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Average Intelligence
by Valerie

It's about as basic as you can get, but the price is rather high all things considered. I suppose if you have major sensitivities to smells or if your scalp has issues, this might be a good conditioner, but I seriously think you could find a hypoallergenic-fragrance-free conditioner that is more exciting than this. My hair never felt conditioned. I stick with Bedhead products mainly, but they don't have the "No animal testing" seal of approval and that's what leads me to try these natural products.

The biggest downside to Arbonne products is that you have to worry about someone trying to suck you into a pyramid scheme.

Very Nice, but not Exceptional
by Carol C.

I tried the Intelligence Daily Conditioner and Shampoo for a couple of weeks last year. They were both quite nice. The conditioner rinsed well and did not leave a heavy/limp feel to the hair. It did moisturize well - no fly aways or frizz. I planned to go out and get a bottle till I saw the price. It is a quality product, but there are salon brands that I liked equally well, both of which are less expensive. If I didn't have other conditioners I liked, I could see spending the money although as it is an excellent hair moisturizer.

not sure at first
by regina

When I first started using the conditioner, I wasn't sure if I liked it. I was so used to conditioners that just coated my hair and weighed it down. My hair is healthier with less damage at the ends. Now, it is the only conditioner I use. I had to use my sister-in-law's last week while traveling, and my hair was so flat, dull, and lifeless. I was quickly reminded why I switched.

Expensive for a reason
by Ashley

I received this product in an Intelligence Daily gift basket. I've been using the conditioner and shampoo for about two weeks and I can really feel and see the difference in my hair. I used to have very dried out hair and now it's the complete opposite. This is the first conditioner I've used that actually does what it advertises.

My hair feels wonderful
by Tonya

I love Intelligence Daily, Self-Adjusting conditioner. I only use it once a week and it works miracles for my hair. My hair is more lively, bouncy, shiny, and healthy.

Great conditioner for oily hair
by Laura

I've been using this for a few weeks now, along with the matching shampoo. My hair gets really oily when I use the wrong product, but this stuff really takes care of the oil. If you purchase, make sure to buy the matching shampoo, or it doesn't work as well. This has a wonderful smell that my husband really likes. Overall, if you have problem hair, you need to try this.

Perfect for everyday
by Melissa

As someone with long, curly hair, prone to frizzies and unmanageability, I've tried just about every conditioner on the market. I was a bit hesitant to try this item due to price, but after reading the great reviews, I decided to give it a try. Boy..was it worth it! My hair is now soft, shiny and easy to comb through after showering. I can't wait to use this shampoo in the summer and see how it does with my frizzy humidity hair.... I'm hoping it will still knock my socks off!

A great conditioner
by maryam

This conditioner is wonderful. I have been using it for about a year now and I feel it is the best conditioner I have tried as of yet!
I would really recommend this conditioner to you if you have really hard to manage or dry hair or if you put your hair through a lot of heat styling. I do a lot of heat styling with my hair and that causes a lot of damage. But I feel that this conditioner really helps keep my hair soft and shiny even through all the styling. Another great thing to do with this conditioner is to run a tiny bit through your hair before blowdrying or straightening and you will notice that your hair will be smoother and silkier!

Sleek and Tangle free hair
by Amy Donda

This conditioner works miracles. Along with its shampoo to detangle, it makes hair manageable and flawless. Unlike regular conditioners, this one will not leave the slimy residue in your hair afterwards. It rinses off beautifully and leaves a wonderful lingering scent that will have you smelling your hair locks throughout the day. Even though it is pricey, it is worth it to try once. I highly recommend it.

Great combo with their shampoo
by cecila

I use this product with their shampoo from their brand. This conditioner keeps my hair soft and frizz free. I love the aroma of the product. I've been using it for a few months already, and I do not plan on switching to another brand. This conditioner minimizes my damages like split ends, etc... I recommend this conditioner to anyone who wants to have soft hair! I gave it three and a half stars because of the high price.

My Sisters Favorite Brand
by TK

My sister found this product and now she will not use anything else. She loves it and thinks it works better than anything else.
I am not allowed to touch it, so I'm afraid I don't know how good it works. One day I'll be brave enough to try it but I think she is measuring the bottle just in case.

