product last year when I saw the commercial on TV. I stuck with it for over two months.
I saw very little improvement between this time. The first time I used it, my skin did develop a slight rash. However with continued use, the irritation did not occur again.
My circles were not as dark as before but I'm not sure if this is the result of the creme or the changing weather.
I think a fade cream worked much better and is less expensive.

by Pearl

I've used this product in the past and it worked well. I have an olive complexion and it took 8 weeks before I saw a difference. It did tingle a lot, and it would sometimes have a sticky feeling under my eyes, but my eye concealer did work better, hence no more circles under my eyes. And believe me, I had circles getting up so much with my newborn and having an 18 month old in tow. I loved that it hid my circles from everyone and I got compliments that I always looked "Fresh". I did have to stop using it because it was drying my skin out. My Sister in Law tried it, and she has fair skin, and it worked wonders for her. She saw results in 1 week and no drying and still uses it everyday. I would recommend for someone to try it. It might work for your skin tone.

by sandy

I used this product and I was skeptical at first, but stuck with it. It took approximately six weeks to start seeing the results that I was happy was with. After eight weeks, I was quite pleased. I have brown skin and this really took care of those dark circles under my eyes.

by Blueberry

Though I have not tried this personally, my mother uses this all the time and swears by this product. It highly reduces and removes any signs of dark circles in a couple of days of using this. My aunt uses this product too and they all love it!

Helped to Use a Concealer
by S. Grevious

Well, this product is okay but, it didn't work for me. I never did have really dark, dark circles, but if you got close up in my face you could see the appearance of the circle around my eyes. When I first applied it to my skin, it gave it a tingling feeling, but I still continued to try it. I didn't see any improvements in my skin. It only made my skin dry. It did make it more easy for me to use my concealer to hide the majority of the dark circles. I only tried it for a few weeks and gave up.

Poor Texture and Drying to Skin
by SierraK

The texture of this product is like hair gel, and it dries tacky and a little hard on the skin exactly as if it were hair gel. I can't figure out why the manufacturer would think putting a drying gel on the delicate under eye skin is going to do any amount of good.
After suffering through the poor texture and drying effects, one only finds that it does not get rid of the kind of dark circles that come during allergy season or from lack of sleep. Not sure if it would work on any other kind of dark circles either.

so so
by a roen

This product works, but only if you use it 2/day. As soon as you miss a day or so, the dark circles come right back. I have found other products that work as well and are less of a hassle.

Good for Dark Circles!
by ambreen

I occassionaly get dark circles under my eyes when I am stressed out or not sleeping well. I always keep this Vita-K solution in my cabinet for these days.
I just apply the serum around my eyes, usually at night time, and within a couple of days I can see the difference. Its almost magical.
The only thing that I really feel is bad about this serum is that it really causes my skin to dry out. To take care of that, I usually moisturize heavily in the mornings to make up for the extra dryness.

by Jane Yeh

Despite the many positive reviews this product has received, I did not experience any positive results from using this product. Even with minor under eye circles, and using this product continuously, I did not see an improvement or change. This product is greasy and has an odor I find unsettling, which aggravates my distaste of this product.

Vita-K Dark Circles Solution
by Emily K.

This product did not work for me. I still have dark circles, and it gave me flaky dry patches all around my eyes. I think it made my eyes worse. I tried the product for several months, hoping it would just take time to work. I finally gave up.

eliminates dark circles
by J

This product was amazing!! I suffer from dark circles for the last 10 years or so and have been looking for a product to reduce them. This product worked to reduce my circles within a week of using it. I have continued use and the dark circles can hardly be seen anymore.

Best in show!
by T. Danger

I use vita-k every night after removing eye makeup and moisturizing. I noticed gradual lightening of my dark circles after about 2 weeks. I keep at it, and still I see growing improvements after 2 months! You have to keep using it though, or your dark circles re-appear.

Not too moisturizing, but works great on dark circles!
by TC

This is a great product for someone who suffers from dark circles. It contains vitamin K, which helps with the discoloration underneath the eye. However, it does not moisturize as well as some other eye creams that I've used in the past. I use this mainly as a "treatment" cream, and then I apply a regular moisturizing eye cream on top of it. I saw results in just one week. This definitely works great on dark circles.

See a difference!
by Lana

After about a week and a half of using this, I see a small but noticeable difference. Mainly because nothing has worked on my stubborn circles before, and I have had them since childhood. This has definitely helped me. I had pretty much stopped buying fancy creams, and was sticking to under eye moisturizers before this. Hope that there is more improvement in a month. I have never been this optimistic about a product working before, since my dark circles drag me down.

