f Jason Natural Cosmetics Dandruff Relief Shampoo Reviews and Information

Dandruff Relief Shampoo

Dandruff Relief Shampoo is fortified with MSM, neem oil, tea tree oil, colloidal sulfur and rosemary to cleanse hair, moisturize, soothe and heal scalp, and help control symptoms of dandruff, scalp dermatitis and psoriasis.
Product: Dandruff Relief Shampoo
Brand: Jason Natural Cosmetics (More Products)
Size: 12 oz.
Retail: $11.00
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5 Customer Reviews

by Emma

I've used this shampoo all the way through, and it does work very well, it also takes a few applications to begin working, but it says so on the label so that's not a huge issue or anything. This shampoo does, at least gets rid of dandruff and did work for me, so I recommend it in that regard.

Though I really do have to warn people this shampoo's scent is really bad, it's just not neutral or doesn't smell like some fancy perfume or something, and so I'm complaining and upset about that. No unfortunately, this shampoo clearly smells bad. (even my roommate noticed and complained after I began using it, to turn on the fan, after I took a shower because it smelled so bad....and I do not blame her !) After the shampoo dries, it doesn't smell so bad, but if someone gets close to you, and even throughout the day I've actually noticed the bad scent. So yess, this shampoo would be awesome if they gave it a neutral scent or some sort of decent smelling thing in there at all, but alas I've tried to give this shampoo a real chance because it does get rid of my dandruff, but I sadly will search for another alternative. Because the odor is not worth it. Also, I even condition after using it, with a really nice smelling conditioner, and the bad scent still wins out, regardless of anything I've tried...so that's why I won't buy this again. I do not need a lot from something but this clearly smelled and yes.... I just wouldn't recommend it for that reason. (maybe at the store you should ask a clerk to let you open it and smell it, or try a sample first to see what I mean.... really, You'd know if you experienced it)

by jenny

fresh clean i love it!

Dandruff Shampoo- Great!
by Brandi

I love using this dandruff shampoo. I've only used it a few times, but it definitely keeps me from using any other kind if I can help it. It doesn't dry my hair out and gets rid of dandruff faster than any other shampoo I've tried. I've tried others that haven't worked so well, but this one works really well.

The only bad thing about it is it definitely doesn't smell like daisies. Lol. However, washing your hair in something else can solve that after!

i'm a believer
by barb

My family tried this a few months ago, and it has been a real hit! We have switched from the dandruff shampoo we've used for many years to this one, and we will never go back. Nice that it's natural, too.

New reviewer
by Deborah Manzella

I am a female and have been experiencing hair loss for quite some time now. I don't know if it's stress, or hormonal. Good thing I began with a thick main, or I'd be bald now! I do have dandruff, and I read that it can cause hair loss. I tried this Jason shampoo and it is the first thing that WORKED for me!! It is fantastic, and all natural ingredients. It does not smell so good, but I use a nice scented conditioner after and that helps alot. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!