It's not that great!!
by Cynthia

I tried this conditioner about 3 months ago. One of my friends recommended it. My hair has gone through a lot of damage from swimming and blow-drying. I enjoyed the smell of this conditioner, but it hasn't really improved the texture of my hair. It feels good right after you use it, but after a few hours, I couldn't even tell I had used a conditioner.

intelligence daily shampoo and conditioner
by Theepa

I use this product with the shampoo of the same brand. Both the shampoo and conditioner has helped condition my hair and without much tangles after bath. It also helps healthy growth of hair and rejuvenates hair follicles. Its an excellent product I have come across and would recommend to all.

a nice addition to my hair care regimen!
by Cady

I am new to the Arbonne line but I love it already. The conditioner made my hair very manageable and shiny and soft. The conditioner smells great, almost has a relaxing effect to it. Worth the price, in my opinion!

by nick

I ONLY use higher end shampoo and conditioner and thought I would never switch. This will be the only one I will ever use again. I feel so much better using a natural product, too. I was nervous to try it, but I will only buy this and the shampoo from now on.

by Kyle

I have problems with my frizzy curly hair, but this conditioner has really helped. Especially when used with the shampoo. Occasionally, I'll use just the conditioner without the shampoo and it works just as good. It is well worth the extra money. I love Arbonne International products!

did not work for me
by a roen

This product left my hair dry and unmanageable. It felt as though I had a coating left on my hair, no matter how long I rinsed. I have used much less expensive products that work so much better.

by Henley

I didn't think I would ever find a shampoo and conditioner that I love as much as Nioxin...I was wrong! Only recently introduced to Arbonne, I requested some samples of the shampoo and conditioner based on the reviews here. I admit I didn't care for it on my first try, but fell in love after the second try. I have since purchased both products. I have thin, course, naturally curly hair that I have highlighted and blow/flat iron straight most of the time. My hair tends to be dry because of the highlighting and straightening ritual and my scalp tends toward the oily side. This shampoo and conditioner combo balances the two quite nicely. My hair looks and feels clean, healthy and bouncy. I was skeptical, at first because I have read and heard how pushy the reps can be...BEWARE...they can be...but they do have some great products. All of the Arbonne products are botanically based, without waxes and heavy oils. The secondary benefit is no soap scum in the bathtub;)

intelligence daily, self adjusting conditioner
by barbara

This product didnt work for me at all. My hair is dry and left me feeling drier and my hair unmanageable. My sister uses this product and swears by it so I think its just not a product for everyone.

Disappointing Quality
by Shannon

I was not impressed with this Arbonne International Product. I used it along with the shampoo, and I couldn’t tell much of a difference from a cheap conditioner you buy in a grocery store. It was not productive in repairing my hair, and I found that the conditioner applied runny and left my hair feeling a little greasy even when fully rinsed. I am disappointed in the product, and I don’t think that it stands up to Arbonne’s normal quality.

Intelligence Self-Adjusting Conditioner
by Emily K.

The Intelligence Self-Adjusting conditioner did not work for my hair. I have long, dry hair. It did not condition and untangle my hair. The fragrance is nice.

Perfect Companion to the Intelligence Daily Shampoo
by Lori Ann Hull

Both my husband and I use the Arbonne Intelligence Daily Shampoo when we go to the pool at the YMCA. This is a perfect companion product and the scent of gardenias is very pleasant especially in the wintertime. A small amount goes a long way and it is a terrific value for the results. Thumbs up from this Family!

Salon results with this conditioner
by Angel C.

I use this in conjunction with Arbonne Self-Adjusting shampoo with tea tree oil and I absolutely love the results! This conditioner makes my dry frizzy hair soft and manageable and doesn't weight it down at all. My hair looks like I just came out of the salon, very nourished, healthy, and beautiful. I very rarely have bad hair days while using this conditioner. 5 stars for this amazing product!

Love the results
by Me

My hair has never looked better. I have wavy hair and like to blow dry it straight. This keeps my hair manageable and easy to tame. The smell leaves something to be desired but the results overshadow the scent.

pricy but good.
by Amanda

I have been using this conditioner for about a week now and I absolutely love it! It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth after every use. The only problem I have had with this conditioner is its smell. A nice fruit or blossom fragrance would do it wonders!

by lala5

I have found that this is a great product. It may be a bit pricey, but it is worth it if you are looking for salon style results. The conditioner has worked miracles on my hair.

Good stuff bad smelll
by Garrett Black

I really like this shampoo and use it a lot. This makes my hair feel healthier and more natural. The only thing I don't like about this is the smell. It can gag me sometimes.

by prashant

I have been using Intelligence Daily Self Adjusting Conditioner for the past 4 months. It leaves my hair soft, silky and healthy. It's perfect for everyday use. The only thing missing is a good fragrance. Overall a must try

by Stacy

I enjoyed using this conditioner. The scent could be better but this conditioner does what it says. It left my hair soft and shiny. Great for everyday use.

Light, effective formula
by Ruth

The formula of Intelligence Daily, Self-Adjusting Conditioner is light, but very moisturizing. It seems to reach right to the roots of the hair, and leaves my hair feeling smooth. I love it!

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