Vita-K For Dark circles
by sherry

A friend of mine recommended this product for me. I am olive skinned and have VERY dark circles under my eyes. I have tried many ways to conceal it but no amount of makeup would work. I started using this product last year. It took about 3 weeks to start seeing a difference. In about a month and a half, my eyes looked and felt wonderful. The dark circles were gone and I didn't look like a tired old woman much older than my actual age. I don't believe much in miracle lotions that take years off your face, but I do have to admit, when this product eliminated the dark circles, my face did look brighter, fresher, and yes younger. I still use this product, religiously, till this day and I am very satisfied with its performance.

by itsme

This product is great for dark circles around the eyes. I read a lot so it really helps to relieve my eye area. I put it in the refrigerator for an added cooling, soothing effect. I have a noticed a reduction of dark circles.

A solid product
by Jody

I've had shadows under my eyes for as long as I can remember, which I always attributed to my bone structure...until I tried this product and actually saw a difference! It's very light and easy to wear under makeup, and within a few days of using it, I finally looked like I had had a great night's sleep; I'm so glad I tried it!

by lala5

I occasionally suffer from dark circles under my eyes and this product has really helped. It hides the circles underneath my eyes and with a little help from my concealer, you can't tell that I have any dark spots at all.

It really works!!!
by Jaime Rice

This really works. I started using this six months ago. It took less than two weeks for me and everyone else to see a major difference. It's very light. The only thing that I found that I did not like was the smell. It did not smell bad, but it was just a strong smell. I use it every morning and every night. No one ever asks me if I didn't sleep anymore. I love this stuff.

Product worked very well
by Joan Jones

I've had dark circles all my life, so I was skeptical of anything really working very well. I'd read that Vitamin K was one thing that did make a difference. After a couple weeks, I did see a difference and the circles were not as dark. I used it once in the morning and once at night. I have never found another product that worked, and I've tried quite a few. I'd recommend this one to anyone with dark circles.

Reliable product
by Lisa Dryden

I tried this product expecting instant results. That was not the case, however, but after I used the product for a week or so, I did notice some lightening of the circles under the eyes. Not a totally substantial lightening, but some just the same. For the price that you pay for the product, it seems to do an adequate job.

Great results!
by Healthy Gal

This cream helped me with dark circles over just three weeks. I've had darks circles all of my life, even when I get enough sleep, and this gel made a dramatic difference in appearance and puffiness in the morning.

It's better to use it at night and let it work on your skin just like an ointment or cream. It's a little sticky, so you don't want to use makeup or foundation on top of it. The gel sets into your skin, and firms it up by the morning!

This is ideal for parents who stay up all night, students who study or work too much, or even if you've had a long night on the town! The puffiness is reduced, your circles are almost gone the next morning, and just a little goes a LONG way.

Closer to a Cure than a Cover Up
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I use this currently and have the jar setting next to me right now. With all due respect, I am wondering if the other reviewer unintentionally confused another product with this one because this is NOT an under eye cover up at all.

It is a basically a clear, thin, watery, gel that you dab on with your finger once in the morning and once at night. It absorbs quickly and you can put your cover up makeup, foundation, etc. over it once it dries. It does NOT make under eye circles fade instantly or camoflauge them when you first put it on, even temporarily, no matter how you apply it. It doesn't claim to either.

Vitamin K gradually works to heal the circulation under the skin, so it does help the under eye circles gradually fade. I also put it on bruises to help them heal faster, and on small, light spider veins, or if my cheeks get a little too rosy.

It does work, but it takes some time, so be patient and go ahead and use your cover up in the meantime. Also, a little goes a long way, so that small jar lasts much longer than I would have imagined.

I would have given it a 5 if they could figure out how to make it work instantly to cure the problem without cover up. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Vita K for Dark Circles
by Kris Morgan

I found this product to be useful for the cover up of dark circles. The product was easy to apply once learning the proper application method. It's easy to put more than you need on, so you should be careful and use just a little of the product under each eye. Dabbing it on with a finger tip in a smudge like manner works. Any other method causes this product not to work.
I used a dusting powder on my entire face just to blend and go about my day. The product remained in place for several hours but began to wear off by the end of the work day.

7 Customer Opinions

herb meds
by thomas

This medican is very good and it is a great thing for people with a lot of pain you should try this great product it has helped my family alot i am sure it will help yours to

herb meds
by thomas

This medican is very good and it is a great thing for people with a lot of pain you should try this great product it has helped my family alot i am sure it will help yours to

by Jill

I had used this years ago & forgot how excellent it works. Evidemta;;y it was totally awesome since I haven't really needed it for this long. i researched and almostspent a $100 seen it in rite aid & remembered I liked it. Went home immediate results-- within a half hour. I'll never forget again!! yahooooo!!!!

by chloe

i tried it and it didnt work at all then i tried revitalume and saw change right after i put it on

by sue

I have tried Vita-K in the past and did not notice much difference in my dark circles. I continue to try products when I see them, and I am still searching for the one that will help my dark circles.

by heather

The commercial made it seem wonderful and absolutely no change occured.

by Rita

I used this but saw no difference in the dark circles.